Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

Well here we are at the middle of the week already.  And my countdown until I cruise is only 3 days.  I have not done one thing yet but no fear, I'll get it all done, it's so easy now.  I only take one small suitcase and a carry-on.  My passport is not back yet (remember I renewed it?) but that's okay, I can use my drivers license and birth certificate this time.

So the games yesterday netted a one dollar win between both.  I won two dollars at canasta and lost one at poker.  Actually early on I was up really good at poker but it whittled away during the night but a night out for a buck is a good thing any time in my book.

Today is Mahjong and I'm glad, those gals make me laugh and forget anything negative in my entire world.  I just love them all.  Win lose or draw, I don't care a whit.

We are having rainy weather, warm, windy, and rainy.  Not nice at all.  I feel really sorry for anyone visiting here now.  It's supposed to be bad until Saturday.  The day I get on a cruise ship!  (In case you forgot.)

Have a lovely Prince Spaghetti Day y'all.  I know I will, I just won't be having any today.   


  1. I wish I could pack small like you, I take everything but the kitchen sink when I go away! LOL

    I'm surprised you can go away using your driving licence and birth certificate. We can't leave the country without a passport even in the EU, which is annoying because being in the EU was supposed to mean we could travel without borders and the need for a passport.

  2. I truly hope that one day I am living in a condo close to the cruise port and a major airport, just like you are now! I would be grabbing cruises as often as possible. That's my retirement dream.

    Enjoy the MahJong gals! big hugs xoxo

  3. I haven't traveled much at all, but I did learn that les sis more!

  4. Buongiorno!!!

    A new cruise...hurrah!!!
    Enjoy your mahjong day!

    How can I be your follower? I receive no notice yet of your daily blogs!!!


    Have a lovely Wednesday!

    Big hugs!

  5. Good bright, hot morning Bee. Yesterday it went up to 95 degrees and it's suppose to be the same. It's 7:15 in the morning and I usually sleep in but I going golfing early this morning because it's going to be hot, very hot in the afternoon.
    You really look fantastic my friend, really lovely looks like a person planning for a cruise. Oh yah, you are planning a cruise. Lucky you. Have to go, you cruising lady.


  6. The weather is just awful down here today too yet my gardeners are outside making a ton of noise with some type of cutting device. They are sure to wake up my sleeping teenagers :(

    Have a great day.

  7. And any day you get on a cruise ship is a lovely day! Have fun today, too, rainy or not. Hugs!

  8. Have a happy Furry fuzzy Wednesday!

  9. Good luck getting everything done in time and have a great time on the cruise!

  10. A day on a cruise ship beats any day on land!
    have fun today with your group.

  11. Three days to another cruise. That rocks and I hope your passport shows up before you leave. That would be even better.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. We could certainly use your rain here. Could you point it in the direction of Chicago, please?

  13. Drat, I thought I'd added a cool Favicon when I updated this morning. And nothing happened.

  14. Oh! Wait!

    (Sorry, Bee, to use your comments page as my laboratory, but I really wanted to try to see if I'd accomplished anything with all my tinkering.)

  15. you're looking gorgeous Auntie Bee!! - purrrrrrrssssss xoxoxoxox - Your Sammie Pie

  16. Our weather up here isn't anything to write home about either! Hazy, hot, and humid - did I move to Florida and no one told me?!?

    I suspect that by now you've got cruise-packing down to a science and then some. You should give lessons as I'm sure most of us overpack and could use some pointers!

  17. When are you suppoded to get your renewed passport back, Bee?
    Glad you can use your driver's license for the cruise in the meantime.

    A buck means you're in the black financially, and that is always a good thing.

    Only 3 more days? Who is joining you this time?

    Will you have the chilled soup first, or the cake? See you have me thinking about it already too!


  18. I love the new you. I like the scarf, too!

    Have fun packing!


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