Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday stuff and other stuff...

This photo is straight out of the iPhone, pretty amazing, huh?  That's sky-blue-pink if I ever saw it.

Today is my lunch and canasta day.  I like the Thursday game.  Nice gals.

I have an idea!  I know, that's dangerous but here goes.  If you are on the Bee Bandwagon leave me a comment with your weight loss to date and I'll put something on the sidebar showing our total weight gone.  I can update it weekly or something, just let me know your loss.  What do you think?  I think it'll be very motivational for us all.  I'll just put the total for us all, not the individual.

I found someone that can use some of my clothes!  I am so happy about that.  The last huge bag I took to the Goodwill two weeks or so ago seemed like too much trouble for them.  And then they asked me if that was all I had.  So now I can know someone is going to enjoy all that stuff I bought!  I just have to get some boxes and send it out.  Will try this weekend, or maybe Friday.

Facebook is heating up to a frenzy with people hating one or the other candidate.  I don't much like it.  It has made me really angry and upset with some people that I actually like.  I don't mind opinions at all, I just don't like lies and hate and that's what I'm seeing now.  Do fact check first please before you post that stuff.  One of my readers has recently posted some of the most outrageous krap I have read in many-a-year.  I checked and most of it was not true at all and the stuff that had a glimmer of truth was distorted.  I fear for the future of our great country with all this mess.  I cannot wait for this to be over.  And I hope the best man wins.

If dear Sarge were still with us he'd be beside himself with it.  Remember his last wish?  Yeah, that.

I had a nice conversation with Dr. Wacks yesterday.  We got around to the Bee Bandwagon and I asked him if he wanted to join, um, no, he doesn't.  Too bad.  He told me to look around me at the club, there are no fat people there.  I asked him why, he said they don't live that long.  (The club is mostly us oldies.)  But I am very pleased to say I am no longer the biggest gal in the card room.  Nope, there are several that outweigh me now.  I cannot tell you how good that feels.  No food is as good as that feeling.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone and try to lighten up a bit on the politics, ok?  Just vote your conscience and let the chips fall where they may.  xoxo


  1. The politics on Facebook are outrageous. Does anyone seriously think that they can change anyone's mind that way? On my facebook, both sides are equally as annoying!

    I will be so happy on Tuesday regardless of the outcome as long as they have a winner. Remember when we had to wait weeks for the outcome of bush/gore. That was horrible.

  2. Woohoo! Count me in. I am a proud member of the Bee Bandwagon. Lost so far...... Drumroll..... 26.6 lbs!!! In 3 months and 5 days.

    That is a beautiful sunset/rise picture! Stunning. I have forgotten what the sun feels like. We haven't seen it much this month at all, and not since last week!!!! Sigh. Sandy has done a good job of hiding her. I hope I can find my sunglasses when I finally need them again.

  3. I voted last week. D fer Done. I ended up unfriending some people on Facebook because of politics. Lots actually.

    I've lost 21.4 pounds so far! YAY!

    Dr. Wacks is not interested in taking his own advice? That's odd, or ironic, or something. But understandable. We all have our issues at any given time in our lives. I've lost the weight and gained it back twice in my lifetime. Third time's a charm? I hope so any way!!!

    Have yourself a YAYful day, even if the pool is too chilly. I'll be taking Elvira out for a spin! big hugs xoxo

  4. No Facebook here, and apparently I should be thankful! The divisiveness has got to stop for the sake of our nation.

    Anyhow, back to what's that photo to a disc and take it to a print shop. It needs to be printed, matted and framed. It's just that pretty, Bee.

  5. One would think that a doctor that is overweight would want to be an example to his patients, he really should. Shame you couldn't persuade him Bee.

    It's great that you have found someonen who can use the clothes that no longer fit you. I always take mine to a charity shop and they are always grateful. :)

  6. Bee, I use to vote for the best man...then I voted for the lesser of two I just vote so I can legally b*tch. Sick of it all, even some of my friends who think they know how I vote.Blah-blah-blah with it all.
    Bee , I have not lost much weight this past year...but my Teddy Bear lost 34 pounds just not eating sports drinks when he golfs. Hope your day is fun. xoxo, Susie

  7. I am also D fer Done on voting. I want this all to be over, and then the fallout will begin. Sigh. Guess it is never really OVER.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. I have blocked some people from my facebook news feed until after the election, I just got tired of reading all the political krap even though I was voting for the same person they were! I voted a couple of weeks ago so why should I read the poison? Anyway, I'm glad you found someone who can use your clothes. I shared a bunch of my "too big" clothes last year with several people who really needed them, it's a good feeling. But having the clothes be too big is an even better feeling! Your sky-blue pink picture was gorgeous, by the way. Enjoy your day, I hope it is wonderful. Hugs!

