Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday in paradise...

The clouds were moving in as I finished my exercise yesterday but the rain didn't come.  And I had the pool all to myself, it was lovely.  People ask me if I'm not bored water jogging for 45 minutes but no, I'm not bored at all.  I take my fish oil and my mind goes hither and yon and I look at the clouds and just keep going.  It feels so good that I usually don't even want to stop but when I get upstairs and get my bath and sit down to rest, bam!  It hits me how sore I am but tomorrow is another day and I shall go again.

When I get out I read my Kindle for a while so I can dry before I go back inside.  I have a bunch of books ready to read, don't know when I'll ever get to them all but I'll try.  So much to do and so little time.  I never thought I'd want a Kindle but it was a gift and I do really like it.  It just slips into most any purse or even pocket so it's handy to have around.

Well I know this is a short post but that's all I have today.  Hope you have a lovely 24 hours, me too!


  1. The pool looks wonderful. I like having space for myself, so its actually a treat to do it on your own sometimes.

    ((hugs)) and am going to sign up for fitness pal tomorrow:)

  2. Buongiorno!
    Tired but satisfied, you can be proud of your big steps to a better condition for your body: strength and autonomy!

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Big hugs!

  3. I don't jog but I do walk back and forth in the shallow end of my pool.
    Then I go into the deep end float doing jumping jacks and trading water at the very end.
    I have a DVD player and three short shows are 60 mintues, keeps me company.

    The Cabana Boys say woof and you have a lovely day too !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. You're doing so well! Just imagine what you'll look and feel like this time next year! You'll be walking all over WPB! I envy you your determination....

  5. I don't use my Kindle near as much as I thought I would. Of course the last few books I've read have been actual printed books. I've found that I still use my iPad for reading digital books when I am inside and only use the Kindle for outside. I am still glad I've got it though.

    We had a short bout of torrential rain yesterday! And them more overnight. It's still drizzling out there... and Gandalf is NOT pleased. ha! Bless his heart.

    Enjoy your day! big hugs xoxo

  6. Hahaha! Laughing at that mind & fish oil explanation. You are too cute!
    I downloaded so many free "clasics" when I first got my e-reader. Most of them are still waiting on my virtual shelf :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  7. Deer ab,
    Las nite I saw raccoonz hither an yon.
    It wuz verry eksitin

  8. I also did not think I wanted a Kindle. I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I love it. I read so much more now than I did before. Going to the library is not as convenient as downloading immediately. Instant gratification, (or short attention span, lol.)

  9. Glad you could get your pool workout done with no rain yesterday and I hope the same holds true today! Enjoy your day. Hugs!

  10. I finally finished a book on my wife's iPad -- lot of books out there in the public domain (therefore, free!) but I always get distracted with web browsing or playing word games or something... If I can develop an actual attention span while using a device (like a computer) geared to shrinking the human attention span to -- Look! A new squirrel video! --


    Where was I again?

  11. I love my kindle. Hubby got it for me 3 (maybe 4) years ago for Mother's Day. I call it the gift that keeps on giving because he has one too and they are both on his Amazon account so any book I order (although I get a lot of free books) he has to pay for them. HaHa.


    1. Plus I forgot to mention that now that our public library as e-book check out I try to get my books from there first before buying them.


  12. I'm loving my kindle. It is working out well to have it and the iPad on this trip so I can share with Dick.

    Having fun. Big hugs from Germany, honey...

  13. Hubby just got a Kindle Touch yesterday. He loves it. In fact he's downloading free books right now. I think I'll get one for Christmas. Pretty cool deal.

    Have a terrific day and keep up the great exercise routine. Excellent. Big hugs. :)

  14. You should be very proud of yourself keeping up with the exercise in the pool Bee, I'm sure Sarge would be proud of you!

    I absolutely love my Kindle, so much easier to take on holiday than the 6 paperbacks I usually have to fit in my luggage and much easier to read in sunshine.

  15. purrrrrrrssss to you Auntie Bee!! I loves you!! xoxoxoxoxo your Sammie Pie

  16. Bee, Some times I wish I had a nice pool to jump into and cool off. I have often thought of getting a kindle...but then I rarely have time to read. I sure Frank McCourt was still with us. I loved his books. I do not know why, but I love books about Ireland. Stay cool girl. xoxo, Susie

  17. I love my kindle, but I also love my iPad for reading as well. heck, I just like books.

  18. I love my Kindle too! I've been a fan for years though, glad to see you like yours as well. I took love doing exercise in the pool, I can tred water for hours without much thought about what I;m doing, I enjoy it. Have a great day, hugs!

  19. Hi Miss Bee,

    I love my Kindle. I keep wanting to get the Kindle Fire but I'm not sure I would like it as much.


  20. My Kindle is always in my purse and I almost never leave home without it. I just have to learn to read in the car without getting car sick-so I can read while SD drives.


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