Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween y'all...

Well it's still windy but not nearly as bad.  I had to wear a jacket today when I went out!  That's a first for the year.  And guess what?  I don't have any that fit me.  So I wore a big one and just stayed warm as I walked.  Then when I got home I found a nice 3/4 black leather coat on sale online so, well, I ordered it.  Of course you know I did.

Today is MahJong and our lunch, we just all bring something to share.  I have drinks and egg salad and Special K crackers this week.  I make good egg salad, lower calorie than most and I put olives in it.  Sarge liked it that way.  I always think of him when I see any egg, he loved ALL eggs, any style, any way, and as many as he could have.  Gosh I miss him so much.

The apartment is going forward, Daniel called me yesterday with updates, they are doing more fabric shopping and are still waiting for the moulding and painting quote to come in.  I don't know why that is taking so long.  It's a nice job, wouldn't you think they'd get right on it?  I mean what do they have to do, they measured, we chose the moulding from the sample case (which she originally left in the car ??? and had to go get) so don't you just multiply it out?  Seems to me but what do I know.

So have yourselves a totally lovely Wednesday.  Me too!


  1. I can't believe you had to wear a jacket ! But at lest you had a reason to do a little shopping.
    woohoo !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Happy Halloweenie to you too miss bee!

    Funny how something so simple as an egg can bring up memories...i totally understand.

    Now, dont you think you are going to need some new gloves, scarf and a hat to go with that new coat?? :-)
    Have a great day!!

  3. great on the jackets not fitting ;) And I agree with DOo on the gloves and scarf to go with new jacket. Also I do not know if you know this or care but in your signature that says location on your posts it lists your address..

  4. Oh, how funny! We both wrote about our winter coats fitting differently than they did last winter.

    Of course your ordered a new coat. It was necessary. I will have to do the very same thing... next year. I can manage with mine this year seeing that it fits now and was too small last year. I did however buy a new Kuerig. Mine was hanging up when you lift the lever thingy and put it down to poke the hole and start the brewing. It was just a matter of time until it told me I couldn't have my coffee. No way I'm waiting until that time. No way.

    Remodeling always takes longer than you think it will... even when you're the one doing it. Like me. Always takes longer. Patience, Grasshopper. :)

    Have yourself a perfectly lovely day. Big hugs xoxo

  5. I LOVE Special K crackers... have you tried their chips?? I think they are one of the reasons I can continue to do this. Snacking without guilt.

    I am glad the design is coming along as you want. Don't be afraid to tell them what you envision, you have to live with it. They don't.

    We survived the storm, thankfully it spared most of my immediate area, though there are pockets of power outtages still. I ensured it would stay on for us by forking out major moolah for a generator Monday morning. I heard a rumor that Lowes received a shipment overnight, so having to go out for some groceries anyway... I popped in the store first thing that morning and there they were. Glowing and golden like a ray of hope... yep. Bought one and our lights never went out for more than 10 seconds. Blessed we are, I know it.

  6. Of course you needed a new winter coat as your others don't fit! ;)

    Glad to hear the wind is dying down a little. Enjoy your lunch Bee. x

  7. Bee, I would love to give you a hug from Sarge. I know you miss him. Hope your day is fun. It sure looks windy with the palm trees blown out like that. Enjoy your day, xox, Susie

  8. Of course you NEED a coat that fits:)

    Enjoy your day. I miss Sarge, too. Big hugs, honey...

  9. You know Bee, I'm having the same problem with the front door. We were told it would be a week to get it but it has been almost 3 weeks. I think I better call them. It's dreary looking around here with rain again and we haven't seen the sun for about 3 days. Oh well.
    Happy Halloween my beautiful friend.


  10. I knew you would order a new coat. I knew it as soon as you talked about the coat being way too big. Good for you honey.

    You'll get your digs done soon enough. You'll love it when it's done too because you are not going to settle for less than you want.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from cloudy California. :)

  11. The quote thingy is a process... It will happen. Be patient.

    Enjoy today!

  12. Happy Halloween Bee! I Love egg salad, but no olives. Don't know why, but I just don't like olives period. So glad your coat doesn't fit anymore, lol. Hopefully next year mine won't fit either! have an amazing day. ~Sandy~

  13. Ciao!!!
    The work will be done!!!
    You had luck...that a new jacket arrived.... Otober shopping???

    Have a gtrat afternoon!

    ig hugs!!!

  14. I love egg salad, now you have me hungry for it but I'll skip the olives.
    I made some of your muffins today. They were soooooo good

  15. I love egg salad, but no one else around here does. Have to make some for myself, I guess.

    Halloween? Can you say hectic? We had 142 trick-or-treaters. :D


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