Saturday, July 4, 2015

This is Ryan and Kyle enjoying one of my cupcakes and having some fun.  Kyle said it may have been the best thing he ever tasted.  They were pineapple coconut with a whipped creme frosting.

So Happy July 4th y'all.  I am going on a picnic with the Fern House at a park.  I am bringing cupcakes.  It is supposed to rain but we will be under a pavilion so it should be okay.  I'm quite sure I won't be dieting today.  Absolutely sure in fact!

Years ago I always had a party on this, my favorite holiday but now I don't much have it in me to do it.  In fact I am still planning my New Year's Eve party, it's taking me most of the year to put it together.

Hope your day is totally tits.  Mine will be and you can count on that but I will not be...


  1. Today I shall be cleaining out cabinets and closets and doing a bit of refereeing kittie's whap fests and hopefully, NOT hunting for kitties who are hiding from the neighborhood fireworks again.

    Full disclosure? I'll also be sitting in my recliner streaming more of the The Guardian, How did I never watch some of these shows before? Oh. Wait a minute... They were on too late plus the stoopid commercials. At leat that is not the case with Netflix and Amazon Prime!

    Happy Independence Day! Have fun at the party! xoxo

  2. Sitting on our deck, drinking my coffee and watching it rain. Bugger. Does not bode well for fireworks for the kiddies tonight. We will still have our cook out, rain or shine.

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. How come I don't get cupcakes? Oh I forgot, I live a thousand miles away. Have a great 4th of July my gorgeous friend. See ya. Say hi to Chuck for me.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. Those cupcakes sound heavenly. Have fun at the picnic.

  5. Oh the cupcakes sound fabulous.

    We are home this weekend. Just don't want to fight all the crowds at the boat. It was awful last year and I swore we wouldn't repeat it this year. I'm heading for the shower in a few and off to get my highlights in my hair then back home. Excitement, I haz it.

    Have a fabulous Independence Day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  6. Happy 4th from soggy Mayberry! Have fun at the party.


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