Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bulk up your meals...

I told you about this before but it bears repeating.
This is a Smart Ones pot roast dinner (140 calories)
and a bag of steamer brussels sprouts (no sauce).
The weight watchers "dinner" had three tiny pieces of green beans!
Come ON WW, bulk up those meals for us!
Now that's enough food for dinner.

I don't eat many of these meals because they are so high in sodium and sodium really bothers me and my weight loss efforts but by not adding any salt to the veggies it doesn't taste too salty like the plain meal either.

DelSol polish, goes on blue and turns purple in the sun.

I'm ready to go on Saturday.  Some of the bloggers are already on board doing a back-to-back cruise and they are posting about how wonderful the ship looks.  And John is already there too posting about the activities happening around the ship.  So many old friends!  Some of the stuff is really (really really) hokey but the people are darlings.

Have a wonderful Thursday y'all.  I will too...


  1. Enjoy your cruise, your toes will pass inspection...ciao

  2. Getting so close to cruise day. Sounds like way too much fun.

    woofs from The Square Ones
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Love your polish. See you on Saturday ( if I can find what is left of you!!)

  4. Those meals are good for a pinch, but I don't like them. I have issues with lots of "diet" foods. Esp those with the WW moniker. They think that adding fiber makes it better. It's a long rant in the making, but I really don't want to go there.

    I like your idea of adding a simple, plain frozen veggie to bulk up the entrees. They need it. We don't eat enough veggies. That's where a LOT of our nutrients come from. I never understood the non-veggie eaters. Vegetables rock. They are easy to prepare (or better yet, eat them raw), and so delicious! Even better yet. the best nutrient bang for the calorie buck.

    Yes, I'm a veggie fan.

  5. I prefer Lean Cuisine to WW meals... and I agree with you on too much sodium in them!

    Dang... my toes look good enough to pass inspection... I should be going on that cruise!! bugger! Soon. Soon! Next summer, while my parents are in New England. It' smy onlu option right now.

    I'm totally getting some blue or green or purple polish next time!

    Have a lovely day! 2 more sleeps for you! big hugs xoxo

  6. Buongiorno!!!
    Toes, legs are ready for the cruise!
    I'm wathching the snow through the's cold!
    I wish you a great Thursday!!!

    Big hugs!

  7. Isn't it odd when nail polish oxidizes like that?!

    Glad you found a better meal alternate with this.

    I know you are really looking forward to the cruise. It's been almost a year since Sarge died. it'll be good for you to be among bloggy friends.
    Sending many hugs your way.

  8. I got a shaker of "sea veggies" it is kelp and some other sea veggie. It is flakes that you use instead of salt. It has iodine, and a couple other trace minerals that you need. The salt flavor is there, but less strong. It is really quite good, and the sodium content is less. I will get you one next time I go to whole foods

  9. pretty toes!! and the mom LOVES brussels sprouts.

    purrrrsss n xoxoxoxoxo - your Sammie Pie

  10. Will I be able to see those toes on the cruise? I read John's blog and I saw the many wonderful things that had he has planned for us. Since this really is my very first Bloggers Cruise I'm excited Bee. MaryLou is out this morning having her hair done. Excited my lovely friend. See you soon.

    Cruisin Paul

  11. The bloggers cruise was fun, but there was too much to do. If we ever go again we won't do so much. If we ever go again.

    I am eating on lean cuisine in the morning and the rest of the day is very low sodium. Hubby says I don't need to be dieting at all. He's probably right. I've just always watched my food intake. Well since about 45 years of age. Before that I could eat anything.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from cold but sunny California. :)

  12. I will re-do my toes tomorrow so I can pass inspection:) I need to get some of that polish--I gave the girls all I bought and didn't save any for moi. Shame on moi.

    Pass the veggies, please. Love 'em. See ya Saturday!!! I'm excited:)

    Big hugs, honey...

  13. I love Brussel Sprouts!

    Lovely toes, you will definitely pass the inspection!

    Have a great time and find someone to stalk for us. ;)

  14. LOving nail polish, I want that. Where did you buy it and how much is it? I've never seen anything like that before. luvs, Sandy

  15. Color-changing nail polish. How cool!!

    Your toes are ready so you must be ready as well. I am trying to eat more vegetables. The dietitian always says "there are no bad vegetables."

    And she is big on beans. Beans, beans, beans!


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