Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunny but hazy day...

Gosh it's nice out.  I had a fabulous swim and then did some water jogging (well 45 minutes of it!) and it felt wonderful.  

I didn't have to stay in because of Comcast because they don't seem to be coming after all.  When I didn't hear from them by 10:30 I decided not to sit there all day waiting, I have a life going on people.  I called them and was told (quite curtly) that no one was scheduled to come or call me.  Could I be more ticked off now?  Well possibly but not probably.  And no I cannot switch to ATT because the cable is provided through the condo association and part of our monthly fees.  I now really wish I could.

I'll have to get the duck to take another photo of me wearing another color, my eyes are now blue no matter what I wear.  I am getting them checked just to be sure everything is okay because I have never heard of this happening before.  I go in two weeks.

Next up:

These little beauties are only 75 calories each!  Perfect with coffee.  Two ingredients.  An old ww recipe, one box of angel food cake mix and one 16 oz. can of crushed pineapple in it's own juice.  Do not add the water the cake mix says, just add these two things together and mix well.  You can make it into a cake also but the cupcakes are easy to freeze and portion.  Make 24 cupcakes.  They will be pretty full in unbaked cupcake papers, not half full like regular cupcakes, bake about 20 minutes at 350.  I have read that you can also use any can of pie filling fruit instead of pineapple but have not tried that.  I really really love them.

Have a lovely Tuesday y'all.  I'll be busy with canasta and poker myself...


  1. I love Angle Food Cake so I must try this !

    Don't get me started on comcast... I never use capital letters because they do not deserve it. I love the way it is always some new fee here and there and new commercials on TV, a new cooperate office but our bill on get bigger and my service gets slower !
    Ack !

    Thanks again for the great recipe I will try it !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. oh and I like Angel Food Cake too !

  2. Buongiorno!!!

    I think now that the color change of your eyes depends on your new style of life, more movement, open air, walking, water jogging...a wonderful benefit!
    The beauties there are so tasty!!!
    Have a great Tuesday...ere a grand heat, but UI'll go to the marked... streets, we no place yet!

    Big hugs, honey!

  3. Oh, well! You KNOW I will be trying those beauties! I just put it on my grocery list for next week.

    Bugger! I can not believe comcast still hasn't resolved the issue. I'd be asking to speak to someone much higher up. All the way up until they DO get if resolved. I'd also be sure the condo association is aware of the problem since they've basically created a monopoly situation for everyone. Maybe they can get involved and flex some muscle on your behalf?

    Have a lovely day at work today! Haha! big hugs xoxo

  4. I am so sorry that you are having comcast problems STILL! I hope that you resolve them soon.

  5. You ALREADY did your 45 minutes? Geez Louise, I just finished my first cup of coffee...Sheffield took the day off, it's his 68th Birthday today and he's out taking a long walk. Sigh. My fingers are getting exercised though! Now for that second cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing the cupcake recipe.

  6. If you are paying a fee to the Condo for the cable and it's not working properly then surely the Condo are partly responsible? Maybe tel the condo that you will not be paying for unless they sort it out?

    I'll be interested to know what they say about your eyes changing colour, I do hope it's nothing to worry about. xx

  7. They look good! I generally don't bake with boxes (takes the fun out of baking) but since I am kind of looking for baked goods that aren't too unhealthy it's something to think about.

  8. By the way, if you are paying your condo associate for Comcast, perhaps you need to talk to THEM about your lack of service. If anything, perhaps they will reimburse you the money you paid them for the shoddy service.

  9. Bee, I made a cake once simalar to that recipe. It's a spice cake mix and a can of apple pie filling. mix it , nothing else. Bake as you would a cake or cupcakes. I do not know the calorie count though, sorry. Chocolate cake mix with cherry pie filling is another way. Certainly easy enough:):) You are just a blue eyed beauty , face it. xo, Susie

  10. Unbelievably disgusting about comcast. How rude!!!

    What color were your eyes before, Bee? How does the opthamologist explain that?

    Nice pineapple danish recipe! You have been doing AWESOME with your healthy eating and water jogging! Sarge would be so proud of you!

  11. Phooey on Comcast! I would complain loudly to the condo board as suggested above, as well as to anyone at comcast who would listen. They have had more than enough time to fix the problem, they can at least come out when they say they will!
    But good for you for getting such a good pool workout. That has to feel wonderful. Have a great day. Hugs!

  12. Those look yummy... Pox on the cable scheduler....

  13. Another vote for making noise to the condo association. If no one else is having trouble, something odd is up with the connection running to your place and the association should put pressure on Comcast.

    Those muffins look and sound great! There are some old WW recipes we have enjoyed through the years whether watching our weight go up or down. Hubby loves WW meat loaf made in muffin pans with Stove Top Stuffing in the recipe. I prefer regular meat loaf (mom's recipe) but he likes these and isn't a fan of meatloaf. Freezing leftovers and portion control is great with them.

  14. What Barb said about Comcast. I don't like most of these cable companies. We had Charter here and we dumped them. Awful at service.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  15. Hello there!

    I work for Comcast and I apologize for the trouble. I'd like to help in making sure that this is addressed for you. Please feel free to contact me (include your info and a link to this page for reference) at the email provided below.

    Thank you,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  16. Well, well. Maybe you have gotten the attention of someone higher up the food chain at Comcast. I won't put a pox on them...yet.

    Big hugs, honey...

  17. I just shared that recipe with my coworker and we are both excited to try it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Boo on the cable folks, wish that wasn't happening.


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