Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday and I'm off...

Well except for my doctor's appointment with Dr. Wacks.  I think I have lost more weight but I'll let him tell me officially.  His family is losing too!

Yesterday I was asked where to buy the purple MahJong set.  We got it online but I'm not sure where.  I googled it and found it lots of places though so you can easily find it I'm sure.  With the rolling case, racks, and tiles it was about two hundred dollars.  The soft cases are nicer than the hard ones I think.

I enjoyed Dr. Watson's speech last night.  His new book, Affairs of State is all about the affairs in the white house.  Lots of hanky pankey going on in our government starting with the first one and coming forward.  He was a very good speaker, he took lots of questions.  

Hope your Friday will be as good as mine!


  1. Is the good doctor doing WW like you are ?
    Have a great Friday.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I can't wait to see how Dr. Wacks is doing. Is he following your weight loss plan? haha!

    I went a little wild yesterday... a publix Cuban and some old fashioned red potato salad... not exactly sensible but it was a special occasion after all!

    Enjoy your day off! big hugs xoxo

  3. YAY for you losing more weight!

  4. It sounds for the most part that you have a relaxing day in store for yourself. Enjoy!

  5. Buongiorno!!!

    Enjoy your Friday...
    I bet you are working so good with your diet program,that no one(Dr. Wacks included) may not ignore it!!!

    Here Women's Day, restaurants are full,gifts,flowers,parfums...we have a visit at the cardiologist for G.!

    Big hugs,hoeney!

  6. I knew Barb was going to have that Cuban sammie. I just knew it. I've not had one, but I will if I ever have the opportunity.

    You'll do fine at the doctors office. I'm sure you'll tell us how the doctor is doing on his weight loss program too.

    Have a terrific day off. Big hugs from sunny but cold California. :)

  7. I can vouch for the weight loss. You look great.

    And it is gonna warm up. Yay!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. Yay for more pounds outta there. I know how tough it gets the closer you get to goal.

    Sun's out today and I'm up in the studio this afternoon. More to do!


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