Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday spatterings...

Well it's time to renew my passport so I took this photo of myself in front of my front door.  It had to be 2x2 and be in color and have a white background and that is the only white area I have.  And yes, there is makeup on my waddle, thank you for noticing.  Oh, and the new hair too.  I love it.  

Can you tell I am sunburned?  Not enough to hurt but pink.  I'm hoping to be able to go back to the pool today but I'll sit in the shade except while I'm in the pool.  If it doesn't rain all day.  They did say rain but now it's only 20% chance so it looks good to me.  My canasta game is off today.

Remember when I bought the chairs for the terrace that I ended up hating?  Well I gave them away and I'm so glad.  Now I'm looking for some I will love.  I actually found online at Home Depot an outdoor recliner!  Since I can't sit in it and try it out I'm not sure about it.  That's what was wrong with the other ones.  I loved how they looked but didn't like sitting in them.  At least it's not expensive like the last ones so if I do get it there won't be too much trauma if I change my mind again.  I'm undecided.  They don't have it in the store so I can see it either.

Did you ever know someone so indecisive?  I'm not usually that way at all but I suppose after that last disaster I'm a bit scared.  There is a fairly new patio shop not too far from me so maybe I'll just go there and look around a bit.

Last night I was sitting in my chair and watching tv when I heard a phone ringing, not a ringtone I recognized.  I checked my cell phone, nope, not that, certainly not my land line, but what?  Then I thought Kaye must have left her cell phone behind.  Nope.  Then I discovered it was my iPad ringing. It was a "facetime" call.  I LOVED it.  What an incredible thing that is.  Y'all are probably already doing it all the time but it was my first time ever.  Well this old dog learned a new trick!

So okay have yourselves a totally wonderful Saturday.  I know I will!


  1. That looks like such a comfy chair to me, Bee. I could sit and read in that for hours. Hope you like it.

    Also, love your new passport picture. You are looking lovely. I wouldn't want anyone to see my passport picture. It is the worst ever.

    Have a great weekend

    Hugs, Dee

  2. I love the new hair cut--and the picture--appropriately sober for the passport. I would love the chair!!!

  3. The comments on the chair look pretty good. There was a spelling error in the first comment "This is the last ... I will by" I didn't like that, but he liked the chair. Oh well.
    You know what looks great? YOU! So proud of you AB.
    Trip to the Funshine State is scheduled for first week in July. Hope you'll be around.


  4. The chair is awesome! Never heard of facetime, but I don't have an iPad so that's probably why :)
    Enjoy your weekend, Ms. Bee!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  5. Love the hair! I like that recliner but agree about testing it out. I'm always amazed at how expensive patio furniture is.

  6. That chair looks wonderful! Very similar to the set my neighbors just got for their newly remodeled poolside patio! I have 2 red recliners which I never had any intention of buying when I went into this furniture store for a new sofa. I sat in this one chair to talk to the store clerk and it was instant LOVE. I bought 2 of them and still love them... Even though they take up too much room and don't really fit any style sensibility.

    I had no idea you could take your own passport photo! I sent my mother to Walgreens and paid about $15 I think. Dur.

    Today is the day... I should be in the air right now. And tomorrow would be embarkation day for my Canada cruise. Bugger. I'm a little bit sad over having to cancel that. Again. Still. Oh, well...

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  7. I want to get chairs for our little patio, and I know that when I start looking I'm going to have a really hard time deciding. It's all in the comfort though. If the chair is comfortable and relaxing to sit in, it's a winner...if not, there's not much use for it.

  8. That's a great looking chair!

    I like FaceTime, too!

  9. Bee, You are always learning..that's good. I like the photo. I know what you mean about shopping for a chair..I hate furniture shopping.Worse than shopping for groceries. My Ted needs a new recliner(oh so badly). He would sit in anything, yes and fall asleep sometimes.:):)xoxo, Susie

  10. I just can't do Facebook. Why? Don't know but it drives me over the wall.

    I think your photograph is awesome honey. You look fabulous, and slim, and ready for a cruise.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  11. I don't know Bee. I look fantastic to me. You should look how my face looks when I smile with this open tooth. My wife, daughters and grandchildren just laugh at me. At least AmyLynn says that I look like those hockey players when they smile. YOU look WONDERFUL.
    AmyLynn and Mary Lou at Weight Watchers this morning and after AmyLynn has to go to work at Tim Horton's. They want her to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Now get this. They've noticed that people have said how messy the place looks and the day she's there the place is always clean. They told her that they want her working on the weekend because she keeps the tables and area always clean. She really was happy with that and now knows that she is needed. I'm very proud of her for that. NOw if only she could do the same around the home. Ha,ha,ha.

    Have to go my beautiful friend. Enjoy the day.

    Caribbean Paul

  12. You are so pretty Bee! I love that recliner too, looks comfy but as always...looks can deceive but its hard when you can't try it out first anywhere. Hugs :)

  13. Lovely 'do' on a lovely lady! We will have to renew our passports next year.

    The chair looks very comfy, but I know that 'fear' of not being able to try it out first. Sigh.

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. Oh yes, meant to tell ya that my 11 y/o granddaughter taught me how to facetime! It only works when using wi-fi though. Just so ya know. And it works on the iPhone as well...xoxoxo

  15. Bee, your passport pic is lovely. I wish I could take one that nice of me. I might have to come down there.

    Did you notice you have to put that chair together? But the good news is that if you don't like it, Home Depot will take back anything.

  16. It sao disappointing when you buy a chair only to find it's not comfortable.

  17. Facetime is so great. My kids love to facetime my sister in California. We do it on the iphone as well as the ipad. It takes taking on the phone to a whole new level.


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