Saturday, February 23, 2013

A kinder gentler day....

Whew, I was exhausted when I got home yesterday.  Let me fill you in.  I started at the pool at 10:00, no one was there, I had it all to myself.  It was warm but windy so the water had a "current" which I like, it makes for a slightly better workout.  I did 45 minutes and then sat there until I dried off enough to come back inside and shower to go to do my errands.  

This is where things started to take a downturn.  Sort of.  I had four rather heavy boxes to take to the post office and I managed to get them almost to my car when the maintenance man saw me and came to my rescue.  Thanked him profusely and started on my way.

I decided to go to the post office in downtown West Palm Beach as it is the closest one to me.  There was no nearby parking (buggers) so I parked far away and started to get the boxes out of the car.  All of them.  By myself.

Two different men walked by me with no offer to help (the boxes were stacked on top of each other and taller than my head - and heavy) so I made it to the door by myself.  Good for me.  

There is no one to open the door so I stand there until someone comes out and try to get in without the door hitting me in the a$$, which I almost managed to do.  Only one box fell to the floor in this maneuver.

Next up, get in line.  There is a place to put the boxes and slide them along as the line moves.  Good.  I inch my way further.  There are two tellers there, one closest to me and one at the far end.  The one at the far end calls me.  The woman behind me in line has put her large box on the thing and left to look at stuff on the shelves so I cannot slide them any longer and must take them to the far end.  As I struggle to manage this fete a man says to me "why don't you make more than one trip lady?"  Thank you very much.  So gallant.

Chivalry is dead people, I tell you it is so.  With this in mind I decide to do something nice for someone before I get home.  I will not be deterred by others lack of manners and good citizenship.  No, I will not!

I get to the fruit stand and it is busy, no parking spaces.  I wait my turn and start to pull in a space when an old man comes from the other way and guns it and takes the spot.  (Here I might have said a bad word.  Or maybe two.) Finally I get a spot and go in, I find lots of stuff I like and fill my cart, yay me!

Next up is a quick stop at the bank to cash a check.  Since it's now lunchtime and Friday the inside is full so I get in the line at the drive thru.  I have to go to the closest line because I need three rolls of quarters and the guy in front of me has to 1) get a pen from the teller, 2) find his checkbook (in his trunk!), 3) bend over and write said check, 4) get back in his car, 5) finally send the check in to the teller.  After about four or so minutes the teller sends the check back out to him, he must go inside to cash it, I don't know why.

My turn!  I say to the teller that I need three rolls of quarters and he leaves before I finish my sentence.  (I also need 20 ones and one hundred).  He comes back after a very long time and shoots me an envelope, wrong.  I explain that he didn't let me finish and tell him what I wanted.  He does it again finally right this time.

I decide to make one more stop for milk, I get cut off in the parking lot and (might) say one more bad word and leave and come home sans milk.

I still had not done something nice for someone (other than the four boxes I mailed) but that doesn't count as I already had them ready to go.  I get the produce all washed and put away (I wash it first because I am a germ freak, remember?) and finally sit down and put my feet up for a bit.

What can I still do nice?  Nothing so far.

Okay next up was getting dental insurance problem fixed.  They are over billing me and I didn't know it until I called the dental ins. company to see why they had not paid a claim and saw that they had.  Plus he is a contract dentist so I should pay the ins. rate, not the walk in rate.  I pay $150 to have my teeth cleaned twice a year and the ins. pays $81 twice a year.  They told me I am only supposed to pay $81 when it's my time to pay.  Hmmm.  I love this dentist and the hygienist too but the billing dept.?  Not as much.  Soooo, nothing nice here. 

What can I do nice today, I keep trying don't I?   Today is another day and I shall do something nice!  Are you tired of reading yet?  Did you even get this far?  If you did, thanks, have a wonderful Saturday.  I will too.


  1. Oh My Goodness !
    I have had days that start out bad and and only go down hill from there.
    Sometimes you need to know when to cut and run.
    I did read it all, not tired yet and all I have to say is that fruit better be the best fruit you ever ate !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Chivalry has gone the way of the stick shift, I'm afraid! Not many people can do that, either. You know what bugs me? Guys that don't take off their stupid hats in restaurants! There's not a place in this town where you don't find this. I'm not talking greasy spoon type places either. I guess I'm a dinosaur for sure.

