Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Carnival Ecstasy Day two...

I am being spoiled beyond belief! I may never go home! Last night at dinner the Maitre d' came by the table chatting and asked everyone what their favorite foods were from the sea day brunch. I said I liked it all but he went further and said well if you were ordering what would you select? I said well if pressed I supose I'd order cheese grits, poached eggs, and coffee. This morning this showed up on a hotel cart for balcony delivery, brought by two handsome uniformed guys.

Now if you are a Carnival cruiser you know the breakfast menu on room service is limited. Very limited in fact. This was perfectly poached eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, fabulous cheese grits and amazing coffee. I was blown away!

Thirty minutes later I got a call asking how everything was and asked if I'd like it again tomorrow. I thanked them profusely but declined. I really am trying not to eat too much. It's hard though, very hard! They asked if they could pick up the dishes so my room would stay tidy.

Today is a sea day. Translation: everyone is on the Lido deck and in that fabulous pool so I shall stay away. I am meeting someone for lunch (yes, more food) and then perhaps a nap(?) and then formal night tonight. Who am I meeting you ask? The hotel director, he is an amazing man that is the best on the seven seas.

Still not miss-bee-havin' though!


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  1. What a great breakfast indeed. I'm so glad they did this. Makes one smile and then some. No standing in lines for you this morning. Love it.

    Start misbehaving. Okay?

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. That is wonderful that they are taking such good care of you!
    Enjoy lunch and the formal dinner tonight! Is this red dress time?

  3. How wonderful! They are treating you like royalty, enjoy.

  4. Ciaooooo!!!
    The day has good begun...enjoy everything

    See you later!!!

  5. Yum! Cheese grits. I've been craving those something fierce!

  6. I've also been wanting some cheese grits. That reminds me that I need to pick up some to take to NH on Tuesday. Siri....

    Your sweet Danny is working on our TV right now. I told him on the phone that I know his mama, his sister, AND his grandma. Hope I didn't scare him!

    Lunch with the hotel director AND formal night...can't wait to read all about it tomorrow!

    And we thank you for the reporting. Big hugs, honey...

  7. Well now I must try to make some cheese grits.
    Is this because your one of the 50 cruises royalty or just because your
    "The Empress Of The High Seas" and quite perfect.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Boy are you being spoiled Bee. I'm lucky just to have a look from some of these people with a smile and you get asked what you want and wah lah, it arrives. Power to Bee. Ha,ha,ha. I'm so happy that you are having a great cruise so far and tonight meeting the Hotel Director, whoopi do. I can't wait for your blog tomorrow you wonderful doll. See ya.


  9. Wonderful looking breakfast.Start misbehaving just a tiny bit. Just don't come home married!

  10. How wonderful for you Bee. I know there are some cruise lines that offer more hot food items from talking to friends, so maybe Carnival is looking into this. I love that you are being spoiled. Just to make you smile more, I had a very good day at work today.

    Love and Hugs,


  11. Bee, I missed your post yesterday. I would love for someone to bring a wonderful breakfast like that. Oh yes, the coffee on cruises is awesome. I do not blame you for not wanting that much food all the time...It is hard to resist. Blessings. xoxo, Susie

  12. Spoiling can be a good thing, especially when it comes to being fed. Every time a bell rings, my mouth waters....
    Anxious to see photos of that red dress!

  13. What a lovely treat! But you are wise as usual, every day would be too much! Enjoy the sea day even if you can't be in the pool. Hugs!

  14. What a lovely surprise! I've not had cheese grits but I have started fixin' and eating grits. Whoodathunkit?

    Have a blast. big hugs xoxo


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