Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday in my world...

Gosh it's been fun in the pool this past week and today should be good as well.  I have the suitcase out and am starting to put things in there as I go by.  Five days now, I am so happy to be going on the bloggers cruise.  Sarge and I went on the very first one some years back, six I think, and we met so many wonderful people that I care so much about and I am going to see many of them again.  

I sent a box of blue dishes to Ayla this past week.  I hope she enjoys them as much as I have.  I'll send her more if she wants them.  I have lots!  Ha ha...

If you are on the Bee Bandwagon and your face is getting smaller get some Oil of Olay Regenerist and it will help.  Don't be shy about body lotion either.  Skin that was stretched doesn't always go back to the way it was before, especially when you get to be my age so I have found this to be very helpful.  

And before you ask me which one because there are a bunch of them in the Oil of Olay section, I have tried five different ones now and like the cream for daytime and the serum for nighttime but really any of them will help.  And this is not a paid ad, just an opinion and recommendation.  Take some of that money you are not spending on pie now!  Be good to yourself.

And that's all the nagging I am going to do today.  Hope your Monday is lovely, mine sure will be!


  1. Also try the palmers lotion for body. It is supposed to help with stretch marks so I would think I should help tighten extra skin.

  2. Buongiorno!!!

    So glad that youmay do pool!
    I know oil of olaz, I use day creme!
    I wish you a serene new week...and joyous thoughts about next bloggers cruise!
    Big hugs!!!

  3. Another cruise - how wonderful, wish I was coming with you. x

  4. I use Oil of Olay moisturizer everyday... since I was about 13, maybe sooner. I got my first bottle of the pink stuff in my Christmas stocking. I switched to the Industrial Strength when I turned 40. I can only imagine how old I'd look without it. hahahaha!

    I so wish I was going to be on the bloggers cruise. So much.

    I've already done my exercising today, but plan to do more. Happy swimming. Big hugs xoxo

  5. How exciting! Another cruise. I know you're going to enjoy getting ready for this one. I've tried Oil of Olay, but it makes me break out. I use Bioelements and it works quite well. Kiehl's does, too.

  6. I want to go on a cruise right now! WAAAA!

  7. Glad the weather is warm, the pool is warm, and you'll have another few beautiful days before your fun cruise comes up.

  8. Yes--Oil of Olay Age Defying day and night time moisturizer is great!!

  9. Oil of Olay is great - so the mom says. She also like the "Philosophy Miracle" products. To me they all smell stinky on her. MOL - purrrrrssss n xoxoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

    Pee Ess: I should haf had the mom buy ME a ticket for the blogger's cruise, after all I am a blogger too!

  10. I use Oil of Olay occasionally. Guess I should start using it more!

    Lucky you to be going on another bloggers' cruise.

    The pool looks beautiful. I would like to be the only one in it! Does that make me anti-social?

  11. A bloggers cruise! What fun! One day.......
    hugs, Sandy

  12. I use Nivea and have for many years. I agree that you need to use something. Whatever works.

    Have fun packing for the bloggers cruise. We both had a great time on that cruise, but going out of the east coast is the only way I'd ever get on another cruise ship. They treat you like steerage on the west coast.

    Have a terrific day at the pool. I know how you love being in that pool. Especially if you have the place to yourself.

    Have a super day. Big hugs from sunny but cold California. :)

  13. A good guy friend of mine calls it Oil of Old Lady:) See ya on the bloggers cruise, if not before! Sooo looking forward to that!!! Can you tell?

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. Packing for a cruise. YAY! I wish I were going... but I know both you and Sandy will take us along.

  15. A cruise does sound nice right about now - lots of time to just relax and do nothing if you so choose or the chance to do lots.

    I'm sure that you'll have a great time on the cruise and there will be lots of reminiscencing about Sarge who will no doubt be stowing away in your suitcase in spirit and going along for the ride!

  16. I wish I could go on the Bloggers cruise. Maybe next year, or the year after....better start saving now. lol

  17. i can't wait for the dishes to get here!


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