  9. Anything for my Bee and her Bandwagon. I'm so happy to tell you that I've lost 21 lbs up to date. I weigh in every Sunday morning so I'm hoping that I will lose more weight. I'll let you know.
    I agree with you Bee. In Michigan there is this proposal 6 that is pushed by the Ambassador bridge owner, Matty Maroun because Canada and Michigan plan on building a new bridge and Canada will be paying it. Matty is fighting it using people to fight to him. He doesn't care about the people of Michigan. He only care about himself but the commercials make it appear that building this new bridge will hurt the people of Michigan. It can only help because it would create many new jobs. It frustrates me when a billionaire can throw his money around and do what he's doing. Ugh.
    Today I'm making spaghetti sauce. By the way have you noticed that John Heald hasn't been writing his blog since Oct. 10 but writes on Facebook. It's a shame because it's the blog that got him going. I'm disappointed in him. Just thought I'd mention it. See you later my lovely friend.


  10. I've lost 7 pounds so far and you know I'm in. It's really going slow for me, but I'm sticking with it.

    I don't have a facebook account anymore. Twitter either. I didn't just deactivate them I deleted them. I couldn't be happier. As for politics? Everyone has an opinion and if you don't share theirs they get nasty. I'm just not going to go there.

    No, I don't know what Sarge's last wish was, but I knew him pretty well. I think I can guess what that was.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from cold and rainy California. Love you sweetie. :)

  11. I admire you, not only for your perseverence in losing weight, but restraint regarding political comments. I pretty much feel as Susie does. I am voting for one of them, but not with much enthusiasm. I don't mind reading someone's blog or FB comment that says "I'm voting for XXX because I truly believe this person will do A,B,&C which our country really needs". The problem is that most of the writing I see and the majority of campaign ads on TV and radio are along the lines of "Candidate XXX is a cheat, a liar, and many other negative things".

    Imagine if both parties were only allowed to say something positive about their own platforms! Not only would there be less angst, the ads would only be 15 seconds long!

  12. Beautiful sunset. I have lost 26 pounds since May, now struggling to keep them off. I agree with you on this election....can't wait for it to end. Our state election has been just as bad as the national. So tired of all of them.

  13. Ciao!!!

    So glad that you are a leader in the dietban (right?), and other friends are doing it after your conseil!!!
    A beautiful panorama, i like those colors, too!!!
    I hope that many can follow your example and they do not write so bad political comments in theyr pubblic (fb or blogs) externation, it's so unfair!!!

    Big hugs honey, have a lucky, nice game Thursday!

  14. Knowing how Sarge felt about politics he would be highly upset at the way things are being said. I say, if we can't agree to disagree how do we expect our politicians too? Well we Early Voted and there was lots of folks doing it so that made me feel good. It's such a clique to say the election is the most important in our lifetime but it is, such a simply choice, bigger or smaller government. We get to chose. I wish we could go back to when we could talk about politics and respect the other person opinions, but not feel threaten when opposing points of view were brought up.

    Great news on the weight loss front!!
    Keep it up and that is so wonderful you found a lady who will enjoy your clothes. That is so far better a solution than GW.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  15. I have been on the bandwagon for 12 weeks and have lost 27.4 pounds! It really does work. I voted 2 weeks ago, so I don't read any political posts on Facebook. Lisa.

  16. I totally agree with you Bee!! Part of me wants to hide certain posts, but then I could miss something I need to see. It's a shame people really don't check the facts before they post. If it fits the way they feel, they post it. I just want this election to be over!!

    Big Hugs,


  17. Gorgeous sky! Yes sky-blue-pink for sure.

    The FB posting is outrageous on both sides of the aisle. Can't stand it either.

  18. So over this political bickering and such.


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