Friday, June 15, 2012

I don't usually see the big card room empty but when I walked through yesterday it was so I snapped this photo to show it to you.  There are three smaller ones too but this is where I usually play canasta.

I don't know where it went but June is officially half over today.  And in just eight days I'll be on a cruise ship again.  Now that is totally tits.  A cruise ship with chilled soups and cake.  All kinds of cake.  Red velvet cupcakes on the lido.  Those are my favorite.

Today is my day off.  You know I love to say that, right?  When I'd leave to play cards Sarge would always say I was going to work.  I am hoping the duck is coming over to finish the terrace so I can take a photo for you.  And then we can have lunch.  And if it's still nice I'll get in the pool again.  I started to go after cards but I didn't.  I was hungry and then after I cooked and ate I was lazy.  I should have gone fist, huh?

And that is about all I know today.  Hope your Friday is tits.  Mine too...   (And Jackie?  Hi!!!!)


  1. You just have a great day off and hit the pool !
    Your card room looks really nice, and when filled with lots of card SHARKS even better I bet !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Yay for another cruise! It is good to have lazy days, although I love swimming and kind of consider that a lazy type thing to do,lol. I love to tread water and can do it for hours without stopping or touching any ground. Enjoy your day off, hugs!

  3. I am totally envious about the impromptu cruise! Green-eyed monster jealous! My problem is that I can be completely spontaneous but I've never been around anyone else who is!

    Of course while I am jealous, I am so excited for you! And me, because you're taking me along through your posts.

    Your card room looks nice, bright and airy. I helps you disguise your card-shark monster within. hahahaha!

    Enjoy your day off! Say hi to the duck! big hugs xoxo

  4. WOW how posh is your card room?? Very nice.

    Wish I was going on a cruise.

  5. would you ask chuck to PLEEEEEEASE vote of FB for me??? I only need 50 more. but I only have 12 days to get them

  6. You know I will tag along on that cruise, wishing I were there. Sigh. Have a great day.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Bee, I just wrote a comment and sent it. Then blogger does it crazy stuff. So I'll just wish you a great day.xo, Susie

  8. Do they let kitties tag along on cruises?
    Friday hugs

  9. Enjoy your cruise. We have to wait 16 days! Same ship, cabin and steward as last month's cruise, unless of course the upgrade fairy would like to pay us a visit :)
    (Don't tell the boys though!!!)

  10. Enjoy your day off! Your card room is very nice! Love all the windows! Takes great advantage of natural light. Sunny day today. Might take a camera with me and shoot some pics of Mount Ranier. That is if I can see from one of my favorite vantage points.

  11. Oh wow, you're off on another cruise--I'm jealous. It has to be my favorite activity.

  12. Have a terrific day off. I love your card room. Looks very inviting.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hug from HOT California. :)

  13. Another cruise! How exciting...wish I was heading off on a cruise. Though, I guess I should be satisfied with finally having money in my pocket. ;)

  14. Too bad about the chilled soups. Don't they have a microwave to warm things up?

    (Just kidding....)

  15. Happy Friday Bee! We finally got some rain and we needed it. It was pouring on my way home and blowing sideways, but looks like it has stopped already. Your card room looks lovely. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Big Hugs,


  16. The card room looks very pretty and open with all those nice windows, Bee.

    Just 8 more days until another cruise with chilled soup and cake? Yummm!

    Have a good 'non-work' day:)



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