Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday stuff and other stuff...

We have wind.  Lots and lots of wind.  Rain too.  Some tropical thing out there.  Buggers.  The pool is closed and it was closed yesterday too.

Do you remember a while back I told you one of my MahJong gals told me to watch out, that the barbs would be coming.  I had one at the poker table Tuesday night.  One gal, about the size I used to be, sweetly said to me "gee you are flat chested now".  And I sweetly said to her "yes and your ass is huge" in my head.  Out loud I said "gosh do you think so?".  

So now let's look at a sunny day photo and not think about wind and rain.  And flat chests.  Let's think about something lovely like a warm breeze.  And cake.  And a kitten.  Yeah, all of that.  On a cruise ship.  That would be about perfect now wouldn't it?

Today I'll be having lunch at the club and then canasta afterward.  My day shall be lovely.  I hope yours is as well...


  1. You are so gud, as thehamish would say.
    I would remember what, Dear Abbey says "oh really and does that bother you ?" with a big smile.
    Or "well bless your little heart" adding "thanks for noticing".
    I love they way people think they can say personal stuff to anyone they want. Jealously raises its ugly head.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Flat chested? She sounds jealous to me! Have a great day Bee. x

  3. The wind and rain woke me up this morning and my kids are lobbying for a personal day today due to the weather!

  4. And I sweetly said to her "yes and your ass is huge" in my head. bahahahaha! You're such a hoot! I use to tell my niece growing up that she could THINK anything she wanted to think... it was only when you said it out loud that gets you into trouble. Well played. And very classy!

    Actually, I would love to have much smaller boobs... like my sister Lynda was lucky enough to get. So cute and she doesn't actually need to wear bra at all while mine sag to my waist even with the bra!! Oy.

    Hope your weather improves soon. Hurricane Sandy must be flexing her muscles. big hugs xoxo

  5. If you are on the East Coast, Empress, there is a hurricane out there in the ocean...Not certain where it is going to hit; they are now talking about it hitting farther north, but not certain.

  6. Yeah, jealous was my take, too. Your answers (both of them!) were perfect. I like Dear Abbey's line, too. When I heard about Hurricane Sandy (not to be confused with our friend Sandy) mt first thought was, "Bee won't be able to swim for a few days!" Enjoy the days anyway and stay safe. Hugs!

  7. Drat, I didn't think there were MEAN GIRLS in that generation?! Srsly?!

    Hope you weather storm ok, and please feel free to send it our way. We are in need of the rain. Which I guess is why we have not gotten much this year, our rivers must have been preparing for Sandra. God works in mysterious ways...

  8. Bee, Why do people have to be mean? Once while looking at old photos, aunt Alice said to my m-i-l...."look how fat you were in this picture Francis." Mom cooly said, "yes I know , you have that dress on right now" LOL...You should have said that you would be getting a boob job when you are down to the wieght you desire...give them something to talk about. xoxo, Susie

  9. She's just a jealous bi-atch! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your lunch and canasta :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  10. Bless her heart...

    Stay safe from the bad Sandy. Big hugs from this "good" one, honey...

  11. Bless her jealous heart. I think you look fabulous. If you get a facelift she'll be livid. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from cold California. :)

  12. No s*it! She said that? What a bitch!

    I'm amazed at how poorly behaved some people can be. If she does it again, be sure to thank thank the cow for her backassward compliment.

  13. Ciao!!!

    Do think of sunny days, lovely friends, forget wind, rain and unfair girl!!!
    Have a lovely afternoon!

    Big hugs!!!

  14. I probably would have said that out loud... but your momma taught you right. I was a mouthy kid. Oy vey! She has nerve... plus, she's jealous... Hugs Miz Bee. You are beautiful-- inside and out!

  15. I'm flat chested and there is nothing wrong with that.

  16. Bee you behaved like the lady you are, but I sure do love the thoughts in side your head.

    Big Hugs,


  17. just ask her who did her boobs, maybe you'll go there, nah, maybe not!

  18. You are so polite, Bee!
    But what you were thinking made me chuckle!

    Flat-chested is my middle name. Guess I'm with silverthoughts here..


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