Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Emerald Princess, second sea day...

Ahhh, sea days! Nothing like them. There are so many activities and such a lovely slightly moving bed to nap in (y'all). Another morning of coffee and rolls on the balcony, in the warm sunshine today. Perfect start of a magnificent day.

Observation: No wonder we were the only ones dressed up so much last night, it is tonight that is Formal night. Buggers, missed by one day! Ha.

Comparisons: The iced tea is MUCH better on Princess, much much better. The pizza is the best I have ever had at sea and they deliver it if you want.

We have anytime dining and have requested to be seated at a large table so far and have met many lovely people. But they are all very old. Meaning even older than ME! (!)

Today I am going to go swim, walk a lot, see a movie or two, visit the casino to make a donation (they must need it really badly because it seems everyone is doing it, not just me), and relax in a deck chair. Oh, and read my book a bit. I am reading the Outlander series and like it very much (thanks Ayla).

Have a wonderful day, I know I will...

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  1. Only one day off? hahaha!

    Thanks for the mention of the Outlander series. I've been looking for a new series. Just ordered it!

    I love sea days, too. Sounds like yours will be perfect! And you've already done the dress rehearsal so now you're all set for formal night. Hee!

    Big hugs xoxo

  2. Well never mind it's always nice to get dressed up isn't it? :)

    Your day sounds perfect!

  3. A double Formal night sounds great to me. How's the food at dinner time? You really sound fantastic. I'm happy for you. Cruising is your life Bee. Continue having a great cruise my lovely friend.


  4. Haha...a day off, with a different meaning! Stuff happens. Last night was a dress rehearsal, right?

    I read the first outlander book, and need to get the next one. Haley is on like book 4 or 5 already.

    I am enjoying your cruise. Amy and Jason are in Grand Cayman today. Without us. Big hugs, honey...

  5. I really like this cruise. I wasn't sure you'd like the princess as much as carnival. Does carnival know you're cruising on princess? Probably. Oh well, a cruise is a cruise after all. I can't wait to hear where you are going. I've not a clue.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from stormy California. :)

  6. So happy you tried the pizza. It is the best I have had on 5 different cruise lines. Of course the rest of the Princess food was delicious also. Their salads and breads are great. They have divine chicken salad in the International Cafe; don't miss it.

  7. you're reading the outlander series?!? i'm so excited! :D

    i wish i was there with you guys! maybe someday we three can take a cruise!

    PS- you look amazing in your dress. i think you could wear dresses like that all the time if you wanted. especially since you live in florida and it's warm enough all year.

    love you guys!

  8. Bee, on our Princess cruise we enjoyed the enrichment series activities. I did Ceramics@Sea and Culinary Arts@Sea. Ken did Navigation@Sea. We did not participate in the Princess Pop Choir, but we attended the performance and they were really good.

  9. I've been told that book series is awesome! I'm so glad you're enjoying Princess. Keep taking us along!

    hugs from cold, wet Washington State.

  10. For my 21st birthday my mother took me on a weeklong cruise on Holland America. (My dad stayed home to work!) Not only was everyone a million years old , two people died during the trip from old age! I was the only young person on the ship. After 8:30 p.m. it was a ghost town! Still more fun than being on land.

  11. Haha re Japolina's comment about Holland America. It is a very stodgy cruiseline as far as I'm concerned but I do like Princess and I like anytime dining . . . but then, I'm old . . . not quite a million years yet but older than you Bee.
    I'm so happy you are on this cruise Bee. I'm enjoying it along with you.
    Hugs from cold (and snow tomorrow) Canada.

  12. Ahhh the life of an Empress:):) Sounds fun so far. xoxo, Susie

  13. Man you sound like you are having a great time! I didn't know you could use a computer on board - dah - learn something new every day. sandie

  14. Ciaoo!!!

    No "extraordinary event, person, happening on the ship!
    No strange or interesting meeting with nice persons?!
    Have fun!

    Big hugs, honey!

  15. So glad you are having such a great time! I will have to check out the Outlander series. Keep having fun.

    Big Hugs,


  16. Glad you are having a great time!


  17. Blogger must have eaten my post. I was recommending the fettucini alfredo appetizer in the main dining room. It is available every night.


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