Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

Yesterday I was asked how my hip is doing?  Well I do still have arthritis but the bursitis is gone thank heavens.  That was horrible and I hope I never get it again.  When I exercise in the pool I am careful because I do know that I could easily injure it again.  And the exercise does help the arthritis.  They are no longer talking about a hip replacement in the near future.  Yay.  And the sciatica is also gone now.  That was another pain in the a$$.  (Literally)

And after a 10 day plateau I started dropping weight again.  212 sticks of butter.  I tell you 10 days is a long time not to lose an ounce when you are as careful as I am but it happens and I do know I have to keep plugging.  And the longer I go the slower it gets too.  I shall win this battle!  Sarge made me promise and I will! He told me every day how proud he was and I keep thinking about that.  Gosh I miss that man...  What I'd give for just one more hour with him.  I have so much to tell him.

The canasta game was really nice.  The gal with the memory problem was not there this week.  I lost eighty cents.  I was winning two bucks until the last hand and pffft, gone.  But any day I can have that much fun for eighty cents is a really good day.

And then there was poker, most of the night I was either even or losing but at the end I won $94.00 so that was really a good day.

And speaking of good days a lady (neighbor that I do not know) stopped me in the mail room and asked my how I was losing the weight.  She went on and on about the change and wanted to know everything I do now as far as food and exercise.  If anyone knew how much chicken and vegetables I eat they'd run away! Ha.  But I don't mind it.  Really I don't.  Yeah.  That's it.  Keep saying it.

So today shall find me in the card room playing MahJong with the bestest MahJong gals ever.  Win lose or draw, I shall be a winner just be being there.  Hope your day is as good as mine!


  1. Yea for MahJong !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I love your butter stick analogies. It gives such a good visual. It's hard to lose weight, but the way you're doing it is so right for your body. Don't worry if you start quacking--all will be well. You go, girl!

    I hate my sciatic nerve. And my facet joints.

  3. I sure know about the bursitis ANd sciaticia--mine just burns all the time!!! Sure wish it would go away!!! You are doing great. Onward and upward!!!

  4. Chicken is my favorite food and I usually eat it...daily! I am glad your hip is better and the pain in the arse is gone! Hope you have a wonderful day Bee, Hugs!

  5. During the year of my separation (1993) I began a healthy eating and exercise habit much as you are on, only MUCH more strenuous exercise - a minimum of about 1-1/2 hours a day, every day. I lost 110 pounds in 14 months. My doctor was thrilled! I didn't follow any diet but kept my fat grams between 55-60 grams a day. I ate mostly baked or grilled chicken or fish and lots of steamed or stir-fried vegetables and lots of fresh fruit. Nothing came out of a can. Ever.

    I wish I could do it again, but my mother does almost all of the cooking and everything hurts to exercise that way again. I'm doing small steps. I know it will eventually start falling away.

    While they are away this summer I'll be able to get a really good jump and once I get into that groove I will be more able to keep it up when they get back. At least that's the plan! Wish me luck!

    I know Sarge is so proud of you! And I also know how much better you're already feeling. Big hugs xoxo

  6. I need a little of your willpower at the moment Bee, I need to lose more weight but I'm struggling. Please send me some? xx

  7. we know that Uncle Sarge is always proud of you Auntie Bee. You are doing so well keeping your promise to him (and yourself) and you look gorgeous!!!! - purrrsssss -xoxoxoxoxox Your Sammie Pie

  8. I know about that one hour you'd like to spend with Sarge. I know about that wanting honey. I sure wish we both could. You with Sarge and me with my mother.

    I too am proud of your weight loss. It's hard to do and you're really sticking with it. Good for you. I also know about bursitis and it hurts like the devil. I don't want that ever again either.

    Have a terrific day sweetie. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  9. Man oh man Bee, I believe that when I get on the Breeze I will not be able even know you when I see you. I'll ask for this beautiful thin woman from Florida who I saw a couple years ago an it will be you laughing at me.

    $94 a winner, how do you do it?

    Cole is with us today and Emily later in the day after school. Have to go now. I going for coffee with an old friend from school. See you my beautiful, lovely, gorgeous and what ever word I can find.


  10. We know Uncle Sarge is furry proud of you!
    Here's our daily fuzzy hugs.

  11. Way to go, Bee! You are an inspiration on the weight loss. And I join the many friends who are proud of you. You're right about the 84 cents, too. Congrats on the big poker win, it all evens out in the long run and you're having fun, to boot! Hugs...

  12. You inspire me, dear. with your positivity (is that a word?) and optimism. Big hugs to you... just because I loves ya!

  13. Bee, When you said how you would love one more hour with Sarge, I teared up....I know that feeling. Your Sarge would be so proud of you Bee. You are working on getting healthy and keeping your mind busy with your games and friends.xoxo, Susie

  14. Look at you, big winner! ;)
    I wish I could give you as much time with Sarge as you need ;(
    Good luck tonight!
    Big hugs from Ohio,

  15. Yay for you for everything! Keep up the good work.

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. Good Evening Bee! Bethany and I have had a lovely day. We borrowed her friends boys that were on our last cruise with us and took them to an animal park here. It was lots of fun, the sun was shining, but there was a nice breeze so it was never really too hot.

    Big Hugs,


  17. That picture looks like from a period film. Maybe from the early sixties.


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