Saturday, January 31, 2015

A sendoff for the Bloggers Cruise which leaves today, this is Dick and Sandy Bell and Debbie and Paul Spillman and me and Patrick Duffy.  We had to rush a bit because Patrick had to be at Kravitz for an 8:00 show and I pulled in at 7:58 and he had to change into his costume.  Oops.  I got every light red even though I drove as fast as I could.

So we got through January and tomorrow starts my least favorite month.  It's not too bad here but when I lived where it was cold I would get so depressed every February.  It's warm again here and I love that for sure.

I plan on riding my bike today since I got all my chores done already and it's going to be beautiful out.  The pool has to warm up again before I get in it though.  The heater couldn't keep up with all the cold air it had to deal with I guess.

Have a wonderful Saturday y'all.  I sure will too even if I'm not going on the cruise.


  1. Oh, pre-cruise excitement! And dinner with fun friends, how lovely! It's still too chilly for me - 39 now with a high of only 62 today. Bugger. But a run to pick up a few things and then some painting and then vegging in front of the TV is on deck for me today. Enjoy your day!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. You gotta explain the Bloggers Cruises. Who sets them up or sponsors them and are they really filled with people who blog? Have fun!

  3. Wish you were going with us!!! Last night was fun. See ya in your least fave month.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. I love February because spring shows up here and there. It's January that's icky here.

    How fun to get out to dinner with friends. I'm sure Dick and Sandy will have a great cruise. I thought the bloggers cruise was too busy. To many activities and it wore me out. It was fun to meet people though.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Enjoy your bike ride. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  5. Bee, Too many gray days...make me blue. LOL. I know you girl, you'll have fun if you have to throw a party. Blessings for a fun weekend. xoxo,Susie


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