Thursday, April 20, 2017

About half my hair has come out now. It just is thinner and I was still able to style it and play canasta today. Tomorrow I go get my wig and will lose much more hair by then I'm sure. If I run a hairbrush through it it's full of hair each stroke. It doesn't hurt and I'm sure it will come back after I finish everything. Wednesday is my next chemo treatment. It's all good. I shall be fine and become strong again. I promise.


  1. That's the spirit. You'll do fine and you'll be all done and on a cruise pretty soon. I'm going with you.

    Have a fabulous day, honey. Big hug to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  2. I hear sometimes your hair comes back in curly and/or a color you had when you were younger. Stay strong!

  3. You are strong Bee and I admire your fortitude and positive attitude. Will continue to pray for your full recovery and return to your wonderful life.

  4. The wig sounds like a great idea.
    Like Jean my friend's hair came back curly and beautiful.

    Think of you everyday.
    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hang in there, Miss Bee. Sending strength to you.


  6. I went with my friend who has cancer to try on wigs, and she found out she can never be a platinum blond. Nor can I. Take a friend with you. It makes it more normal, and then you can have lunch. I am so sorry, Bee, but if anybody can beat this, it's you. Pam

  7. I think it's very much "weirder" for women when they lose their hair from chemo. While you're out, why not get yourself some pretty scarfs and funky hats, too. You can totally rock the chemo look on the outside while you're kicking cancer's ass on the inside.


  8. I wonder if you can get a PINK wig? Just sayin'!!
    Pox on cancer x a billionity!
    Sending you love and strength from PA.

    1. If anyone could rock that look, it is Bee!

  9. Sending prayers to help you through this. I'm glad you made the decision to continue the chemo treatments. It's not an easy journey but you are a strong women and when it's done you will come out a winner.

  10. You know Bee, just before you put your wig on after losing all your hair, I would love to have a photo of you and me together. We could look like brother and sister. We both would be beautiful. You're beautiful all the time. I just anted yo make you laugh a little.
    You'll beat this again and then you,MaryLou & I will cruise again. I'd love that.
    Have a lovely Friday my adorable friend. See ya.


  11. You are doing what you think is right. Sending hugs and hope you find a wig you like that is comfortable and your head won't sweat when you wear it!

  12. Bee, I have no doubt that you wil kick cancers ass! You are so strong and beautiful! You are in my daily prayers.

  13. I saw my sister a week ago. Her hair is growing back in very soft and curly after losing it they chemo. Keep up your great attitude.

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. Keep up the good work! Hugs!

  15. Prayers and hugs Miss Bee!


  16. My dad'a hair came back better after chemo. It came back softer and curlier and made him look younger. My step-mom loved his new hair.

  17. Be prepared Bee for when your hair comes back it may be a totally different texture and color. My sil who had a med blonde hair all her life. Wore it long and mostly in a ponytail. It was super straight. After she lost her hair from chemo and it grew back it was a dark brown super soft texture and curly. It was a total change but it was adorable.


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