Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday stuff and other stuff...

I don't think I showed you this before.  It came in the mail from Carnival, it's a passport holder and luggage tag.  Nice thank you gift.  And my new passport fits perfectly in there.  I'm ready to go!  Now just if I had somewhere TO go but still, I'm ready.

Gosh it's been beautiful outside, hot as all heck but so sunny and I just love it.  Every minute of it.   Last night I went to a huge meeting at the club about the future of the development.  The north golf course is up for a zoning change to commercial as they want to put in a resort.  It's beautiful and I would look right at a 40 acre lake, clubhouse, huge pool, beautiful buildings.  I hope it all happens.  The time frame is five years to completion.  There were a lot of negative people but not me.  I go with the flow.  There will be a new clubhouse and lots of security.  When there are photos in the paper I'll give you a link.  

Today is lunch with some gals and then canasta.  Hopefully it won't be storming when I get home so I can get in the pool then.  If I can't get in I get so disappointed now.  I can't tell you how much I like it.

Hope your Thursday is grand, I know mine will be!


  1. That's a very pretty passport holder and luggage tag. Nice gift!

    If you like the way the future development will look, then that's good because it will make you happy after it goes in. You have such a pretty view, that that stuff matters.

    Did you get your swim in?


  2. Buongiorno!
    I hope you get your pool, it is a great help!
    Have a lovely and funny Thursday!

    Big hugs!

  3. Beneficial change is exciting! Now, that change we got in the white house? Not so beneficial!

  4. My passport holder is the USPS envelope it came in. Not very chic, eh? I guess I'll have to go on a bunch of Carnival cruises until I get a pretty one.

    The potential view for you sounds lovely! I'm just hoping we don't get another torrential downpour today. My awesome neighbor was over last night and we talked about using the pool together this weekend. She works all day during the week, too.

    Have a lovely day with the gals! big hugs xoxo

  5. Mailed to you? Tits.

    Hugs from Hamburg, honey...

  6. I have some ugly red thingy for my passport,lol. I like yours better! Some people are so afraid of change, I am glad you go with the flow...I beleive people who are that way, are a lot happier :) Hugs!

  7. Good morning Bee. How many cruises do you need to get the passport cover?
    Are there still going to be golfing being played?
    My friend from Papa New Guinea has arrived in Canada. They just called us and plan on seeing us soon. Mary Lou has to take AmyLynn to the doctor in Windsor. I'll be watching TV since it's raining right now. See you later my lovely friend.


  8. It's red.... so stylish! Love it!
    I would have tons of fun watching the development progress. Hope the weather holds out for you.

    enjoy today! :-)

  9. Nice thank you gifts. I don't have a passport holder at all.

    Cool on the potential new digs. I'm with you. What a view that would be.

    Have a terrific lunch, game and pool. Big hugs from HOT California. :)

  10. That's a nice gift. MWM and I have passport holders (his is black mine is pink) but we always have to take them out of the holders at passport controls. :(

    The new development sounds fabulous!

  11. Now those are gifts you can use! I think it's such a waste when companies give gifts that are not very useful. I know you are not supposed to complain when given a gift but when I had my business, I would get no less than12 calendars from vendors every Christmas. What a waste of trees!

    Oh that sounded so crabby! I'm packing to leave my plush Vegas hotel and I'm cranky!

  12. Changes are good, though I can understand why so many people are upset by the proposed development.


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