Saturday, October 27, 2012

sandy schmandy...

Well this is NOT what it looks like here today but it's what I am imagining it is like instead.  The Fern House Golf Tournament had to be cancelled.  That is really too bad.  All the time and work the duck and others put into that and it's lost.  I'll still make my donation though.  So instead of helping them with the tournament I will fill in on a canasta game instead.  There is no moss growing under my feet.

I got a bit stir crazy yesterday with the shutters closed all day.  I did walk around the building and downstairs you can see outside. I didn't go outside though but lots of people did.  

If you are in the storm's path stay in and don't be foolish.  Lots of people around here go to the beach but it's very dangerous.  I don't go.

Have a lovely Saturday whatever you do.  I know I will...

**7:00 am update, it's just about gone from here.  The sun will shine today after all.  It's wet, mighty wet, but that's okay.  


  1. I have been watching the weather and that storm is going to be huge by the time it hit land. Wind, rain and snow ! The trifecta of the perfect storm. What a huge mess !
    I am so happy you missed most of this.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I guess you know a special Linda in Connecticut has a special Brit staying with her, the storm is supposed to hit hard in that area. I know the TV weather people make such drama over a blip - but this sounds awful...
    So happy that you're off the BP meds, and that you're continuing on your weight loss journey and that you're in better health now! I'm loving that!!!
    Hang in there - looking forward to pics of the twins (I have a very definite mental picture)!

  3. Last I new By the time it hits New England it may only be a tropical storm. We are hoping . I hope today is well and those shutters can be open. On the people who go to the beach. I say let the drown if they do something stupid. Why waste our safety personal on stupidity.

  4. You're very sensible to stay inside away from the storm Bee. Shame about the golf tournament.

  5. Good girl. Smart girl! It's lovely here at the Swamp but my SisterDears are in for a wallop, as is everyone in the northeast. I'm going on a little walkabout myself with some gal pals in just a little bit. Hoping that my knee won't fail me! Should be a fun day for me. I just wish MotherDear would come but she's still feeling a bit weak after her eye surgery.

    Have a lovely sunshiney day! big hugs xoxo

  6. enjoy the sunshine. after being "holed up" for a day I know how welcome it can be. Hope you get some pool time.

  7. Glad to read it's just about gone there this morning!

    We are in for something here in Connecticut..Allegra and I are walking in our second breast cancer awareness event that starts at 1 p.m.

    Lucky that the walk was planned for today instead of tomorrow!

  8. Bee, That is good news about the sunshine coming out later. Enjoy your day. I am still praying the storm goes away to sea. xo, Susie

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  10. Bee -

    Sorry to hear about the Fern House Classic being cancelled.

    Depending upon who you believe, Hurricane Sandy will get randy on top of my house. The models all show the storm taking a left turn - the question is will be be north, south or right on the track here in southern NJ.

    Wednesday can't come too soon.


    note: edited to correct mistake

  11. Wet and sunshine are OK. Too bad about the golf tournament being cancelled. Get out and get going!

    Big hugs from overcast nawth jawjah, honey...

  12. Glad that you are okay, dear Bee. The weather forecast in the paper just upgraded hurricane Sandy and I was very worried.

  13. And the very best part is that you are safe. I wouldn't go outside either. Too many bad things could happen. You just can't mess around with mother nature.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  14. Ciao!!!

    I hope the weather now is much better and you can walk and have canasta!
    What a pity, so much work lost: it's important that you are safe in your home, do only what is easy and safe for you!!!

    Have a lovely Saturday!

    Big hugs!

  15. The storm looks like a monster. I have a sister in law in New Jersey and she's a bit worried. I'm not sure she'll evacuate though. She never does.

  16. I'm glad you made it out okay.

  17. Bee, Bethany and I have decided, if we lived in your building, we would want to get in the pool with you, even if you are a pool hog. I suggest we just play motor boat, motor boat go so fast :)

  18. Glad the storm is past you and all is ok. It it is a shame it messed up the golf tournament. Can they reschedule it? Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs!


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