Saturday, September 15, 2012

self imposed shopping ban... epic fail!

I broke down and pre ordered it today, in white of course.  I watched the video and fell in love.  And that's all I am buying until October 1st!  I think.  And it won't be here for several weeks so it's really like I bought it next month anyway, right?  

And then I called Apple headquarters to tell them that Siri is using bad grammer.  She says "what can I help you with?".  Seriously Siri?  I couldn't help myself.  Siri please say "how may I help you?" instead.  They told me in a future upgrade they will consider this.  I hope they do because every single time she says this to me I will correct her and we will probably argue about it.

So yesterday the duck met me at the car dealership where I dropped off the car and we went to breakfast.  He took me back and I waited in the lounge until it was ready.  By myself.  As it turns out I knew the service tech "Shorty" from many trips with Sarge at another dealership and he took very good care of the car, rotated the tires, changed the oil, filled all the fluids, checked the brakes, washed the car and gave it back to me.  He said for me to get that done every six months and it is all free.  Sarge did have that option on the car.  It now has 6100 miles on it and it's 2 years old.  Part of that mileage was a trip we made too.  I think I drive about 100 miles a month.  Shorty said it didn't matter, in the heat the oil should be changed at 6 months.  Okay then, I can do it!  By myself!  Yee haw!

So I came home and got in the pool.  It was very windy but I still had a great workout.  I also lost a bit more weight which made me very happy.  So what did I have in a restaurant for breakfast you ask?  Well I know you bee bandwagoners want to know, the rest of you just go to the next paragraph, ok?  I had the cook make an egg beater omelet with cooking spray instead of butter, inside fresh mushrooms and green peppers (no cheese)  and whole wheat toast, dry.  Fruit on the side and coffee with milk (not cream).  Absolutely delicious, I promise you.  And I gave my fruit to the duck.

Here is my tip of the day.  Who knew?  Blenders fit into mason jars!  Have a look here.  

So that's it from paradise for today.  Hope your Saturday is wonderful.  I know mine will be.


  1. Buongiorno!!!
    Great Friday off you got...and your post often gives many directives to us too, with ironie and all your sentences are so nice and "funny serious", I hope my English sounds how I mean, of course, I use no dictionary, no goog. old head runs madly!!!
    Big hugs, thanks for being Miss Bee!

  2. Of course you can do it by yourself - you're an Empress!!

    Youre breakfast sounds good. :)

  3. You only PRE-ordered. That SO doesn't count. Is it your fault that Apple has created such a demand that they make you get in line? Of course not.

    Goodness, you drive about as much as I do! Or as little as I do! Just yesterday I paid the renewal for the tag on my car... and I have actually been thinking about how little I drive and the cost of repairs, maintenance, registration and insurance... and wondering if it's worth even keeping a car any more! srsly.

    Have a lovely day! Big hugs xoxo

    I could rent a car for those rare, longer trips and I could call a cab for my weekend trips to the store. Srsly. I am considering it.

  4. You see? I recently divorced, middle aged, and a woman who has never married expressed surprise that for the first time ever I brought my car to be inspected this year. She made me feel like I was an idiot that I wasn't certain what to do. I want to place a poll on Facebook. When women are married, don't all men handle the cars? I mean, geesh. Bee might be an empress but all married women should at least be princesses...

  5. Fuzzy hugs Auntie Bees!

  6. I agree if you pre-ordered it it doesn't count. I think you are doing just fine on your self imposed shopping ban.

    As for Sari? Well, lots of folks do that. Or where are you at? That one sends me up the wall. Or can I have this or that instead of may I have. Oh the list goes on and on.

    Way to go on losing almost a pound. That's awesome and you went out to eat too.

    I told you the car thing isn't a bit deal. I knew you could do this with one arm tied behind your back.

    I didn't know that about mason jars either.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  7. Pre-ordering doesn't count... Just like the makeup boxes I pre-ordered... (Ahem!)

  8. You broke down didn't you Bee? I guess you will need to buy all the attachments for this cute little contraption. What are you going to do with the old one now? Ha,ha,ha.
    Thanks again my lovely friend for once again assisting me with all the answers that I needed to continue with my weight loss.
    Have a wonderful Saturday Bee.


  9. Hi Miss Bee,

    I agree...Pre-ordering doesn't count. ha!!

    Have a good weekend.


  10. I agree on the pre-ordering not counting on your shopping ban. It will even out.

    Big hugs from hawt Augusta, honey...

  11. Well, that was tempting. Fortunately, they sold out!


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