Monday, December 15, 2014

I am quite a bit better now, thanks for all the comments and emails encouraging me to get well.  Yesterday it got really warm and it was so sunny that I went out and sat near the pool for a bit and that felt amazing actually, then I came up and went back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  All together except for the time outside I guess I slept 30 or so hours pretty straight.

Dr. Wacks gave me a Z pack for the bronchitis and told me if I wheezed at all to call him right away for Prednisone but so far no wheezing so no steroids.  I think I'm going to be well enough to go to the Christmas party tonight, at least I hope so.  D#1 will be here and she'll go too.  She is here until early Wednesday morning.

So there are 10 more days until Christmas now.  I am ready, I did everything either online or with cash.  No stores, no lines, no muss, no fuss.  No fun either, huh?  Oh well, that's what it was and I am happy with all I bought.

I really don't mean to be Scrooge at all, I just haven't had the strength or inclination to do more.  It's time to start thinking about the upcoming cruise too.  January 3rd the duck and I go on the Carnival Breeze.  I have been emailing with the Hotel Director, we'll be spoiled pretty good I think.  We always are!

So have a happy Monday y'all.  I will for sure, I'll have D#1 and the duck with me!


  1. I am so glad you're feeling better. 30 hours? Wow. You must've been one sick puppy.

    Have fun with Cat and Chuck. Of course I know you will! big hugs xoxo

  2. So glad you feel better. Time in the sun, sleep, and good meds sound like just the thing! It also sounds like Christmas will come for you today with D#1 and the Duck both there with you. Happiness is! Have a wonderful time with them and continue to feel better.

  3. Kids (of all ages) these days would rather have money so no reason to feel like Scrooge. So glad you are feeling better. Got to get back to 100% before the cruise.

  4. I wish I could be friends with the Hotel Director of the Liberty letting him know that I'll be there. I can't be an Empress but I can stay on the Empress deck. Ha,ha,ha. Now if you are going to go to the Christmas party, you make sure to sit and rest and let others around you bring your drinks & food to you. Don't over do because you might get ill over again and we wouldn't want that to happen. Here I sound like a mother hen. Ha,ha,ha. Have a great day my beautiful friend. See ya.


  5. So glad you are better. A dose of Cat and Chuck will fix you up very nicely!

    Counting down the days till we escape this cold weather.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. And you'll be all well by the time you go on your cruise too. I'm so glad you're finally feeling better. Sleeping is a wonderful thing when you don't feel well.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to my buddy Roche. ♥♥♥

  7. I am glad you are feeling better Miss Bee. Hope the Christmas party is fun, wait, it's a party of course it'll be fun. Know you love being with Daughter #1. That is a nice present in itself. Continued recovery!

  8. I saw the photo from the party. You looked like you were feeling better. After tonight get some more rest. That crud is pretty virulent this year. Don't want to land flat.

  9. Being there for your family is your greatest gift of all. After that, cash and gift cards! I do the same. I am done with long lines and crowds. Glad you're feeling better. You take terrific care of yourself, and you should.

  10. Don't worry about being a scrooge. Rest up, take care of yourself, conserve your energy so you will be well for the cruise. other people need to be considerate and not expect you to run around when you've been under the weather.
    Your good health is a good enough gift for your true friends!



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