Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fish tacos and fun!

Is my world beautiful or what?  I love to sit on the terrace at sunset and just watch the changing sky.  It seems to change by the minute.

I also love fish.  I mean I really LOVE fish.  I decided to make some Bee Bandwagon fish tacos because I also love tacos but I don't love lots of calories in them.  Here is what I did...

I baked one tilapia filet at 350 for about 14 minutes.  I only added a tiny bit of salt and some black pepper to the tilapia.  I heated the shells for the 8 minutes they say during this time in the oven.

When done I divided the fish into three portions and added a tablespoon of my cole slaw and some wonderful avocado.  They came in at 470 calories for three.  They were just delicious and extremely healthy.  I will definitely make these again.  There is good fat, healthy protein, and taste!  

Other things you could add:  lemon juice, salsa, shredded lettuce.  I would not add cheese because I don't eat cheese on seafood.

Prep time, 10 minutes, total time, 25 minutes.  Score!

Have a great Saturday y'all.  I am playing canasta today so I know I will too!


  1. These look so good. Avocado makes everything better. But I would add lemon or lime that is a must for me.
    I love fish too and always wonder when people say they don't like fish or wouldn't even try it ? I rarely eat beef any more, I like it but just don't cook it for me.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I love fish, too. I've tried to love avocado but I just don't. Fish tacos sounds really good to me though!

    I would LOVE that sky at night. One of these days...

    Enjoy your day. big hugs xoxo

  3. Buongiorno!

    Both images are divine!!!
    We eat fish twice in the week!
    Do you buy tacos, or do you make them? Can I use a kind of crepes?
    Have a great Saturday!!!

    Big hugs!

  4. Looks wonderful! Enjoy your weekend, my friend. Hugs!

  5. I would like these. And that sky. Lucky us!

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  6. We like to enjoy tilapia. Tonight after seeing mom, we go for Chinese food. I will have to be careful because I really love Chinese food.That's it from me your fantastic Italian Paul friend. See you.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. Love the sky shot. Beautiful.

    I love tacos too, but I've never had a fish taco.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from sunny but chilly California. ☺

  8. I'm with you about cheese on fish. The avocado looks extry yummy. I'm not a tilapia fan, but I could definitely do this with pacific cod or halibut.

    Beautiful sky!!!!

  9. Bee, You do have the best view. You may have to make a cook book. That really sounded like a great dinner. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xoxo,Susie

  10. Looks delicious...both dinner and the sunset!


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