Friday, May 30, 2014

Room service cheesecake.

Hot tub was always FULL of people.  
Around the clock full.
There isn't enough money on this earth that would get me into that cesspool of urine.

We were the only two diamond guests so we had the captain all to ourselves.

And there was CAKE!!!

Now back to reality, well my reality anyway.  Pool time, cards, sun and fun here.  I wish the same for you...


  1. The only two diamond guests on the ship. WOW! You are the Queen of Carnival and I bet that they know it. Cake,cake and more cake, how lovely. Well did the Duck enjoy himself? When's your next cruise Queen of the Sea? It sound like that can of tuna. Ha,ha, ha. Sorry Bee. I'm just a little having the giggle for the moment.
    Yes my dear, back to normal but what is your normal? Ha,ha,ha. Still got the giggles. I happy that you are back safe and sound my gorgeous friend. Gorgeous were those photos. They are in my Bee folder already. See ya.


  2. I agree... Queen of Carnival! I have never gotten in the hot tub either. Although OI might consider the one on serenity. Or not.

    I was shopping mini-cruises today... I didn't book one, but I just might. ;) If I lived closer to the port I would go quite often. srsly.

    Welcome home to your wonderful normal! big hugs xoxo

  3. You look so lovely.
    No more short cruise for you, I think you do better on the longer ones.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Well, I guess normal can be nice - don't know for certain as I've never been in that state.
    Hot tubs! No, no, no! I read somewhere about the bacteria levels in those things.
    Welcome home!

  5. Private party for the Empress. Love it. I don't do public hot tubs either. Eww...

    Welcome home. Big hugs, honey...

  6. Wow! Private party with the Captain! What did you tell him? The cheesecake looks divine, I'd skip that hot tub,too.

  7. That must have been a fun diamond treat to have the Captain all to yourselves for the meal!
    Glad you had cake and enjoyed the sun.
    I know Roche missed you!
    Welcome home and happy weekend to you, dear Bee:)

  8. So it's back to reality. I'll bet Roche was happy to see you. Or is he still with his friend?

    I never go into communal pools for the very reason you stated. If kids are ever in there then I know what's in there. No thanks,.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  9. Ciao cruising friends!!!
    I find that Bee is a new lady, her eyes are smiling, her look is elegant,...but the cake exhibition is...dangerous!!!

    Big hugs, honey!!!

  10. You were definitely queen and king of the ship! Yay for Diamond level!!!!!!!!!!
    That cake looks yummy! NOw I'm wishing I didn't turn down free cake yesterday.


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