Sunday, January 18, 2015

We just had our trees trimmed.

I took these photos while I was out bike riding yesterday.  I rode almost an hour but only in the parking lots around me.  I was a bit shaky at first but got a bit better as I went along.  The seat was much too high for me so I got that lowered and the bike is still really big for me but I think I can handle it now.  I really liked being out there riding in the sunshine and the breeze on my face and no one bothering me, just me and my thoughts.

So what was I thinking?  About the possibility of the facial surgery.  I have about decided to do it.  I know three people that have had it done and all three of them said to go for it, that I would not be sorry.  I also know some of my local gal pals will have some negative things to say, mostly behind my back I'm sure but my real gal pals will be supportive and helpful.  

I also found out we have a "bike room" downstairs that I didn't know about so it's safely locked up in there now and no longer in my living room in my way.  Yay.  Did I enjoy the bike ride?  Yes, very much.  It was nice out but too cool to swim so it was a perfect exercise for me.

That was my day, how was yours?


  1. I want a bike so bad but I'd feel guilty if I was out riding when I could/should be walking the dog.

  2. Facial surgery. If you want it, get it. I will support whatever decision you make.

  3. I'm with Jean!
    Glad you got out and biked. I would love to do that again, but truthfully, I am a great big coward! Since I fell off the porch and broke my hip I'm scared to even go walking unless my guy is with me. I've always been a gigantic klutz, and I'm afraid to test the fates again. Good for you!

  4. My day was good, too. I'm glad you enjoyed your bike ride, and how nice that there's a bike room in your building. As far as the surgery - it is your face and your decision. We'll love you just the same either way. Hugs!

  5. A Bike Room? Good thing I found a new home for Elvira before she heard about that! She'd have had a hissy fit and be all I'll get you, my pretty.


    Have another perfect day if you like. Why not, right? big hugs xoxo

  6. Bee, Good for you. I think I would not do well on a bike as it has been years...I used to ride every nice day after I got the evening dishes done, when my girls were young. I would love to try it again, but would need those fat tires on these country roads. Glad you have a nice place for your bike. You will probably ride it more ,since you do not have to struggle to get it on the elevator and down to ground level. Wishing you a great Sunday . xoxo,Susie

  7. As far as the facial surgery Bee, remember my lovely friend, I met you when your face neck and the rest of you were large and I fell in love with your positive attitude, caring and the way you thought of me. Now that you are smaller and gorgeous, it's still your positive attitude caring and the way you think about me. If you want the surgery, I'll be behind you and in front of you and be there for you after the surgery is finished. It's you that I care about not your appearance. That won't change.
    Now this bike idea, I'm so excited for you. The excitement of getting out with speed ( well a little speed ), the blond locks blowing in the breeze ( Not the Breeze ) and the freedom of moving around other then in the car. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Have a great day my lovely friend. Say hi to the Duck from me & Mary Lou. See ya.

    Cruisin' Paul

  8. Good for you honey on the surgery. You'll look a bit rough the first week, but then magic starts to happen and you'll start seeing the new you. You're going to love the new you. You'll see. I'm so happy for you. So happy. And if those gals that you know talk trash behind your back just smile and be the wonderful person you are. I'm just saying.

    I'm glad you've got a bike room. That rocks. Really rocks.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  9. This all makes me smile! See you Wednesday. For real.

    Big hugs, honey...

  10. Bee, I love that you work out all the time and now bike riding, that's so incredible! Now I also have to be jealous that you're going to do the surgery! I need it so badly and I pray I could win the lotto so I could do it. I don't even like to look in a mirror anymore because I think I look older than what I am. It's all about how we feel about our appearance - I think you look beautiful but it all comes down to is what makes you feel good. You have worked so hard to lose weight and get in shape so you deserve to treat yourself!

  11. So Smart, riding in the parking lots till you get the hang of riding again.
    Too hot in the summer but right now pretty perfect.
    Riding on a street with crazy dumb drivers and breathing exhaust fumes in not safe.
    We have fabulous bike trails in Tucson so I think there must be some great one by the ocean ?
    I would love to have a little work done on my face.
    Mostly the stuff to help fill up some of the awful creases and lines in my face. I think that would make me feel better and not so old. It might even give me the little lift I need to work harder.
    Anyways go gently don't change too much and be able to keep you smile, the most important thing.
    As for the local ladies your friends only want the best for you the rest are just silly and possibly jealous.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Bee, kudos for finding ways to keep your workouts fun. As far as your surgery, who cares what anybody thinks except you? And, well, me, because I will be very jealous.


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