Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday in paradise...

This is a cabinet in my kitchen.  In case you didn't notice I am changing the subject from storms and wind and rain.  Talking about things I love instead.

Ayla has dibs on the blue dishes.  There are lots more of them too.  I have loved them as long as I can remember.  No special brand or pattern, I love all of them.  

If they are blue and white I love them.  I can remember my grandmother having dishes like these and eating spaghetti and meatballs off them on a Sunday.  Well every Sunday.  Not the Yankee grandmother, the Italian one.  She lived in Delaware.   Is that why I love them so much?  I have no idea.

How was that for changing the subject?


  1. The news, just a little while ago, said the storm shifted away from Florida, and towards New Orleans. Good news for you, but bad for N.O.

  2. I love your blue dishes too. What a lovely set you have.
    They look based on The Blue Willow pattern that was introduced in the 18 century in England. It was an interpretation of an old Chinese pattern.
    I don't have this pattern but I have two lovely sets of blue and white dishes that I bought in Tokyo. I use them everyday.
    I hope the storm passes over soon !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. My mother also loves blue... pretty much anything blue. And she has a small collection of Cobalt Glass.

    I like blue, too... I love red! I probably have touches of red in every room. To me, it's a very happy color. And I like being very happy. :)

    Isaac will start making a nuisance of himself here later today. Bugger.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

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  5. We ate off blue and white plates when I was growing up. Muriel has a collection of flow blue, which is really beautiful. There was so much blue ... I swore I'd never have a bit of blue in my house. (Didn't make good on that promise!)
    I am looking at your "myfitnesspal" and I am in awe! Very nervous about getting on that scale tonight ... but I have to do it!
    ps-That deleted comment was ME ... I was logged in as my student. duhr.

  6. Those dishes are quite popular in my Husband's family, too! Their grandma had them, and when I moved in I made sure each of the kids had at least one large dish to display. Now all of us have a little piece of her in our homes. Lucky, Ayla!!! She will cherish them, I know!!!

    Hoping the change of subject means there's just not much to share, and YAY! You must still have power! :)

  7. Excellent subject-changing Bee! and yay indeed for electricity.

    Love the dishes ~ so traditional and homey!

  8. Hi Bee, So happy you are safe. When I was a child, I saw some blue willow china and wanted some for myself....funny thinking of that now. I now have a serve for 8. I rarely use it. I use my for every day , my corningware. Enjoy this day:):) xo, Susie

  9. Looks like Blue Willow Ware--my grandma had some. I love blue!! I have a collection of old Cobalt blue bottles--found in the barns and old house at The Farm.

  10. My Grandma has bloo an white dishes too!
    How purrty yurs r!

    We r gettin rains an wind from Issac today.
    Daily fuzzy hugs

  11. I read the rain posts just now. I can see why you might want to change the subject. I was going to make a typical male remark about not caring about dishes unless they've got food on them... but, thinking about it, that's not quite true. Maybe some time I'll write about that.

  12. Buongiorno!!!

    I love blue, I've, also forks and knives...
    I hope you can go to the pool and walk!

    Here milder temperature, the hot days are over, I hope!

    Big hugs!

  13. Anytime I see anything that reminds me of my grandmothers I instantly fall in love with them as well. My one Mummum had dishes that were also white with a blue pattern but it was a different pattern...almost like an Asian pattern if I remember correctly.

  14. For some reason I can't see the photos on your last three posts. :(

    Isn't it strange how something like dishes can evoke so many memories?

    Hope the rain stops soon. We heading over the pond on Wednesday, can't wait. :)

  15. You changed the subject quite well - I love blue & white dishes too!

  16. How lovely. I have mother's favorite set of china too. She asked me to take them because she knew I'd take good care of them. I have too. They have a special place and after years of using them I decided not to anymore. Not one chip and not one broken. Thanks for that wonderful memory.

    Have a terrific day honey and I'm sure you'll be opening those storm windows soon. Big hugs honey. :)

  17. I love those dishes too! My grandmother had them and we used them all the time. After she passed I think they just got sold off without a care as to who would like to keep some of her things, by a very bitter aunt...ack. Anyways, I am glad you will pass them on because they are beautiful! I hope the weather is not to nasty, hugs Bee :)

  18. Good morning Bee. It's been a little rough this morning. We received a phone call from my mom and she was a little confused and at the same time my house was 81 degrees meaning that the AC wasn't working. After awhile putting batteries in and rechecking everything the cooling air finally came on. Next I went to check on my mom after calling the people in charge of the place where she lives, she seemed to be OK after a difficult morning. Now a need a coffee.
    Blue and white, red and white, purple and white, green and white, as you can see I love just about any color.
    Have a great day and I hope the people will clean your pool soon so that you can enjoy the pool again. See you my lovely friend.


  19. Beautiful! I can see why Ayla claimed them. My kids do the same thing with my stuff. And they will pass it on to their kids. Good memories.

    Big hugs from sunny Mayberry, honey...

  20. Nice dishes Bee!! Now show us where your SOAS's are displayed :) Stay safe and dry, glad the path of Isaac shifted a bit away from you.

    Big Hugs,


  21. the dishes are gorgeous!!!! purrrsssss xoxoxoxoxo Your Sammie Pie


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