Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping ban? Rats...

This is today's "loot".  The third time the doorman called me to tell me he was putting a box in the elevator for me he said "I have you on speed dial now".  Cheeky bugger.  Now in all fairness the two larger boxes are new cushions for my other chairs on the terrace.  Since I got the two new recliners the other chairs looked drab.  The large box on top is K-cups, the Walmart ships them free and they were cheaper there.  The other box might have been something I bought on QVC but I'm not sure.  Well, I'm sure but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I finally got to use my new water weights after canasta and they are totally tits.  My arms felt like lead when I got out of the pool.  My legs always do but this really works those arms too!  I worked 45 minutes as hard as I could and my calculations say I burned 570 calories.  I believe it too.  I was whipped!  The weather shows scattered storms for the next seven days so I'll have to try to get in around them.  It did start to thunder yesterday as I was getting out.

Have you ever had any of those Hebrew National low fat all beef 40 calorie hot dogs?  They are actually pretty good.  I had two last night for dinner.  I haven't had a hot dog in around eight months so maybe that's why they tasted so good to me but I really did like them.  It's a good thing because I have five left.  

It's so odd, there are 7 in a package.  Why are there always a different number of hot dogs then there are buns in a pack?  Most buns have eight and most hot dogs have ten.  You'd think someone would get wise to this and change something.  I know if I packaged hot dogs I'd put 8 in a pack.

So it's Sunday, we're off and relaxing today, right?  Hope your day is awesome.  I know mine will be!


  1. Buongiorno!!!
    So you know how to do, if you will eat more hotdogs: water weights!
    It's clear that hotdogs' number shoulb be 8!!!

    Have an amazing Sunday!

    Big hugs, honey!!!

  2. After eating Hebrew National I can't gag down anything else! I like a grilled wiener with applesauce instead of a bun when I'm behaving - or sauerkraut.... Whe I'm not behaving I want a big old chili dog, with onions and tons of cheese!

    The last boxes I ordered were from Dr.s Smith and Foster (bird supplies) and some medical supplies for Wally. These shopping bans stink big time!

  3. I ♥ online shopping! I have always hated shopping and crowds of rude people... and I especially hate hauling my cookies anywhere near a mall.

    And I have said that exact thing about hot dogs and hot dog buns! In New England the good hot dog buns are sold by the dozen! Now who needs a dozen hot dog rolls? I'm not really a hot dog fan but I do enjoy on Oscar Mayer beef hot dog on the good hot dog buns once a year!

    Good Lord... I may have to try on that bathing suit I bought last year. And get myself into that awesome neighbor's awesome salt water pool. She even has noodles. Bugger.

    Big hugs xoxo

  4. I love QVC, I think I may be one of their best customers! ;)

  5. I think it's a ploy to get you to buy two packs of hot dogs and rolls instead of two. I've actually discovered turkey dogs recently, I like them a lot though I'll have to compare them to regular hotdogs as far as nutrition goes.

  6. I always wondered about that dog to bun ratio not being right. Never made sense to me either.

    iPads do not have to be removed from the bag, unlike laptops. Trs to that! Sitting and waiting.

    BIg hugs, honey...

  7. I've not had those hotdogs, but I love hotdogs. I'll have to try them. I've not had a hotdog in a very long time.

    Have a terrific day honey. We're off to the boat for one night. Have an errand to do or we'd just stay home. Big hugs. :)

  8. I still order from QVC but not as much as I used to. Before shipping charges got so high, I did a lot of Christmas and birthday shopping from various online stores, especially when I worked full time. Our next door neighbor is home during the day and he often made digs about the mailman or UPS man dropping off boxes to me. I finally asked him if he'd been paying for these items. No? Then why was he concerned with what I bought?

    Thanks for the hotdog recommendation. Yesterday was day 1 for me. I am giving it a go, following old WW points now too. If I do well, I will eventually write about it. You've really been an inspiration to me.

  9. Bee, It looks as if everything came in at once. I usually have a hot dog twice a year. I fed them to my girls when they were growing up. We finally got about 2 inches of rain..seems it should have been more, we had some high wind storms. Had to clean up the yard this morning. xo, Susie

  10. Nothing like right to your door delivery!
    Do you have a Marshall's or TJMaxx? They see K cups (whatever flavor is hit or miss) for 8.99. Pretty good. Also Kohls carry them and if you get them when they lower the price and have a coupon and Kohl cash wel... I got my last batch for a little over a dollar. That made my day!
    Viva le shopping!
    Fuzzy hugs

  11. Bee -

    You need to tell the doorman that they are gifts, not the results of your shopping. :))))

  12. QVC, huh? I'm sure I ordered from there before. That is my story. Hahaha! Enjoy whatever you have in that box :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  13. I'm supposed to be on a fabric diet... We won't talk about what's coming in the mail....LOL!

    So glad the water weights worked. How were they made?

    I like those hot dogs, they're pretty good.

  14. 7 is a spiritually perfect number......somehow it represents heaven, don't remember how.....


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