  3. I absolutely DID get that far! I try not to say bad words and let people spoil my good humor but I ran into SO many rude drivers on Thursday when I had to go downtown to see my CPA, then again on my way home when I stopped by the wine store. I try to only say, "Really?" but lately it's been, "Really? A$$hat!!!"


    I do have to say that several of the fellas at the wine store were most helpful, as usual, and they always carry it to the car for me. I still have to lug it all into the house though. bugger.

    Let's hope today is a better day and that we can both find a chance to do something nice for someone today!

    big hugs xoxo

  4. Buongiorno!
    I hope that you have a nicer Saturday today!!!
    Somes days run so unkind and hard...

    Have a fine weather, here cold...tomorrow elections...I'm lucky, the place where we give our vote is 200 mt from my house!!!

    Big hugs, honey!!!
    p.s I always read your post through!

  5. Oh my that was some day and it started off so well! ;)

  6. Oh, what a day. But I think sending the boxes DOES count as something nice, times 4! And I'm sure you'll do nice things today, too, 'cause that's how you roll! (And I always read to the end, too.). Hope your weekend is great, relaxing and fun and NO rude drivers!

  7. You ran into every A**hat out there. Bwahahahahaha. I would have been saying some bad words too, and right to their faces. That's just me. I'm not as nice as you are. I'm not sure I could pull off the, 'bless their hearts' routine.

    Hopefully today will be a good day for you and everyone will be kind.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. ☺

  8. I do have to tell you my 82 yr old Mother flew from JAX-ATL and had a carry on. Coming in both directions ppl stopped and helped her with her suitcase. Going so far as to help her own the escalator by taking their own suitcase down, leaving it, riding back up and bringing hers down. Those escalators are too dangerous for some elderly, challenged or busy Moms to manage. And BTW it was a lady who did that in JAX. So nice.
    But Bee I don't know what happens when someone gets in a car, they go stupid, and you can't fix stupid.

  9. Bee, you have always done things for other people. Without you and your friendship I don't know where I'd be sometime. How many times have I asked for your assistance in just about anything and you've never said no to me. I just love you my wonderful friend. Have a fantastic day Bee.


  10. Dear Bee,
    Days like that and people who aren't helpful or who are rude or don't listen can be very frustrating/disappointing.
    Your attitude that you are NOT going to be like that, in fact, you are going to be the opposite, is exactly what this world needs more of - a wise approach with kindness and class!
    If there were more people in the world like you are and Sarge was, the world would be a happier place to live in.


  11. Wow I can't believe how people are these days!! I really how your day is better today, that you get your milk and someone does something nice for you! ((Hugs))

  12. Of course I read all the way to the end...every time. I am with you on ppl with bad manners. Their mamas didn't raise them right, as we say here in the south. Bugger.

    Have a fine Saturday with your guest. Big hugs, honey...

  13. I read to the end and it sounds like a textbook "Those Days" Ugh! Hate those. You needed something nice for yourself for a change. Glad you were able to put your feet up.

    I'm with Sandy, their mamas didn't raise them right.

    Hugs! Today, we resolve, will be a better day!

  14. I think some people are just so angry with parts of their own lives that it's impossible to be nice to them. Today is a new day. I am going to be nice to hubby today. He is at work on a Sat and I am going to bake him chocolate chip muffins. Why? Because I love him, and I am not a chocolate person so I know I won't eat them, lol. Have a great afternoon... Sandy

  15. Hopefully you'll find some good deed that you can do for someone. and hopefully that person will then pay if forward. one can hope anyway. I'm sorry you had to deal with so many rude people while you were doing your errands, that would definitely put me in a bad mood.

  16. Chivalry is alive and well here in Nashville. On our recent cruise, my friend opened a door on the ship for two ladies. They thanked him politely and then one said, "you must be from the South; those men still have manners." It is sad when such a small thing surprises people. As my husband said, "my mama would be ashamed of me not holding the door for ladies."

  17. Oh, my heavens! Or Oh my cow as Megan says. I am sorry it was such a chore for you to do something so nice. It is greatly appreciated.

    Buggers and poxes on the rude folks you encountered!!!!

    Glad you got lots of yummies at the fruit stand, I wish we had them year round. There is one that is open, but it's very slim pickings right now. All the good stuff gets gobbled up faster than I can get there.


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