Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is my youngest grandson, he is now 18 so I can post his photo!  This one is a pistol.  I knew the minute I saw him in the delivery room that he was going to be a handful.  He's cute, smart, musical, lots of great things but he is still a handful.  Guess that's what I love most about him.

And now back to yesterday - I would like to reply to you lovely commenters.  First I am very proud of you for "coming out" so to speak.  Hope you won't be shy and keep commenting but if not, well thank you for yesterday.

  1. Hello. My name is Barb and I come here because I just love Miss BeeHavin'. ;)

    The End. and big hugs xoxo
  2. Barb you are an angel and I love you every day of my life!
  3. Hi Bee, i come here to read about your frequent cruises. We love to cruise as well, but cannot take as many as you do. Wendy
  4. Wendy, thanks for reading and I am glad another cruiser has found me.  I welcome your cruise advice if you have any and please don't be a stranger!
  5. Hi bee I came here as a carnival cruiser and John Heald fan. also have been following your weight loss journey and you are an inspiration.Wendy
  6. Wendy, I think you are a different Wendy from the one above?  I am very happy to have you here and hope you keep coming back honey!
  7. Gracie Gracie Gracie!  *smooch*
  8. Just in case...
    I don't see my comment. Been reading for years. I'm glad you are doing great.
  9. Nanette, Are you Nanni in Puerto Rico?  If so, best to your beautiful family.  If you are another Nanette, welcome!  So happy you are here.  This is so much fun reading all of these.  My heart is just soaring!
  10. My first name is Karen. I started following you from Cruise Critic. I love to cruise too. Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning. It always starts my day off just right.
  11. Karen, So glad you found me!  I no longer go on Cruise Critic, it's a shame but I got weary of all the bickering.  It started out as a great forum and I certainly learned a lot there.  I am so happy I start your day off right!  Your comment did the same for me today honey!
  12. I visit here everyday with my coffee. My love of crusising brings me here. Also I wish I could lose weight like you have done. Also I must confess I am one of those snowbird types. You make me laugh. I can live my senior years like you.
  13. Pat, I have my coffee every morning here too so we are having it together!  And you CAN lose weight, hell honey if I can do it anyone can.  I also used to be a snowbird, sure nothing wrong with that.  I am full time in Florida now and love it but for many years we went back and forth.  And I am happy to make you laugh.  Thank you so much!
  14. Hey Miss Bee. Although this is only about the 2nd time I've commented, I'm here every day to see what you've been up to. I feel as I've known you for years. I'm thinking I found you back in 2007ish? You are an inspiration and such a joy to follow. We're cruisers too, but are loyal to you-know-who. ;-)

  15. Loyal to RCI?  lol, somebody has to do it I guess?  Kidding!  We all have our own taste and Carnival is mine but I sure respect everyone else's.  Gosh, seven years and two comments! lol, don't wear out your fingers! Again, kidding.  Keep coming back whether you comment or not and let us know more about RCI if you want.  This is just great reading all of this!
  16. Crap, really?! My comment just disappeared. And it was cute.

    So, hi, my name is Lisa and I am frustrated with blogger, wordpress, Disqus and all of those fangled contraptions that like to EAT my comments.

    I visit everyday, but rarely have time to comment before I have to to head back to work. And commenting twice is just frustrating as all heck.

    But I have been a loyal Bee reader for over 5 years, probably found this lovely lady by following a comment SHE left somewhere.

    Thank you, Bee for always being so honest and having a great attitude about everything life throws at you.
  17. Hi Lisa,  are you in Pennsylvania?  Just so I know which Lisa.  Welcome every day sweetie and just get to work.  Sorry the comment gave you trouble.  Hope next time it is easier!  And that there is a next time! lol
  18. Good morning Miss Bee, I'm Donna one of you lurkers. I read you each morning with my coffee, it
    has become part of my day. Thanks for your posts I enjoy reading about your "doings"
  19. Hi Donna!  Welcome and thanks for letting me share coffee with you.  I sure do love my coffee and will think of you when I have it tomorrow morning and toast you!  And thanks for reading!
  20. Hi, I'm Paul, I'm an Italian, I love women especially my wife Mary Lou. I use to heavy but because of a very good friend I lost over 54 lbs. I love cruising also and have cruised with this friend twice. ( It was OK ) I hope to cruise with her again in the future. This friend is a wonderful and is thoughtful. She's gorgeous and is looking better every day. My friend loves ducks & cats. Well I have to leave, I have to go to the bathroom right now. It was nice commenting to you. I hope to someday comment again. Bye, bye.

