Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rain rain go away...

And come back another day.  Gosh it rained and rained and rained!  By the time it quit it was pretty late to swim and not too warm anyway so I didn't go.

I did, however, clean out a really pesky drawer that needed done in a big way and also did a bunch of stuff around the condo including cooking and sorting and laundry.  Big day, huh?  But I suppose days like this make other days seem exciting.

Tomorrow I am getting my eyes checked finally.  It's been a while since I've gone and I know I shouldn't put off things like this.  And don't forget, for some reason my eyes turned blue recently.  They used to be hazel.  I wonder what he'll say about that?  

I don't watch much national news these days because of all the political krap but I did watch some yesterday.  So many people around the world hating Americans.  And yet they take our money.  Why do we continue to send it?  I have no idea.  They are burning our flag and Israel's flag and stepping on them.  Truly awful people out there.  Hateful and horrible.  I was so sorry I watched it too because it did me no good and only upset me.  Back to the local stuff for me again.

So here is hoping my Sunday will be sunny and bright and yours too!


  1. I do hope your day is sunny and bright and you can enjoy the pool today. I had not forgotten about your eyes changing color, and will be interested in what yout doctor says about that! Have a great day! Hugs...

  2. Oh, I like your Best of Bee widget! How did you do that?

    I refuse to watch any sort of news anymore for the same reason... it just upsets me, and who needs that?

    I've been trying to one thing a day that qualifies as organizing or de-cluttering. Even if it's just something tiny that no one else would ever notice.

    I hope you have an absolutely lovely, sunny day! big hugs xoxo

    1. I hope your weather improves. Keep us posted on what the doc says about your color change. That is interesting.

      I hate watching the news. So tired of the hate.

  3. Crystal Gayle sang about you in the song "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue".

    Have a great day


    1. I used to work for her. She is such a nice person.

  4. I didn't even go outside yesterday until it was time to go over to the Crooks' house for dinner. Well, I did walk out on the deck just to make sure the world was still there:) Paperwork winding down. Rally for L is about all organized.

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs, honey...

  5. I hate the US national news. It makes us think that everyone really hates us. And yes some people do but as a whole most people are nice and like us. I was worried when we first traveled overseas but learned fast that people are so different than our news. Our news like to make us think we are hated for some reason. I remember in Ireland it was the last election and people found out we were American and knew not only about our election but more about the candidates that I ever thought. It was great. They did not judge and were interested. I found out the international news in europe is less bias and really give more info on whats happening in the world.

  6. Cleaning up clutter isn't always fun, but it definitely makes you feel better when it's all done.

  7. I hope your Sunday is filled with sunshine and a warm pool. It's beautiful on the boat this morning.

    As for the news? We don't watch it either. It's so biased that it makes me gag. Our television is just a dust catcher.

    Have a terrific day my friend. Big hugs and lots of love coming your way. :)

  8. Getting your eyes checked is a good idea. I'm not sure why, but maybe just so you don't need glasses, or if you do then you'll have the right prescription. The whole eye changing color thing? I think it had something to do with Sarge, but I can't explain why. Like maybe in another lifetime you two were together but you had blue eyes and where his soul is now is reconnected to that. Sounds crazy, but does anyone else have a better theory?

    We should totally stop giving ANY money to any other countries until we no longer have a deficit. the hate against the USA is scary. The haters act like animals, very scary

  9. Bee, this Canadian doesn't hate Americans. I love them, well 99.9%. The best one I love is you.
    Rain, ah yes. The last two times I went to play golf, the first one it rained and we couldn't even begin. The second time we completed the first hole and then the horn sounded because there was lightning in the air and as soon as we got in it rained and rained and rained and we went home. The thing that really peeved me was later in the afternoon the sun came out and was warm and there were other golfers that went out. Why that every time I go in the morning it decided to rain. Oh well that's life I guess.
    Our new fridge is great. Well that's it for now in Amherstburg. See you.


  10. Buongiorno!!!
    I'm sorry, I ve so little time, and old girl!
    I'm going to do many examinations about the origin of this problem!
    I write a minimum, sorry for the comments I received from my friends...
    I hope I can be back soon!
    Today a grand lunch of all the neighbors...each year we do it!
    I'll work on the photos during the day light!

    Big hugs!

  11. Sometimes the quiet days that you have to stay in are great for catching up. A good time doing stuff that you don't want to do on those beautiful Florida days.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Happy Sunday Bee, I hope you have nice weather so that you can get in the pool. I really should start packing for our cruise next week and have Bethany color my hair, but so far haven't got started on any of it. I will though. Need to start some wash too. Sigh, we are having electronic issues because of lightening, stressing Geoff out, but he is smart and we will get it figured out.

    Big Hugs,


  13. I hope you get a little sunshine down there today. It's cold here in Michigan. Put your wool on cold.

  14. the clouds are here too, now. i know you'll probably have lots of sunshine ahead of you, but for us, i'm sad!! our summer came late and then suddenly, it's fall. :P grey and cold again, boooo.

  15. We're having a real deluge here today and it's cold!

  16. Gotta love the rain here in Sunny South Florida...Eyes changing color?'s do that...maybe you still have a lot of the good child left in you...I am a news junkie...not the lame stream media, but FOXNews as they seem more fair...Can't stand local news...always filled with shootings-muggings-stabbings-rapes-spousal that's frightening...Our enemy's hate US...big whoop...My wish is that Maobama quits trying to make them like US because he is Himself...and for gosh sake's quit sending them money, that we have to borrow from our Grandchildren to do!...sorry for my rant...

    Hope you had a fantastic drawer emptying Sunday and have a great week ahead!
    PLU from SSF


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