Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is the start of a new week...

Let's all make this a fabulous week, shall we?  This photo was taken yesterday by the duck.  We managed to squeeze in a quick Panera Bread lunch before the Walmart stop.  I did get my chicken and roast it and believe me it was all I could do not to eat every bit of that crispy skin!  So delicious!  And the roasted veggies were wonderful too.  Now I have leftovers (which I love) for three more days.  I'll make it a bit different each day but start with the basics.

Now on to Comcast and my woes.  He came at 5:20 (appt. time 5-7) but now neither tv's on demand works.  They have to come back again.  It has to be somewhere in the walls or someplace like that, the boxes are fine.  It's just that it's been going on since July 1st and I am getting a tad weary of the whole thing.  At least I had a very nice tech, polite and friendly and tried very hard to be helpful, just couldn't fix it.

Oh, and I walked the whole Walmart yesterday and then did my pool stuff for 45 minutes too.  It was a great exercise day and a great food day as well.  I also have not had a diet coke in about a week now.  I am drinking iced tea, coffee, and water.  I'm not saying I won't ever have diet coke but I am trying not to drink it.

Can you see that my eyes are blue?  Funny thing I've had hazel eyes all my life.  Until now.  I have no idea why but they are blue now.  Has anyone heard of that happening?  Got to ask the doc I guess.

So that about wraps up my day, let's see what Monday brings!


  1. And very pretty blue eyes they are ! So Blue !
    Never heard of eye color changing but my green eyes are getting a blue tint around the edges. Have no idea what that means ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. My sister Lynda has hazel eyes and have always seemed to change color depending on what she's wearing. That's my professional opinion. If it's not the case then I'll give you your money back.

    Bugger to Comcast. Have they tried doing a brand new install, just like they'd never seen or heard of you before?

    I shall make this a fabulous week! Thank you! And you, too!

    Great big hugs xoxo

  3. My mom also had hazel eyes that would appear blue if she wore blue this bright!

  4. Very pretty blue eyes. Buggera to Comcast!

    Having a good week way over here, but missing my kiddos.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. Buongiorno!!1

    Blue eyes...from the dress, I guess!!!
    I hope you get a valid reply to your (their) Comcast issue!

    Have a fantasticgood walking week!

    Big hugs!

  6. My eyes are green gray blue. So depending on what I'm wearing, they look a little different every day :) Great excercise day for you!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  7. It's ridiculous that it's taking Comcast so long to sort out your problem. Can you cancel with them and get another supplier?

    I've never heard of eyes changing colours but blue is nice. :)

  8. I have never heard of eyes changing color! Amazing.

  9. Well, your eyes do appear very blue in this picture! Lookin' good! Congrats on walking at Wally World and then doing pool exercise, too. You go, girl! Enjoy your tasty dinner, already cooked, too.
    Have a great week. Hugs!

  10. maybe your eyes are reflecting your pretty bloo shert??

    we loved having you on our chick-hen caper!!!! purrrsss xoxoxoxxo Your Sammie Pie

  11. I have no idea why eyes change like that but they sure look great. I was looking at the pictures of the first time I met you and I looked at you now and wow, you look wonderful. Charlie would be so impressed with how much you have changed. You have impressed me and Mary Lou says to me after seeing you keeps telling me, " see, if Bee can do it why can you. Get off your butt and do the same that she's doing. " See what you have done my lovely friend, getting me into trouble but a wonderful trouble. Ha,ha,ha.
    My friend Al left after a wonderful BBQ. He and his wife Meilin are going back into the jungle until January and then they will be in China until they will come to live in the area where I live. They bought a home last year and since then we have been taking care of it for them. Man, almost a full year. It would have been a complete two years since they would been in their home until they get into their home since Al bought his home. I don't know if I could do that.
    We have the two kiddies for a short time today. Mar LOu has taken the to the orange park. That is what Emily calls them. We have a Blue park, an Orange Park and the one in town is called the Water Park.
    Well I hear them coming into the house. See you Bee for now.

    Grandpa Paul

  12. you have a little "Mona Lisa" grin going on there....

  13. It could be all the blue you are wearing. I've know people that their eyes seem to be whatever color they are wearing. Way cool and you do look great. I'm so proud of you.

    I hope Comcast can get your equipment working. And soon.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm California. :)

  14. I have hazel eyes, but S.D. swears it looks as though I have one greenish eye and one brownish eye. Kind of odd. LOL

    And I love Panera Bread. I lived near one for awhile, really good food. Plus I loved how during the heart of the recession a lot of the Panera Breads offered "pay what you can," so that people who were out of work, or had been cut back dramatically could still enjoy a meal out...which is truly a blessing when you are under stress.

  15. I also truly, madly, deeply hate Comcast.

    And my eyes changed color too -- but, in my case, there was a perfectly good reason: Glaucoma medicine washes out normal eye color.

    No, seriously, it does.

  16. Bee, Your walking is working out for you. hooray. I am so happy for you. I walked lots this week in NYC...oh my gosh my feet hurt. well really it's my ankles. Arthritis. It'll take me a couple days to get better. You look nice in the photo. xo, Susie

  17. I can't believe your cable woes are continuing. I'd be lost without my In Demand button.

    You are looking wonderful, Bee. I love this photograph!

  18. I had problems with my In Demand with Comcast too but there were able to fix it from the office so I count myself as lucky.

    Roast chicken and vegetables sounds really good but that's probably because it's 5:30 and I've failed to eat today. I was going to and then I got distracted - imagine that!

  19. I always thought your eyes were blue, I learned something new today. Mine sort of change colors too, between green and blue.

    Do you know I have never been to Panera bread? I have always wanted to go, but never have when we are close to one. I must fix that.

    I too love the crispy skin on a roasted chicken, you are making me hungry.

    Big Hugs,



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