Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Emerald Princess, second sea day part deux...

This is the pool we have been using, not crowded at all and there is a lot of movement in it, I did water jogging for one HOUR this morning!

Notice anything missing in the theatre? There are NO posts and you can see the entire stage from any seat in the theatre. Each show is done three times in an evening so they never feel too crowded. There is more leg room too. The seats are staggered within the rows so if someone sits in front of you, well you can still see everything.

Love that balcony, just love it. I am still finding many differences between Princess and Carnival. There have been so many flying fish today too. I watched then for more than an hour.

There is no smoking on the balconies or of course in the staterooms. That means you can sit outside and not be bothered with it but if you ARE a smoker, well there are not many places you can go. Don't think you'd much like that. There is one spot on deck seven where you can stand and smoke. No smoking anywhere on the lido or any usual places. Yay me.

So far ALL of the food has been fantastic. I mean really really good. I tried the chicken salad in the International Cafe and that was really good, cake, fish, all of it. And now formal night...

And so another lovely day ends with a great show and some fun stuff in (possibly) the casino.

Thanks for coming along...

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  1. I am enjoying traveling along with you and can't wait for our next cruise. I love the chicken salad in the IC too and the grilled vegetables.

  2. How fun and you look marvelous. I'm glad the princess is not a disappointment. Are you the queen? Do you have your tiara? I'm sure you called being the queen and you always have your tiara.

    Have a terrific evening honey. Big hugs to you both. :)

  3. (whistle!) YOu look fabulous! I might like cruising on Princess. Sounds like a more laid back line. Flying fish? how cool! I'd be watching them too! That would be sooo fascinating!

  4. Sounds and looks great! I'm ready for something different myself. Life is too short :)
    Keep having fun!
    Big hugs from Ohio,

  5. Bee, you look fantastic! I really like cruising with Princess, and with HAL, too. Carnival has too darn many kids.

    Auntie Pam
    (can't get my Google ID to cooperate tonight)

  6. I've heard that Princess was really good. I actually fell in love with cruising because of The Love Boat and Princess Cruises... long before I ever took my first cruise. :)

    And isn't Princess lots more expensive than Carnival?

    I noticed you are not wearing your tiara. Did you forget to pack it?!

    You look c'est magnifique! Have fun, ladies! (duhr!)

    big hugs xoxo

  7. As an ex-smoker I'd welcome their rules. That theatre looks marvelous - they've thought of everything! You look so stylish and slim Bee - F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

  8. Nice reading your reviews and seeing your lovely photo! Keep'em coming.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. Ciao!!!

    Your look and humor are very fit to the Princess Atmosphere!
    You can enjoy the food, then you are so brava to do your normal swimming and walking!!!

  10. I've sailed with Princess to Hawaii, but I've never sailed Carnival although Carnival owns Princess too. My cruise on Princess was beautiful, the food was awesome and there were very few children or young folk under 16.

    You look GREAT! The black dress is sassy! You go, girl!

  11. nice theater!!! the pool sounds amazing. :)


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