Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sorry for not posting more often  I think I am having a bit of depression.  I still can't get in the pool and it's so beautiful out.  My final visit with the surgeon (I hope) is this afternoon and then tomorrow starts the chemo.

I'm having taxotere and cytosin (not sure if either of them are spelled right).  I have six rounds scheduled, one every three weeks.  I don't have a port yet because of everything else going on but should have it before the next one.

So just when you think you have it bad you have a call that lets you know you don't, that yours isn't bad at all.  My therapist called to cancel yesterday because his son died over the weekend.  That put it all in perspective for me.

Hope your day is great,  I'm going to make mine be one way or another!



  1. I've been thinking about you, but I've been so busy I didn't reach out when I was thinking of you. No excuse for that.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Try to get some sunshine for a bit. It will do you wonders. Love you. ♥♥♥

  2. You've been through a lot so just go gentle on yourself. I am sorry about the loss your therapist suffered and I wish you great success with the treatment to come.

  3. Good to hear from you Bee. Hang in there and enjoy each day as a gift.
    God bless.

  4. Bee, I've been thinking about you. Now I see you have a tough road ahead. But as you well know, attitude is everything, and that you have in spades. You don't need my advice, but if you need my support, I'm here. I can make almost anyone laugh!


  5. Everyone said it beautifully. Honestly, I'd feel very sorry for myself and depressed if I was you. I think we all have a right to have bad days and sad moments. You've had a very rough last six months. Facing chemo takes courage and even though you have tons of that, it's not like it's effortless. Sunshine and being in the pool when you can will feel great. Sending you loving hugs and thinking of you, wishing they are gently when they put in the port, and very few side effects throughout the rounds ahead. Love you.

  6. Sometimes you just get tired and have the bad days. I just went through another year of them.
    But you just have to keep putting one step ahead and the finish line will be there.
    You wrote any times even just to say... I am sad or blue today. Your friends will be here.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I bet you'll be in that pool before you know it. In the mean time you might want to go sit poolside with your big old straw hat, ginormous sunglasses and a delicious cool beverage. Just pull up a comfy lounger and keep everyone else in line. After all, it is your pool!

    Sending lots of love and prayers and of course, great big hugs xoxo

  8. Sending hugs prayers and positive thoughts.


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