Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday and other stuff...

This little baby is over two years old and has never had one day without blooms.  It gets a drink on Thursdays with one drop of African Violet food and that's it.  Can you imagine the joy it has brought me all those months?

So yesterday I decided to go to the pool while Steve and Jane were there and it was the perfect time to go!  No one else is there and the water temperature is the same as the air temperature (84) so it does not feel cold at all when you get in and it is warmer when you get out so that feels good too.  That's my new pool time, at least for the summer.  I hope no one else discovers how great it is!

But I did have a bit of excitement while I was there.  I was merrily jogging back and forth when I glanced over to the deep side and saw something moving.  Oh no!  A snake in the water with me!  About that time a guy walked by and I asked him to see if it was a snake, he looked and said it sure was.  I hightailed it out of the water and he went in and got the manager who in turn got the maintenance guy who came out and got the skimmer to get it out.  

It was a palm frond.  Sigh...  It sure wiggled around like a snake!  Too funny, and I was sure glad that's all it was.  Of course the first thing I think of is "I'm totally blogging about this!".  Guess I'll have to start taking the camera with me in case anything else interesting comes along.

I have a question and I can't find the answer.  Take a banana, it has roughly 100 calories.  When it just under ripe it's not sweet or as sweet as when it's more ripe.  The riper it gets the sweeter it tastes.  Does the calorie count change?  It's the same thing with corn only in reverse.  It's sweeter when it's first picked and the sugar goes down and the starch goes up each day after.  Well until it's canned or frozen that is, but I can see where that would stay the same in calories but not bananas.

Along those same lines you know I am on weight watchers, but not the new points plus program.  I don't know about that one.  Anyway the one before let you eat raw carrots or onions for 0 points but if they were cooked they had a points value.  The explanation I was given in a meeting was that the sugar content went up when they were cooked. (?)

I know.  I think too much don't I?  Some days I can't help it.  Now today I have swimming in the morning, canasta in the afternoon and poker tonight.  Totally tits day for me!  Hope yours is the same.


  1. It is all too complicated about the difference in raw vs cooked. I say your doing great and it is working for you.
    One year I was in the pool running in place making waves and as the pool skimmer was off something came out of the skimmer and I though "Gosh that looks like a snake" and it was.
    A small baby and it was trying to float on the water with it's little mouth open so I got out and got my hand held skimmer scooped him out and deposited him outside the fenced yard. I don't know if he made it but I didn't want him to drown. It turned out he was a non-poison kind (I think) and they eat the darn packrats that are running amok here.

    Hope the Duck is feeling better.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Yeah, living in Florida the pools have all kinds of fun stuff in them. I've swam with lizards, snakes, spiders...not fun! The year before we got there our apartment complex told us they had to remove an aligator!!! Hence why I always stayed away from any ponds too in FL because you just never knew! Yeah, things get VERY complicated cooked vs uncooked blah! I don't know the answer but I am sure a dietician would know exactly. Might have to ask the next time I go!

  3. I don't worry one wit about eating a cooked carrot VS an uncooked carrot. Or corn. Or anything else. I figure as long as I am eating fresh fruits and veggies the way they grow out of the earth and I don't go about mucking them up by smothering and slathering them in butter, sauces and salts I'm good to go either way! Easy peasy fresh and squeezy. srsly. :)

    Ya gotta watch them palm fronds. They're sneaky.

    Big hugs xoxo

  4. IF it HAD been a snake--I would never go in that pool again!!

  5. I LOL at you thinking it was a snake in the pool. I once nearly jumped out of my skin when I thought there was a frog in the grass, it turned out to be a leaf! LOL

    You've got my brain in a tizz now with all the things about sugar and calories going up and down. :0

  6. Glad it WASN'T a snake in swimming with you! I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that when I started leaving off sugar (mostly), I asked my doctor about corn, because it can be very sweet, and he said eat all the corn I want, it is a different kind of sugar and the body processes it differently. So I eat corn with a clear conscience! Don't know if it is really true but it works for me. :-) I don't eat root veggies (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.) because of the way the body processes the starch/sugar in them. He told me that, too.

  7. Auntie Bees
    I will take care of any wild critter for you!
    I find dem nommy!
    Daily hugs!

  8. Interesting. We've been eating a lot of (just cooked) carrots and cooked onions. Of course, neither one of us is on Weight Watchers. I'd love to get S.D. on though. I worry about his health sometimes.

