Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It was a beautiful but breezy day, bright sun and lovely and I got everything done that I had hoped except for the swim, it just wasn't warm enough, mid 70's.  The appointment with Dr. Wacks went fine and I had lost three pounds in the last month, the blood work is sent to the lab, the EKG was fine.  

Next up was the tax people, it took almost two hours there but it's done and filed for another year.  And bless bess, I didn't owe anything more.  Yay me.

Then I stopped on the way home from that to get the car washed, it was really dirty. 

I hadn't eaten anything yet for the day as the blood work was fasting and I was so hungry by this time (after 2:00) I was really tempted to stop somewhere and eat something delicious but bad for me but I resisted and came home and had a chicken sandwich instead.  

And so, my friends, I was in my nightgown by 2:45.  Some exciting life I lead, lol!

Today I get to go see Andre' and I have to break the news to him that I will be out for six weeks!  I hate that because I will be so out of shape it will be like starting all over but I think it will be worth it when it's done.  I hope so anyway.

That's my day, how's yours?


  1. I think you deserved to be in your night gown by 2:45. Just getting your taxes done is exhausting.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. It was beautiful here, too. Except I had to go to the Walmart because I needed stuff Publix doesn't have. bugger.

    Yay you for yet another 3 pounds! And I love relaxing pants no matter what time it is. I need to let my fingers do some shopping as mine are slap wore out. srsly.

    Have another loverly day in Paradise. big hugs xoxo

  3. I'll take it in the 70's. At least I would able to golf. No golfing yet but I can at least putt a little in my basement. 3 pounds, way to go my lovely friend. I checked with my doctor yesterday and yes , I have bone spurs and I guess I'm just going to have put up with the pain. Some pills might help the pain but not to many he said. No , I'm not a pill popper. last year with my body being toxic I don't want that again.
    Have a great day & I hope that can go in the pool today. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. You had a really productive day! I'm sorry you didn't get to swim but it sounds like everything else went very well. Have another good day today. Hugs!

  5. Hopefully you can get to the pool today. It's sunny, so I am heading out for a walk.

    Big hugs from down the road, honey...

  6. Sunday I never got out of my nightgown until 2:45 in the afternoon. We'd be lousy housemates. LOL

  7. You had a very busy day. Good for you for getting everything done. We're almost done with our taxes too, but we have to pay. We're not paying enough in our quarterlies, but I hate to give the government my money any sooner than I have too.

    You won't be terrible out of shape in six weeks. You do need to not exercise though. Keep your blood pressure down and it's going to be way worth it. Perfect teeth and now a perfect face. You're going to love it.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. Bee, You are smart and organized. I saw where you cleaned everything. Glad you resisted temptation. I do not think you will be as out of shape...because you have toughened up this past year. Plus you have grit girl. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Three pounds? that's great! Can you not do any exercise at all after your surgery?


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