Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miss Bee Havin' Part Two

Elizabeth Setzer and Josh "Big Sexy" Waltzman in the piano bar last night. So I left you with the first show, the casino, and the officers, and the comedy club. Next up was the second show, this one was The Brits, a Beatles show which was very good. That ended with a finale in the Atrium at 11:00 and then on to that piano bar...

Where it is POSSIBLE that I MAY have been on it in a few boas and a hat to sing some Beatles stuff and have some fun. And another gin and tonic. Maybe. There are no photos of this though as I had no one with me to photograph such possibility.

Then there were some guys from Australia that possibly got on the piano and may have done some stuff that was pretty funny. And then three gals got up there and sang. We were having a pretty good time about now.

Then it is entirely possible that I had an unheard of third drink. If you choose to believe this post. Not that you have to if you choose not to.

So it was about 1:30 when they called last call but I didn't have another one. You are glad, right? Me too, my head hurt bad enough without that! Anyway I made my way back to my cabin (alone!) and found this waiting for me..

This was from Josh. It must have been there quite a while as the ice was melted. There is this one gal, a cute crew member, that is having a great time because every morning I give her the stuff from the night before. The cookies, wine, champagne, just stuff. She is loving it. I did eat a few of the berries though. Delicious.

So I did an hour and a half in the salt water pool this morning to make up for the last night's fun. And now I am off to seek another adventure...


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  1. I think you should have had just one more drink though. Yes I do. I'm so happy you're having a great time and it's a great call leaving Roche with the sitter. He's so needy most of the time. Bless his heart.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. 30 minutes in the pool for each gin and tonic sounds like a good trade-off to me! Have more fun today. :-) I'll look forward to reading about it. Hugs!

  3. Three drinks is a good time, four drinks is a hangover. You did well misbehaving! I'm proud of you and your sense of adventures on the high sea...or is it a low sea? I have no idea where you're going.

  4. Hi Bee,
    You go girl !!!! Live it up and continue to have a wonderful time.

  5. I love the 2 part evening. You have more energy than I do.
    The red dress looks fabulous on you. You look like a Hollywood movie star !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. You are awesome, Bee! The fun people seem to gravitate towards you. Rightly so, you're a character.
    Continue... :)


  7. I might have had to open the champagne because berries and bubbles rock, every once in a blue moon. xoxo


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