Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday is not MahJong this week...

A person very dear to me who shall remain nameless made me some water weights, made to my specifications!  Is that tits or what?  They are perfect!  You just hold one in each hand while water jogging and push them up and down and it works your arms.  There is air inside for more resistance.  I can't wait until they get here and I can start using them.

Well it's official.  It's August.  Schools will be starting again soon.  When I was a kid we never went back to school until after Labor Day.  Now they go back in the middle of August.  I wonder why?  The old way seemed so logical to me.  Even though summer doesn't really end on Labor Day we all think of it that way.  (Reminder, no white shoes after Labor Day!)  

Actually I don't wear white shoes any time.  I could wear white sandals I suppose but don't.  I have lots of other colors though but mostly wear gold or silver, navy or beige.  And in South Florida I do wear sandals all year long.  

Oh, and I forgot!  My water shoes are white!  With navy trim.  I got them from Lands End and they are so comfortable I hardly know I'm wearing them.  Originally I had some from the Walmart back when I was going to water aerobics at the club last year.  They tore after a few wearings.  I have worn the Lands End ones over six months now and they still look like new.

Speaking of water shoes... Here's something I never knew.  I only wear them in the water,  as soon as I get out I take them off and rinse them.  Well I have strap marks on my feet where there is no tan.  I am tanning under water!  Who knew?  Can you see it?  And yes, my toenails are blue.  Who knew?

You know looking at that photo showed me something.  My ankles used to swell but not any more.  What about that?  I am just getting healthier and healthier.  I sure hope I don't get hit by a truck now!

Oh shoot, there goes the fish oil again.  It kicks in when I'm least expecting it.  It's fun sometimes though.  I can go about anywhere I want (in my mind) when that happens.

So, no MahJong today sadly.  We have three of our six gals off somewhere else.  Well one still in the hospital with her new knee and two off and about.  Next week will be better.  But the one with the new knee is doing fabulous I hear.  I knew she would, she is very athletic and fit.

I lost $20 at poker last night but the pizza was wonderful.  I blotted all the grease I possibly could with napkins and it was still delicious.  And I had a big salad and diet coke.  I still stayed under my goal for the day too.  It does get easier after a bit, honest it does.

Have a lovely Wednesday y'all.  Me too...


  1. Your feet look great Bee. Some feet are just downright UGLY aren't they? I hate ugly feet!

  2. OK. Now I want blue toes. srsly. I wear white a lot. Sometimes after Labor Day. I'm a rebel. If it's 90°, it's still summer to me, no mater what the calendar says. And I only wear Kino sandals. I have 2 white pair, 2 navy and 2 black. I also have some burgundy and brown and I suppose they really should get tossed, but I wear them for painting now so I have a hard time throwing them out.

    I think MY fish oil is kicking in, too!

    Have a perfectly lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. I wish I had water shoes yesterday. Megan and I "swam" in the kiddie pool again and I did some more laps. But it was slippy. She loved it when I pretended to slide/fall into the water. Man I love to make that girl giggle. I bought us little $1 water pistols the other day and she really really loves to shoot mommy and call Daddy over from the garage and shoot him too. Kid has a HUGE sense of humor!!! :)

    Ahhh, pizza! I can't do it. I know if I have one slice, I will have 3 slices. Maybe later on, as a reward. But right now I just can't do it.

    I am really enjoying my new routine. You are right, its not nearly as hard as I imagined it to be. I was just being lazy for so long. One thing I have noticed, it is expensive to eat healthy. But I am saving money on bringing my own lunch and not going to McD's for coffee anymore. So I hope it all evens out in the end.

    I think I might be down 2 pounds. Not sure because I screwed up the first time I weighed in and had the scale on the carpet. Doh! Rookie mistake for sure. But I added a few pounds to that weigh in and yesterday it said I was down almost two. So that's 8 sticks of butter, right! Yeeehaw!!!! And my BP is averaging now around 117/70. I feel so much better already. Since I quit facebook I have tons of time in the evening to get housework done and time to play with Megan too. My new life, My Life v2.0 is the bEST!!!!!

    Thanks for being such a great motivation! <3

  4. Cute toes. Yesterday I was going to comment but my cousin called to go for a coffee and I forgot when I got back. You and Chuck are doing great work. Chuck must be very proud of what he's done. Somebody should give him a dollar for every pound he's lost. Just thought to mention it. Ha,ha,ha.
    Have to go Bee. I playing golf this morning. Jerry's picking me up at 8:00 and tee time is 8:44. See you my lovely friend.


  5. Bee, You are getting healthier:):) Your feet look healthy, no swelling,no redness, and blue toe nails.:):)You are some one to be looked up to. xo, Susie

  6. Aren't you the newsy gal today?! Those water weights look like they will be great. And cute toes.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. i am wunderin if mi mom will paint mi toez blue.
    it iz verree atraktiv.

  8. I'd say you can wear those white water shoes after Labor Day if you want to, after all, it IS Florida! But other than water shoes, I always adhered to the Memorial Day thru Labor Day season for white shoes. I don't have any right now but I have in the past. And I wear sandals as long as I possibly can (at least through Sept and into Oct) because they are SO much more comfortable to me than my close toed shoes. Sandals are one of the best things about warm weather (and believe me, I don't like much about warm weather!) Enjoy your day even without your usual routine. Hugs!

  9. I know we'll hear more about those water weights. I've not heard of them before. Way cool.

    Now I want pizza. It's been a very long time since I've had pizza.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  10. Buongiorno!!!

    You write little masterpieces, with softness, I enjoyed each sentence of the post, the photos, the little events in your days!

    Thank you, honey, you let us smile!
    Big hugs!!!!

  11. Love your blue toes! Reading your blog helped to motivate me to lose some weight. I reached my goal yesterday with a 28 pound weight loss. Thanks!

  12. Cute toesies!I need to paint mine. The color has grown out. I have some water shoes and love them. I plan on wearing them this weekend, as we are going to Dungeness Spit. My goal is to wiggle my toes in some water this weekend.

    Enjoy today and enjoy the heck outta those cool weights!!!!!

  13. I love the color on your toes, I think I am wearing the same color.



  14. Your feet (and toenails) look great! My feet and ankles still swell but I hope that will stop when I lose more weight too.

  15. I love the blue polish. I'm wearing, I Have a Herring Problem, myself. OPI. I love the names! What's yours?

  16. The water weights sound like a cool idea.

    I also love the color on your toenails. Pretty shade of blue - kind of like a frosty aqua. How's that for a color name?

    The fish oil I've taken for the past week is doing a number on my dreams, that's for sure.


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