Thursday, June 14, 2012


When I was a little girl (about a million years ago) this was called "sky-blue-pink".  Was that just me or does anyone else remember saying this?  And why is it not a "real" color today?  It certainly exists now doesn't it?  Because I just took this last night.

I had a fabulous time at the pool yesterday, it was hot and the water was delightful and I exercised for 35 minutes straight.  My legs were very shaky when I stopped but it felt great.

Do you remember when I went to Marshalls and said I'd never go again?  Well I guess I lied because I went again yesterday after swimming.  I took the scooter and looked all around.  I did find one top that I liked.  There was no price tag on it and I couldn't find anyone to help me so when I got done looking I went to the checkout to see if I could buy it.  After about fifteen minutes wasted the answer is no, I can't buy it because no one can figure out how much it costs.  Once more, I will never go there again.  And this time I really really mean it!  And I'm not kidding either.

So after that I decided I'd see if I could put one of those new chairs together.  The box is huge and there are two of them so I opened one box and rolled it on it's side and then slid the stuff out and guess what?  I did it.  Yup, I put one of them together by myself.  It's danged comfortable too.  I'll show you a photo when I get the table done and the other chair and the boxes out of the way, right now it's a mess out there.

And after that I was exhausted.  I called a friend and we chatted a bit and then I had some dinner and that was my day.  How was yours?


  1. We grew up with and have the same sky blue pink color here too.
    I don't ever remember saying it but I am sure I thought it.
    Good for you putting the chair together. I have dragged and pull pieces out of boxes and put things together but I can't get up and down so it is really hard for me now.
    A big Yee Haw from Tucson.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Not sure I ever called the sky that but it should be a color :) How great that is, you got a chair put together! Sometimes you never know how easy or how messy it will be to do so, I think it's great you decided to try and see what happened! Hugs :)

  3. Oh, YAY you on the chair! I myself can be a tad impatient and accidentally discovered that I can do all kinds of stuff when I set my mind to it. I have also discovered that some things are best left to other people. Anything that has to do anything with motorized blades for instance.

    I can't wait to see it! Perhaps when Chuck comes over instead of assembling it for you now he can take your picture sitting in it!

    Have yourself a lovely day of not going to Marshalls. In fact, to show my support, I won't go to Marshall's either. What about that?

    big hugs xoxo

  4. How annoying no-one could help you buy that top. It's ridiculous that stores are willing to lose a sale these days isn't it?

    Well done you for putting the chair together!

    Sky-blue pink is a lovely colour. :)

  5. Sky-blue-pink is certainly a beautiful color. I approve. And putting that chair together? Tits to that! I'm proud of you, handy Bee.

    Yesterday Joan, Jennie, and Cathy came over for dinner and we played marbles while the guys were having their night out. Girls just wanna have fun!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. good for you putting the chair together ;-)

    Sky-blue pink? Hmmm...don't think so. It's a gorgeous sky though.

    I don't like Marshall's, but I do wander in there occasionally if I'm looking for something specific. We have one right downtown. I like ordering clothes online. Hate clothes shopping.

    I've been missing in action. Trying to do better. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Thursday.

  7. Good for you! Enjoy that chair, and the feeling of accomplishment you will have when you sit in it! And forget about Marshall's...who needs that kind of aggravation?
    Have a wonderful Thursday. Hugs!

  8. And by the way, I'm familiar with the "sky blue pink" phrase, and that picture is the PERFECT illustration of it. I've heard that all my life.

  9. sky-blue-pink is a beautiful color!!!

    AuntieBee- is will come hide unner your bed while zombie mom is still around purrrrss xoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

  10. Yes--we also called it sky blue pink.

  11. That's great that you were able to build those chairs yourself!

  12. Well my day went like this. I read your blog, went and got coffee for Mary Lou and I, had a phone call with my son Michael ( he sounds pretty good ) had lunch and then my grandson Cole asked is I would be interesting if I would like to watch the golfers at Al's house, his backyard is over the 12th green at Pointe West so we went there for awhile. We went home and as I got home the phone rang and I talked with a special friend for awhile. Maybe Bee, you might know who that might be. After that I cooked dinner for the grandchildren. Later that evening my wife and I went to see my mom and we took her to sit at the Navy Yard and look over the river. I looked over the railing and watched a weird black fish that came up near the surface. Then we went back to my mom's place, talked for awhile and then went home. I played pool by myself and then at 11:00 went to bed. After that I was tired.

