Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunrise day before yesterday.  Nice, huh?  I swear this is what I look at when I open my eyes in the morning.  Now just how fortunate am I or what?  Yes and I am thankful for every single day I have.  I love life and every minute of it.

Recently I was hurt by someone and I am trying to get over it and I will for sure but it's not something that has happened to me often in my life.  It's sure a learning experience.  And not something that I want to do again.  People can be thoughtless, can't they?  I hope I never do that to anyone.  Try never to hurt anyone.  But if you do feel the shame you deserve and make it up to them.  

Today Andre' shall beat me up for the last time before the cruise.  I am really going to try to eat healthy but it's so hard with all that tempting food in front of you.  I am at my lowest weight now in many years.  I am down ninety-one pounds since Sarge died.  Nine to go.  It has been a pleasure to do it for the most part because he asked me to and when I'd get down I would just think of him and be fine again.  

It actually hurts me to look at this photo or any photo when I was that big.  This is my granddaughter Ayla on the night she got engaged to Matt.  I could barely walk back then and used a scooter for distance.  I know you should never say never but honey I will NEVER do this to myself again.  I could cry looking at that face.  Nope, never again.

Am I determined?  You know I am.  If you are one of the friends that have come along with me on this journey I am so proud of you too.  Never go back.  Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

All the best my dears!


  1. Oh Bee, What an unexpected sad, fun and uplifting blog all in one.
    As for the person who hurt you...just remember, I have a cane and know how to use it.
    You take care girlfriend !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. What angryparsnip said. Except that I don't have a cane. Well, my parents do. I could borrow one of them if you need me to. Y'all. Actually, I've never actually hit anyone so maybe I could engage this person in some snappy repartee instead?

    I ate very sensibly on my last cruise and actually lost .6 pounds on a 9 day cruise so I know it CAN be done. I even had some desserts but I never ate the entire thing... Just tastes. I did not feel deprived and had myself a glorious time.

    Have a marvelous day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Oh, Miss Bee, when I look at that picture I see a friend who I loved then just as much as I love now! I'm so proud of the journey you've taken to lose 91 pounds (so amazing!) but it is the wonderful person you are inside who is the most amazing. And whoever was hurtful to you was showing his or her own ignorance and un-loveliness. Shame on them!

  4. Since I'm a recent fan of your blog, I wasn't aware of your journey. I just thought you liked to work out a lot. What an amazing accomplishment and it sure must feel good to fulfill a promise to your husband and to yourself! Be proud of yourself! And don't let the turkeys get you down. Life is too short to be bothered by ignore people who may not even mean to hurt us but they do anyway.

  5. Who is this someone who hurt my Bee? Remember I'm Italian and I can call my Godfather and he'll take care of that mean someone. Just tell me. No one should make a lovely person like you hurt. I'm hurt just hearing about it.
    91 lbs, fantastic Bee. As far as that picture, remember that was the person that I met for the first time on the Valor and she cared about me then and the Bee today is the same person that cares about me now. The only difference is that now she is HOT as well as caring and lovely. You my gorgeous friend have changed me into a different person both physically, mentally and emotionally. You are the whole package beautiful friend. Enjoy your day, you deserve many more of them. I just love you Bee. See ya.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo
    from Canada if you don't all remember know.

  6. Oh Bee, what Joy said. You are beautiful inside and out. I can't imagine anyone being hurtful to you...well, I can because there are mean ppl in this world. And they don't belong around you.

    Love and hugs, honey...

  7. How could anyone be mean to you? Really. You are one of the most kind people I know. Shame on them.

    I remember when you looked like that honey. You rock now. You are so healthy and able to walk and walk and exercise and so many other things. I'm so proud of you.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. so proud of you mother dearest, and as for who ever hurt they need killed?

  9. What a beautiful view you wake up to every morning. Hope you are having a wonderful day. VickieOkc

  10. Bee, I'll come down there and kick some butt...if someone is being mean to you. I have never , since I have been following your blog, heard you say a mean thing. You are always happy being with I don't see you being mean. Well you are about to go on your cruise and you are looking good..... and you have people who love you. Hey what a life.:):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. You have done an amazing job!


  12. Bee, you are such an inspiration to so many of us. I am so thankful that you are my friend. I can only hope to be as kind as you, I try to be, but I am afraid I fail at times, especially with those I love the most. I am thinking you have a posse to come take care of that mean person if you want, we are there for you. I love you Miss Bee, I can't tell you how much you mean to me.



  13. Bee, I had no idea it was 91 pounds you lost! You are truly a role model. And tell me who hurt your feelings. I'll come down their and kick their butt.

    And yes, honey, you are so fortunate, although I think a better word might be deserving.

  14. I remember when you had to take the scooter everywhere--on every cruise.
    WOW--lady, you are amazing.
    I wish Charlie could see you now, just like I wish my Fred could see me without the 30# I use to carry. Wouldn't they be proud of us??

  15. Ciao Bee!
    I cannot believe that a person had the courage to hurt you, you are a lovely, smling, fine lady, only a bit ironic over you, and no one should have bad thoughts and words against you (I hope I'm writing correct).
    We all admire your strength, you alone must go on, you have conquered a new healthy, beautiful look, you alone do live with sadness, solitude, had to fight alone to get what you've deserve respect, you deserve your fantastic cruises, you deserve our love!
    Have a fantastic Saturday

    Big hugs, huney!


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