Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday in paradise...

I got a phone call yesterday from Carnival offering me an "upsell" to a suite.  Of course I took it, it wasn't that much more money.  Years past at the last minute like this they would just upgrade you, they were lovingly called the "upgrade fairy" but no more, now they let you upgrade for a price but much less than the original price.  Anyway it's all good and we are happy.  Frankly I'd be happy anywhere just so I can go.  But with three of us in a cabin it is much nicer to have more room and a larger balcony.

Plus now we'll be near "old what's-his-name" and Mary Lou!  (Right Paul?)  

My toes are ready too.  Remember you have to go through the toe check before you can board.  I think that's why they make you take off your shoes at airports now too, they tell you it's for security but I think it's really that they won't let you on the plane if your toes aren't done.  

Tax stuff is trickling in now.  Soon I'll have to find another person to do mine this year.  Last year was a disaster, not for the return but for the person doing it and what she charged me.  That won't be happening again.  No siree.

So that's about the extent of my brain today.  Hope your day is perfect.  You know where I'll be...


  1. An upgrade at a reasonable price is always good, shame it wasn't free though eh? ;)

  2. I can't imagine a suite. srsly. I get the cheap, little box room. But I do get my toes done, for sure!

    If I ever get my bank statements I'll be ready for my CPA... as soon as I get my packet from him. I do things daily throughout the year so I am pretty much always ready... and waiting on somebody else.

    Have a lovely pre-cruise kinda day! big hugs xoxo

  3. I hope you decide to use my guy, I think you will love him.

  4. Ha,ha,ha Bee. Can't wait to see you Bee. It's been awhile and we're looking forward to it.

    "old what's-his-name"

  5. That's great you got an upgrade!

    Beautiful blooms in your photo.

    Glad your toe situation is organized and ready. ;-)

  6. We always get a cheap room so we can go more often! It was so good hearing your voice! Real hugs on Saturday. Sitting in S's office now.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Bee, I hate tax time :(:( I always pay my fair share..but the dang papers. Nice you got upgraded. I love having a balcony. Glad you toes are ready.LOL. xoxo,Susie

  8. Yes, my taxs stuff is starting to trickle in too. Just paid my forth quarter taxes yesterday, bummer.
    Yea ! the cruise is coming.

    The Square Ones send woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  9. Never been on a cruise. It's on my bucket list. When I dream of one, I am always in a suite, lol. Luxury, you know. lol
    And to reply to your comment: Yes, I can always use them. Have had so many compliments on the others. ~Sandy~

  10. Buongiorno!!!

    Wow, you are ready from toe!!! Cruise is so near!!!
    Tax after the cruise...and by other accountant!!!

    Have a great Wednesday...ours is snowy, cold, grey!!!

    Big hugs!

  11. My toes and nails were done to perfection each time I cruised. I know about that rule.

    I can't imagine not having a suite on a cruise ship. I just can't. If your going to be gone that long then I want to stretch out when I come back to my room. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. So what color are the toes this go-around? I need to paint mine. Sadly, mine would not pass the test (sigh). Yay on the suite!!!!!!!!!

  13. oh is that why the mom gets a pawdicure whenefur she gets on a plane?

    purrrsss n xoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

  14. Love when they call you to offer an upgrade. Took it last year on the Liberty. WOW, VIP on and VIP off. So nice.


  15. Great news that you got an upgrade to a suite!

  16. Bee, so glad you got an upgrade. I will be doing my own toes, well I already have. Not sure if I will do my fingernails or not, too much going on here this week with James I have been too stressed. But guess what? I get to see my favorite Empress in just a few days.

    Big Hugs,


  17. A suite is sweet! Enjoy that balcony. I think that would be one of my favorite places. Glad your toes will pass the check!

  18. Post a picture of your toes when you get them done!


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