Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

This is why I had to move my car for two days.  The City of West Palm Beach made the condo do this to several hundred parking spots:

Why you ask?  I have not the slightest idea in this world.  It's a private parking lot in a private gated community.  Can you stand it?

So yesterday several things happened.  First of all (and best of all) I officially hit the big 50 pound loss on the scale.  I have been hovering around it for a while now but it's official.  200 sticks of butter gone from my a$$!

Next as you remember it was canasta with the gal with the memory problem.  It wasn't too bad, she had a fairly good day.  I won a few dollars and no one lost much and other than one incident with her getting mad it was a good day.  I don't know how much longer this can go on but I'll certainly try as long as I can.  It can happen to any of us for sure.

Then there was poker last night.  Yee haw, I won about a hundred bucks!  I won early and then nothing all night and then at the end I won again.  Totally tits!

Today I have a visitor coming for a couple of days.  I am excited about this.  And also MahJong with my "good" girls!  Hope your day is as good as mine!


  1. What a day! Congrats on winnings! It was about time :) Hahaha!
    Enjoy your Mahjong and the visitor!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  2. Looks to me like they were trying to save some paint too, by shortening the lines. Idjits!

    Glad you had a lovely day, and yay for a visitor. Enjoy the time.

  3. I try not to think about WHY people do things that make no sense. It just gives me a brain pain. YAY for winning at poker! Enjoy your visitor!

    big hugs xoxo

  4. Congratulations at losing your a$$. Ha,ha,ha. Really Bee that is fantastic. I can't wait until the cruise to hug you and see what a change person you are, well physically you are now. I would hate to see you change that beautiful person that you are.
    So you have a visitor coming. I wonder who it is?
    Mary Lou has a guy coming to look at our windows today. We have to decide to change either the windows or the machinery in them.Either way it's going to cost us money. I hate losing money. Oh well. See you later.


  5. Mmmmm I can't see the point in that.

    Ah you've lost 50lb not you weigh 50lb! LOL I obviously read it wrong. Very well done Bee, you're amazing. x

  6. Looks like you had a great day yesterday. Good for you.

    More than excellent on your weight loss. You are doing so very well.

    Government sticks their noses into everyone's business. Buggers.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  7. Auntie Bee your post from Saturday just showed in our Reader, we wondered why you hadn't posted! You moooved. Great new look.
    Sending our daily purrs and concats on that weight loss!

  8. Enjoy your mystery visitor (hope it is someone good!) and congratulations on the 50 pounds!

  9. Clearly they want y'all to drive shorter cars. Either that, or somebody thought the aisles weren't wide enough... which is scary because what kind of idiot thinks changing the lines without changing the cars parked there will make one bit of difference?

  10. Whoohoo, extra money to have fun with with while your visitor is here! I'm so glad you had a good day, and I agree that the parking lot change is craziness. And congrats on the weight loss milestone, that is awesome! Hugs...

  11. Mighty nice! Well, all but the guvmint intrusion.

    Enjoy your visitor. Big hugs, honey...

  12. concatulations on your weight loss Auntie Bee!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

    and concatulations on your poker win! WOOO HOOO

    purrrrss xoxoxoxox- your Sammie Pie

  13. Bee, The only thing I can think of is..Code done to rules. Rules so there is not chaos. Looks as if they shortened the parking slots. You hit big in cards, yippee. And a bigger yippee for hitting that 50 pound mark. Awesome. You will be rocking some skinny jeans soon.xo, Susie

  14. Yesterday was a total win! Here's hoping the rest of the week goes just as winningly! (and yes, that actually is a word-according to auto correct!)

  15. Hippy for all the wonderful good stuff.

  16. Congrats on hitting the 50 pound mark, that is the best news of the day.

    Big Hugs and enjoy your mystery visitor,


  17. You lost weight and gained money - sounds like a win/win situation to me! Congratulations on losing all those sticks of butter!

    Nice new digs you have here - very nice indeed!

  18. Clearly, there was a conspiracy to overline the parking spaces and the City felt the need to impose its will - simply because it could.

    Tyranny, I say - tyranny.



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