  21. Hi Paul,  You handsome Italian you!  And yes, we have cruised together twice with your lovely Marylou and old whats-his-name as you lovingly referred to Sarge.  Fun for sure.  You make me smile every day of my life and I am so thankful for you!
  22. My name is Diew from Alberta Canada, this is my third comment. I've been following you since Sarge Charlie passed away and he told his readers to follow you and look after you. I found him through Mel. We knew Jim her fiance that was killed by and IED.
  23. Hello Diew!  Alberta, I see that a lot and now I know it is you.  Thank you so much for being here.  I remember Mel and Jim and when he died.  What a tragedy that was.  I am so happy to have you here, please come often sweetie!
  24. My name is Jackie but it is usually Flynn who visits and then sneaks away without leaving a comment. I thought about not leaving a comment so I would have to wash your car, but I figured you wouldn't want to pay my air fare (preferably 1st class).
  25. Jackie!  So happy to hear from you honey!  It's been a long time.  I wonder if you have cruised lately.  I am going again soon.  By myself.  Hey, when no one else wants to go I go without them, I make my own fun and shall always try to do so!  Best to Flynn!
  26. Hi Bee, I start my day with your blog. You're always so happy, and it's fun to hear what you're up to.
    I too used to have a personal trainer, and enjoyed it a lot. It's tough work, but when you start seeing muscles pop out, you feel wonderful. I was curious how you do your exercise in the pool? Do you just walk around for an hour or do you to some leg lifts and stuff? Have a great day!!

  27. Hi Cate!  You have commented before and I love you for it.  The pool:  First I "aqua jog" back and forth as hard as I can for about a half hour and then do more jogging with arms and then do leg lifts (still jogging, that doesn't stop) and just keep moving.  I push through the water with as much force as I can manage and I just love it.  And yes to those muscles!  Mine are getting lovely I think and I am very proud of them.  Thanks for visiting honey!
  28. Where did my post go? I'll try again. I'm Joy and I come here to keep up with my friend, Bee, and to enjoy all her PINK stuff. Hugs to you, Empress Bee!
  29. Darling Joy,  You truly are a Joy each day in my life with your inspirational comments and encouragement.  I love you and miss you honey pie!
  30. But, Bee, I don't wash my cars... (I just wait until it rains...)
  31. Curmy!  One of my very first online friends ever and we are still here.  So happy you are around my dear friend.  Much love to the family!
  32. Hello. My name is Sandee and I come here because I just love Miss BeeHavin'.

    The end and big hugs ♥♥♥
  33. Sandee my dear!  You are my breath and my lifeline so many days.  I am just so happy you are in my life.  Please stay there always. *smooch*
  34. This is Lisa in Nashville and I found your blog many years ago after John Heald mentioned you and Sarge Charlie on his blog. Thanks to you I got on the band wagon 2 years ago and lost 97 pounds, which I have kept off. Your example kept me going.
  35. Hi Lisa!  I cannot tell you how proud of you I am honey, you have lost more than I have and I just think that is totally tits!  Thank you for being there every day, I cherish your visits!
  36. Miss Bee I've been coming to visit for years. Yes I am a bad commentor! But you need to drop by and visit us too! MOL My online name is of course Abby but she was my beloved soul cat. I'm Debra and I just love your attitude.
  37. Hi Debra,  Thank you for visiting and I shall visit, somehow you are not in my feeds and I shall have to change that for sure.  I remember your Abby and am sad that you lost her.  She was a darling kitty.  Hugs...
  38. Wouldn't miss a day reading your blog. Enjoy your upcoming cruise. That Owners Suite was something. There are many videos on you tube about it.
  39. Bill!  See I did not know you read the blog!  I knew you were on Facebook but not here.  Thank you my dear old cruising friend!  So happy to find this out!  Best to your wife always.  I enjoy looking at her art in your photos.
  40. Hi Bee,
    I'm Lynn and I read your blog everyday! I just read through all the comments and they prove that you are the most incredible woman and we all love you!
  41. Hi Lynn!  Thank you first of all for visiting, next for commenting, and finally for the lovely compliment.  What a sweet thing to say.  I am humbled by this honey!
  42. Wow, Bee . . . look at all those comments. It's me . . Dee! I've been lurking for years as you know but have only commented a few times. I love your upbeat blog. It's a gorgeous day here in southern Ontario, sunny and warm. We're getting ready for Applefest this weekend in our little village. Have a great week with Cat. Hugs, Dee
  43. Hello Dee!  I remember you honey!  So glad you commented today!  Applefest sounds wonderful,  it's still hot and muggy here but you know I love it.  I sure do remember the cool crisp autumn days that you are having though and they are wonderful!  Thanks for being here.
  44. Hi Bonnie! I love cruising, although next time it will be down a river in Europe. I read your blog because I pretty much want to be you when I grow up!
  45. Hello Lauren!  I loved my river cruise in Europe, it was on the Danube and it was amazing, one of my very favorite cruises.  And I don't blame you for wanting to be me when you grow up, I am a very lucky gal and I love life and cherish every minute of it.  
  46. Hi, Bee. I'm Bella and I come here because you're cheerful and upbeat. I always leave with a smile. Look at all these lurkers you brought out of hiding. :)
  47. Hi Bella!  I seemed to have brought you out too honey! lol  I am so happy  to meet you.  Please keep coming back and reading, I shall think of you when I read comments and wonder if you'll ever do it again! lol
  48. I just tried to post a comment so either you are going to have two or this comment will look funny:)
  49. Hi Karen, Sorry about the comment you lost.  How is that darling little boy of yours, he sure is a cutie pie!  Thanks for being a friend honey!
  50. Hi Bee,
    Tried commenting the other day when you showed us how you pack for a cruise but my antiquated iPad kept crashing. I'm hoping this one gets through. I have really enjoyed reading your blog everyday since I love cruising too. You'll find in the cools mountains of NC and back in S. Fl come the fall. Hope you continue to have a wonderful visit with your daughter. God bless.
  51. Hi MaryC, You sound like me, I was in the North Georgia mountains and South Florida and think that is the best of both worlds for sure.  Let me know where you stay when you are here.  Thanks for reading honey!

