Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chemo update:  I had an oncology appointment today and I am considering dropping further chemo. I am weighing the chances of recurrence with both options. I hate to be such a woosy but it was seriously the worst week of my life. The numbers take me from a 16% chance of it coming back to 9% with more chemo. Big decision. If any if you have any knowledge or input I welcome your thoughts. 



  1. I don't know, but the odds are pretty close both with the no and the yes. I don't know how bad you feel, but I've heard it can be awful to say the least. I hope someone has some experience that can weigh in. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love you, Sweetie. By best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  2. I have no experience, but no matter what you choose go forward with no regrets and no second guesses. Keep living a very full life. You inspire.


  3. I only have my son's experience. For a year he was on a pill formula and an infusion every three months--to kill the hormone that was fueling his prostate tumor. Last late fall he went for the Chemo. It almost killed him! He contracted a gall bladder seizure and then got pneumonia. He of course, lost all of his hair, and was so horribly he couldn't get out of bed. He told the doctor he was "done". They put him back on the pills and infusion every 3 months and he is now in remission. His hair has grown back to curly, like it was when he was a little toddler. He feels great, is back to doing all the sports he likes and gets scans every 3 months to see if anything bad is growing. He is only 58, but he said, "I won't take that shit ever again. It might give me another year, but a year of feeling like hell? Nope! I'm going for quality of life rather than quantity."

    On the other hand, my BFF had Ovarian cancer and took the Chemo and the surgery and more Chemo, remission, it came back and more Chemo--for 4 years she lived like that and still died.

    As my Daddy used to say, "If the disease doesn't kill you, the cure will."
    I can't tell you what to do, but if it were me, I'd stop the poison and take my chances--a 7% difference?

  4. Tough decision but I would continue chemo so you can have better odds of no recurrence.

  5. I am of no help but keep asking questions and whatever you decide go for it.
    Lots of love and support coming your way.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I wouldn't dream of second guessing your choices as I have not personally walked the path you are on in this moment. I do trust that you are one of the most intelligent ladies I have had the pleasure to know. You have your experiences with Charlie's journey to draw upon. You have said many times that you have THE best doctors. You also have a daughter who just happens to be a gifted RN. I believe with all my heart that whatever decision you arrive at will be the right one for you.

    Keeping you in my prayers, Bee. xo♥

  7. Whatever you decide, know that you are loved and supported. But, if I had to weigh in, I'd say ditto to what Barb said!

  8. Bee, You need to do whatever you believe is right for you! Just know, you are loved by each and everyone of us. My husband had carcinoid cancer at 61 yrs old in his intestines.they removed two feet of the intestines but said he would need radiation and chemo, he chose to do nothing because he wanted quality not quantity- that was 11 years ago! It's a personal choice and nobody can fault you on whatever decision you make for yourself. Hugs, Lynn

  9. Barb is right. You have a great team working for and with you, plus lots of folks praying for you. I stand behind whatever decision you make. You are your own best advocate for your overall health.

    Lotsa love and hugs, honey!


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