  9. Can't imagine even thinking I was swimming with a snake. I'd have yelped for sure.

  10. Ha,ha,ha. What a good morning blog Bee. Thank God it wasn't a real snake. I'm so glad that you enjoy going to the pool. Today we have to stay inside with the AC on. It will be 102 degrees today with high humidity. I almost met Judy Charbonneau and her husband Andre in Port Stanley last week. She's the friend who sent me materials from one of the BC cruises. She said she would be on BC6 on the Breeze. I'll be meeting so many new people on this cruise but the main person I want to see is you Bee. You look so good my lovely friend even without any snakes. See you.

    Caribbean Paul

  11. Those palm fronds can be skerry. I know. I don't know about those calories. I don't like countin them either.

    Have fun today. I am. Big hugs, honey...

  12. I'm glad it was a palm frond instead of a snake. I'd have been out of that pool in a flash. Don't care for snakes one bit.

    I don't know anything about Weight Watchers except that I know it works. I don't know about bananas having a higher calorie count when it gets sweeter. I just don't know.

    You have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs from cool California. :)

  13. Darn it! I was hoping for an explanation on the corn and bananas things in the comments.

    And I note it wasn't just you who thought the palm frond was a snake... must have been from one of those Medusa palms....

  14. Buongiorno!
    I think I should have cried...I hate snakes, also the gum snakes, my kids show me suddenly!
    I like the mood you can reflect, think wth your head, it's a rare attitude, isn't?
    Have a great Tuesday!
    Big hugs!

  15. Bee, I laughed about your snake.:):)My sister saw a snake the other day and I killed that bicycle inter tube for her.LOL. I never thought the banana sweetness, but you are right. I do not know calories though. Enjoy this pretty day. xoxo, Susie

  16. Bee, you can find the answer to your banana question here. But, I will ruin it for you by answering that no the calorie content does not change. The carbohydrate content changes. http://www.livestrong.com/article/519389-do-overripe-bananas-still-have-nutritional-value/

  17. Since it doesn't look like that link is clickable here is what it says

    " Calories
    Bananas have a higher calorie count than many other fruits due to their high sugar levels. As a banana ripens, its nutritional content may change, but the calorie count remains the same, about 105 calories for a medium-sized banana 7 to 8 inches long. The carbohydrate makeup changes as the banana ripens, but since all carbohydrates contain 4 calories per g, the total calorie count remains the same.
    Foods For Diabetics 30 Foods To Eat For Diabetics & Foods To Avoid. Get Recipes Here! nicelook.com
    Sponsored Links
    An unripe banana contains mostly starch, a complex carbohydrate. As the banana ripens, the starches change to simple sugars. Simple sugars are easier to digest and may raise your blood glucose levels more quickly, which could be a factor if you have diabetes. A ripe banana tastes sweeter because of the change in carbohydrate composition. Around 40 percent of the carbohydrate in a yellow-green banana consists of starch, compared with only 8 percent in a ripe banana, whose carbohydrate content consists of 91 percent simple sugars, author Carol Ann Rinzler explains in "The New Complete Book of Food: A Nutritional, Medical, and Culinary Guide." Because unripe bananas contain an enzyme that inhibits starch breakdown, ripe bananas are easier to digest.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/519389-do-overripe-bananas-still-have-nutritional-value/#ixzz20uQJ0yMB"

  18. Dear Bee,

    If I thought there was any chance of that being a snake in the pool, the temperature around me would have risen for sure. Just thought gave me the willies at lunch today when I read your blog. Sure glad it wasn't one. Good luck with your games today.

    Big Hugs,


  19. I think it also has to do with the fiber in raw versus cooked, too! When you used to manually calculate points you used three variables -- calories, fiber, and fat. I would think raw carrots have more fiber than the cooked version. But then, what do I know?

  20. I would pee my pants if I was in that pool with a snake! Lol. I guess it makes sense about riper banana being more calories as it has more sugar. It could really be just 5 or 10 calories. I can not imagine that being such a difference like 100 cals.
    Hugs from hot & humid Ohio (98 degrees!),

  21. I would have completely stroked out if I thought a snake was in the pool with me. That would have been the end of me!! You're sooooo brave!!!


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