Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hurrah the drain is gone!  I swear I thought they were going to lift me out of the chair yanking on it but it wasn't too bad and I sure am glad not to have it. Every time I moved my head it pulled a tiny bit, not really pain but "a pain" if you know what I mean.

The Mayor took me to the doctor both times and brought me hamburger(s) afterward that he cooked outside.  I have fabulous neighbors and especially because his lovely bride doesn't mind.  She knows there is nothing going on and we are friends.

I can drive now too.  Things are only six days out as I type this so it's pretty amazing considering all I had done.  

This is me today, the swelling under my chin is fluid which will go away on it's own.
There is still tape on my forehead holding stitches out of my eyes.
Some of the stitches will come out on Monday.
Almost all of my discoloration is gone already.
Just some around the eyes and still some swelling.

And this is Ayla, my granddaughter "being me".
She says we are twins now.
I agree.


  1. You have far more swelling than you know and yes it will all go away. You're going to look fabulous darling, fabulous. You'll see. The drain was a pain indeed and you're always having to mess with it too. No more for you.

    The Mayor is a doll for taking care of you as well as his bride. You do have some great neighbors.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  2. What a great/cute granddaughter you have. You are coming along very fast!!!!!!!

  3. Your granddaughter is a hoot! And yes, I do see a similarity in many ways. Take care of your stitches and wounds. Bee patient. The swelling will go down soon!

  4. You are an amazing healer, dear Bee!
    So glad that it all went well, and they removed the drain.

    Hello to Ayla:)


  5. I think both of you gorgeous woman are delicious. I guess I must be a little hungry. Ha,ha,ha. Each day your photo keeps getting better & better. I wonder what you'll look like at the end. Oh I know, gorgeous. Have a warm evening Bee. See ya. The flowers are looking fantastic. I guess I chose the correct ones. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  6. Bee, I love going on your journeys with you, and this one is very interesting. You look fantastic already, and your granddaughter is adorable!

  7. Buongiorno, my new friend Bee!

    I agree, I agree
    you and Ayla
    twins will be!!!!!!!!!

    Big hugs!

  8. She has always favored you a lot... but omg... she has the exact same sunglasses?!

    And you look mahvelous! Absolutely mahvelous, dahling!

    big hugs xoxo

  9. Oh, and I love how your outfit matches your bougainvillea!

  10. You are looking fabulous, Bee, and I'm sure having that drain gone is a relief. You and Ayla have the glamour going on!

  11. Yay for Ayla! Very cute! It sure is great having the neighbors you do,
    I have a feeling the worst is over - smoothe sailing ahead!

  12. You're looking just great and the glamour is such fun. Ouch but relief that the drain has been removed. They are uncomfortable. Ayla is beautiful and so sweet to be "there" for you in style and otherwise. You've made amazing progress....and I applaud you for sharing the process. It is so interesting. Wishing you another great day.

  13. Bee, You girls are looking good. :):) You are coming along nicely. I think , because you have really taken care of your health and all that exercise you do. Kudos girl. Have a fun day, xoxo, Susie

  14. Progress each day. That is good. Glad you have your independence back and can drive. That ways feels good.

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. Looking good! Your granddaughter is adorable.

  16. What a sweet granddaughter! Imagine how much better you will be in one more week - you are making fantastic progress!



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