Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday in paradise...

My little African Violet is about two years old now and has been blooming since the day I got it.  Never once has it been without a lovely display of flowers.  It gets lots of indirect light and a drink once a week and a drop of fertilizer once a month.  That's it.

So yesterday was a day packed full of activities for me.  First I went to the pool in the morning and had a nice workout and read a bit.  Next up was the shower and dressing and off to Home Depot.  I was not able to sit in the exact chair (the outdoor recliner) but was able to try out the same line in other chairs.  They were very comfortable and sturdy so I ordered two recliners and a table to go between them.  They are being shipped to me and I'll have to find someone to put them together but I will.  Then my balcony will be "company" friendly again.  (Coming Roberta?)

Next I went to Wendy's for lunch (single, no buttered toasted bun, no mayo, no cheese, 240 calories and a diet coke) and on to Publix where I got some new treats that are low cal.  I'll let you know how that works out as I try them.  I was getting a bit bored with the stuff I eat every day for snacks.  And I looked for the 100 calorie chocolate covered frozen bananas I keep hearing the canasta girls talk about but didn't find them and no one in the store knew what I was talking about when I asked.  It's probably a half banana dipped in melted chocolate with a stick stuck in it and frozen.  I guess I could make it myself.

Today I get to go out with the duck for lunch and then for my weekly grocery shopping treck.  Oh, also while I was in Home Depot I looked at the choices for purple paint for the bedroom and found one I like.  I also have a painter but haven't started the process yet.  Soon.  Stay tuned...

And have a great Sunday.  Me too.


  1. I have seen the chocolate covered bananas the frozen food section and have wanted to try them maybe now I will.

    If you want a "ice cream" treat throw some frozen bananas into the blender whip them up and eat right away ! No chocolate need but you could put a little on the top if you wanted. It is so good. Some diet tip from long ago.

    Have a lovely Sunday
    cheers, parsnip

  2. I'm headed out in search of some lighter fare for myself today. Honestly, you should see the stuff my Dad brings in every day and he and MotherDear are both thin as a rail. I SO didn't get than gene.

    I use to have African Violets in my dining room in my house in Tampa. They thrived in that room/light. Now I have cats. They kill all living inside plants but they thrive in any light! HA!

    Enjoy your day with the duck. big hugs xoxo

  3. Love your African Violet and you look lovely. x

  4. They are called Barbar's Bananas and are in the frozen section of Publix's. On sale this week so they probably were all gone. Try again.

  5. I enjoy the way you end every blog,wishing well for others and yourself.

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  7. That "Gabriella" comment was removed by me! It is a blog I started for one of my students.
    But here I am ... and YES ... YOU BET I'LL BE THERE!
    I forgot that I froze bananas awhile ago. Wonder if they are good with a touch of "The Peanut Butter Company" peanut butter.

  8. Hopefully the chairs work out, bet you are looking forward to hanging out outside.

  9. Bee, That is a very pretty violet. You are lucky to have it so long. I am not good with houseplants to be honest. For some reason, I forget them. Good luck with finding those bananas. Have a pleasant day with Duck. Thinking of you, xo, Susie

  10. Hi my lovely friend. It seems that yesterday was a full day. I hope that when you get your chairs, you'll take a picture so that I can see them. Busy day for me. Have to go Bee. See you.


  11. So I take it that you aren't going to be out chasing Cubans like Barb is today? :-) If you caught a couple maybe they could put your new recliners together for you when they're delivered!

    Sounds like you have a lovely Sunday ahead, I believe I'm going to take Amanda and go up to visit my mom for a bit. I'm so NOT used to having Sundays off with this new schedule yet but I think I can grow to like it again - just give me some time!

  12. Looking forward to seeing your new outdoor living space.

  13. Yay for ordering the chairs. Too bad MM isn't there to put them together for you. He would!

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. Those bananas are pretty good. Can't wait to hear about the chairs!

  15. I wish I liked bananas but sadly I do not. The Japanese love to dip them in chocolate then stick candy or shaped mini marshmallows to them, they are a hit at the festivals here and I saw them yesterday at American Day. I am so glad you ordered the chairs! have a wonderful day :) Hugs.

  16. Happy Sunday Bee! I have had a lovely weekend with both Bethany, Justin and his wife Kim. We girls had a little mini spa night last night. Bethany and I decided to spend the night. What fun, we had frozen yogurt early in the day and finished the night with yummy gelato.

    Have I told you yet, that I have a new obsession with buying clothes to match my earrings you sent me? It's true, I just love them that much.

    Big Hugs,


  17. Happy late Sunday Auntie Bee!
    Here's my (late) furry hug!!!


  18. You've been busy and then some. I'm glad you're having lunch with the Duck today. That's always a good thing.

    We want pictures of the patio when you are done.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  19. Yay for patio company! Get that patio!

  20. Sending you hugs.

    The african violet looks great - 2 years and still blooming strong - yopu've got a green thumb and a smart tlc program going there with that little houseplant!

    Smart also to find a 'fix-it' guy to help you. The patio furniture will probably be just the first of a few things you may want done occasionally.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the purple bedroom:)

    Enjoy lunch with The Duck!


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