Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday stuff and other stuff...

Gosh yesterday was about the best day I've had since Sarge left.  I had a wonderful MahJong game where I won several times, the cable is working again, and I had a great swim afterwards!  That's about as good a day as anyone could want.   And on top of that I was able to finally catch up on the Burn Notice shows I missed because it's on the same time as Big Brother.  And finally Big Brother was on last night too.  

I don't think we are going to have a canasta game today though.  One of the gals is sick and unless we can find a sub we won't get to play.  That's okay with me either way, I'll just spend more time at the pool if I can't play.  I'll have a lovely day either way.

The gal that had to take her dog back to the vet lost her.  She is heartbroken of course but has already gotten another.  I hope it's another good fit between her and the new dog.  She is such a sweet person.

We have not had storms yesterday and today also.  Very unusual for summertime here but I love it.  

I had some cilantro lime shrimp from Costco.  If you have one near you it is really good and very low calorie.  One of the gals brought it to MahJong.  Next time I go I'm going to buy some.  I like Costco so much better than Sam's Club.  In fact I didn't even renew my membership to Sam's.  Sarge loved to go there but I don't.  And BJ's I don't like at all.  They all try to be the same but Costco has the best food that they make there.

So I guess that's all I know for today y'all.  Go out and make it a great day.  I know I will!


  1. You know when you have one of the good days they just pop up and you never know when you get one. Always a surprise, so lovely.

    I can't go to Costco because you seem to have to buy big amounts of what ever you buy. It is just to much for me.

    Did your friend have the new dog picked out already ? It is nice that she found one so fast. I hope it was a shelter dog. Save a life and get lots of love in return.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. We don't have a Costco or a BJs here so I'm rather stuck with Sam's. When I was up north I did go to BJs with Lynda. I agree with you... I didn't care for BJs at all.

    Cilantro and Garlic also make a fabulous marinade for chicken!

    I'm so glad your day was lovely. Here's to the next one! big hugs xoxo

  3. What a great day!
    My coworker lost her little dog about a month ago and already has a new one, too. Puppies are adorable :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  4. I'm so glad to hear you had a great day Bee. Sorry about that lady's doggie, it's heartbreaking to lose one's pet, I know from experience.

  5. costco makes a salad that will last a week, (huge) that is my favorite. It has greens and baby spinach ,sliced apple crumbed white cheese walnuts and crasins. It is yummy to die for!

  6. Not only is Costco better than Sam's, they pay their staff a livable wage. Imagine that! Their business model is remarkable. I'm partial to their wine selections (amazing) and the blue jeans they sell.

  7. Sam's is closer to us than Costco, so that is why we joined them. Would love to try some of that shrimp. Sounds divine! I bought a small cilantro plant, but it didn't survive:(

    Have a good one. Big hugs, honey...

  8. Hi Bee! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I went to a Costco lots of years ago with my mother but since have only seen Sam's Club wherever we've lived since. Have fun with your swims!! Hugs :)

  9. Good morning Bee. Costco is a great place for us. The only problem is that both Mary Lou and I end up buying a lot of stuff and the total is always high. That's OK, we use it throughout the year.
    Mary Lou is out taking my mother to the bank and WalMart. My wife is so great with my mother and mom told me that I've got a great wife. She's correct about that.
    It has been suppose to rain for the last three days but it hasn't done it yet. Our lawns look like a wheat field.
    Have to go my lovely friend. See you soon.


  10. It was either SAMs or BJs and since I can't support SAMs I chose BJs, was just there yesterday.
    Only one Costco in JAX, can you believe it?

    Sending you our daily furry hug!

  11. Yay for good days! Hope they continue. That shrimp sounds delicious. I hit a bad spot yesterday, realizing my BP was through the roof (and I am only 33!) So today I began on the right track to healthier living. Started to help me track, my goal is to lose 80 lbs. I need to watch my sodium intake very much. All so I can avoid a trip to the doctor and having to be on medication the rest of my life. I know some of it is stress related because of some work issues (which is the reason I had to delete facebook and make my blog private. (I sent you an invite!).

    I can't wait to start counting sticks of butter!!! ;)

  12. I'm so glad you had an awesome day! we need more days like that!!!!

    I wish I liked Cilantro. But it just doesn't do anything for me. Tastes like wet paper. Hubby isn't a huge fan, either. Is it really cilantro-y? I adore Costco. But then Costco is the "wally world" up here in Washington. Always busy.

  13. We've been members of Costco for years and years. Lots of great deals to be had there too. I'll look for those shrimp. Sounds great.

    I'm so happy that you had a red letter day yesterday. I hope you have another one today. Why not.

    Sad about the lost puppy. I too hope her new one is a good fit.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  14. ohhhh ... you sound GREAT!!!
    I miss you.

  15. Buongiorno!

    Glad that you feel so good with you and your life!
    Enjoy the pool and the shopping days!
    Big hugs, honey!!!

  16. Bee, So good to hear you had a great day. That shrimp sounds very good. xo, Susie

  17. What a lovely post today. I wish for you many many more of days just like this one.

    Big Hugs,


  18. deer ab,
    mi name iz jeter harris an i am vizitin frum da biggest island in da united statez ... lon guyland.

  19. Hi Bee- For some reason it says Portland, OR for me on your sidebar, but really I'm in the suberb town of Keizer right next to our capitol Salem. Have a great day off!


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