Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yesterday I had my hair done. My WCK said it's the three "F" hair. Fabulous, flirty, and, well, I'll let you figure out the third one. But he only saw the photo, not me.  All I had of him was a phone call.  Maybe Saturday, maybe not.

Then last night I got to hang out a bit with Ryan and Kyle, love those guys.

Today will find me at the club playing canasta and possibly having lunch first, not sure about that yet.  

So therefore no pool today.  Oh well, cards are fun too, just not as much fun as the pool.

And that's it from my world for today y'all.  And I am not Miss-Bee-Havin' either...


  1. It looks fab, for sure. We went out to dinner last night and I almost didn't because no matter what I do mine still looks like total crap as I try my very best NOT to make an appointment to get back my 3 minute short and sassy hair. I promise you, there is not a day that goes by that I don't decide to cut it and be done with it.

    Is there a 12 step program from growing out your hair?

    So my parents are flying in Saturday and we've had a Disney hotel booked for Monday since 6 months ago and Al still has his cold after about 9 days. So far, I'm not showing symptoms but what do you wanna bet that he won't be able to make the drive with me to JAX to pick up the parents? And if I have to make that drive myself I can pretty much garandamntee ya that the weather will be absolutely horrible! And what do you want to bet that before Monday morning I'll have to cancel my Disney trip, forfeit the money, miss my sister and bil amd tropical drinks with umbrellas at the pool bar and miss and the kids? arggggh!

    But things are all unicorns and rainbows here. :/

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Bee, You have good hair...I like it smooth and also like the photo on your side bar. Very Nice. I am dying for a hair cut, maybe even a perm...but finding the right person...OMG. One day I may snap and cut it all off myself. LOL. Have fun at lunch and cards. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. You know what they say about blondes? Flirty, Fabulous and F..... , well you can figure that one out by yourself. Ha,ha,ha.
    Have a exciting day gorgeous. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

    Fantastic,........... what did you think I was going to say. LOL

  4. Looks good, straight or curly. Easy is my preference!

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. You do have great hair! Straight or curly is always looks good. But I can't figure out the last "F" unless it's x-rated. LOL

  6. Love it straight or curly! I'm growing mine out. It's long for me. Have fun! Hey that starts with an f!

  7. I like your hair!



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