  52. Bee:  That is a beautiful sky. The training for my new job starts at 6:00am. For personal reasons I could have happily stayed in bed, but then I wouldn't get paid or get away from personal stuff for awhile. I had a lot on my mind, but I looked out the window and saw a really beautiful sunset. It reminded me that God is always here for me, even when I sometimes forget.
Big hugs, Bobbi (one of your slackers)

Hi Bobbi!  You are never a slacker honey, you have a plate full and I well know it!  Just take care of yourself and that's all you have to do right now sweetie!

My name is Pam.  Love your upbeat blog and all your activities.  You put the sunshine in my day!

Hi Pam, thank you so much!  And your comment put sunshine in mine!  

And this is all the comments I had at the time I wrote this.  If you commented  later, well, thank you and come again please.  I have enjoyed this so much y'all.  I really have.

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous, mine will be for sure.  Oh, and the (self appointed) Mayor (of the pool) read this and did not comment so he has to wash my car.  Tits!


  1. I pretty much want to be you when I grow up, too!! WTG on getting all of your lovely lurkers to comment! and WTG to the lovely lurkers, too!

    Have another awesome day today, if you can stand another one. hahaha! big hugs xoxo

  2. Hi Bee! We have taken 2 cruises this year, all out of the UK so no flying. First one was the Mediterranean in May and then at the end of July we went to the Baltics and Scandinavia. Next cruise is next month and we are going to the Canary Islands. Of course you know who we are loyal to. Like you we have got to know a lot of the crew and officers over the years and when we get onboard and are welcomed like family it makes for a good cruise. Enjoy your forthcoming cruise, but of course I know you will.
    There! I have commented 2 days in a row.

  3. Wow, you replied to every comment! I enjoyed reading all the comments and your replies. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. What no smooch for me? Oh how wonderful that you took some of your busy time to write back to all of those people. You are a peach my gorgeous friend. Did you see your dentist friend yet? Is Cat enjoying her time in Florida? I ask a lot of questions , don't I? One last comment today is that yes, I'm so glad that somehow you & I found each other. It was kismet I guess. Believe it or not Bee, you have changed my life so much, for the positive. I thank God each day that you entered Mary Lou's & my life.
    Have a great day my wonderful friend. See ya.


  5. Keep that mayor busy!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Your comments were fabulous honey and you let a comment to each person. Now this really rocks.

    Your grandson is handsome too.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  7. Bee - Tell that grandson of yours to wear a helmet if he's gonna do stuff like that!!!

  8. Go grandson! Hope you're having a fun day. It's winding down here. Been interesting, for sure...

  9. Yep, twas me. The LC in PA! :) Sorry, been fighting a crud and didn't even get to read the blog yesterday. Nursing some soup right now and trying to get through my eight hours of work. :) So glad you had a successful mandatory comment day. So no poxes?? That's great. The grandsons are awesome. I am very impressed with the photography, the lighting was perfect for an action shot and to catch the sunset in the background without blowing it out of exposure. That cousin has talent!

  10. Hello, my name is Sandy and I lurk you daily, lol. I miss blogging so much, but just don't ever know what to say. I also miss you. Rocksy says to tell Roche hi. Love ya!


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