    And now this today. Have a great day my lovely friend. See you.


  13. That sky blue pink is beautiful. The other night I saw the lilac-orange in the sky. It was such a beautiful sunset. We are so blessed with such color!

    Go you on putting the chair together. Just goes to show you what you can accomplish. ROAR!

  14. Bee, There's no stopping you !! Good for you getting one of the chairs put together. I can feel your frustration, about the store. I try my best to never take anything to the check-out that doesn't have a tag....but I feel they have a catagory for selling a single item that's not mark or they can't price. Yes, I do not blame you one bit if you never go there again. I love your sky picture.:):) xo, Susie

  15. Yes, I remember sky-blue-pink!! My bedroom was done in those colors! I love our beautiful S. Fla. sky. Lots of sky-blue-pink as well as other wonderful colors and shapes!

  16. Oh Aunti Bees
    We fink your sky blue pink sky is purrfect!
    Happy fuzzy hugs

  17. I remember that color. Yes I do. We came from the same cloth I tell you.

    Way to go on the chair and I'm so glad it's comfortable too. You'll have them all together before the Duck shows up. Good for you and good for you on the exercise.

    I've never been in a Marshall's and I won't ever go either. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from HOT California. :)

  18. Hi Bee: I too remember sky blue pink from when I was younger. re: MARSHALLS, i WOULD INSISTED ON GETTING IT FREE since it wasn't marked. Linda

  19. Re: Marshall's

    I'd have offered them five bucks. (For a long time, I've said that if items aren't properly priced, they should be free!!!)

  20. I hadn't thought of it that way -- but your commenters are right, I think: If there's no price, you could make any offer you want. Or tie it round your head like a biker's bandana, kick the chair into high gear and peel rubber out of there. What are they going to do -- charge you with shoplifting? Where's the tag, Officer? How can they prove it's from their store?

    (Oh, I'm having fun imagining the scene -- but -- and as you read you can imagine my voice getting deeper here -- this scenario is presented for entertainment purposes only and not as a recommendation for actual behavior. No legal opinion is intended to be expressed by the imagining of this scenario.)

  21. Sky blu pink sounds an odd colour!

  22. i want to go to the pool! it's so danged cold here though. :[ bah! maybe i should come visit you and we can NOT go to marshalls but we CAN go to the pool. that sounds like tits.

  23. Beautiful picture Bee!! Way to go on putting the chair together, I can't wait to see the pictures.

    Big Hugs,


  24. Congrats on your becoming the handyman. Soon enough, you can start selling your services :)

    BTW - I love the picture.


  25. Look at you, little DIYer! I can not wait to see it all put together :)
    I've had a pretty difficult work week, but today was a best day so far.
    Hugs from Ohio,

  26. I remember sitting in your backyard on Liberty Parkway looking at the fireworks (I guess the 4th of July), and your mother saying they looked like a sprinkling can. To this day, I agree ;')

  27. There's too much pollution usually for that glorious sky-blue pink. How beautiful it is! And in person that must be even more breath-taking, Bee!

    You put a chair together all by yourself? Egads, woman, is there nothing you cannot do? I am seriosuly impressed.
    I would have never even tried. Or maybe I would have tried first and then cried and begged help from a guy!

    Marshalls lost a customer for a good reason. Maybe we should sell the stock short... Because what your expeirences were will definitely be how other people get treated/perceive them as well.


  28. all you have to do is find one that has some similarity to it, and take it with you to the checkout, you say, there is no price on this, and there is not another one, this is as close as I could come, they girl will look at at and most times just scan the price on the ticket and you're done. I dont know why you dont ask me these things, you know I shop there all the time. I bought a pair of 70$ jeans in there for 14.99, designer jeans that fit me good, and are still for sale online for $75. and the shoes.......... oh, the shoes!


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