Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yesterday when I got up I decided my mouth hurt too bad to go to the gym so I called Andre' and told him I'd call him when I got back from the cruise.  I have one session left that is paid and that will be forty sessions.  I weigh the same as when I started but I am definitely shaped differently and I am very strong now so maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be?  Nope.  See next paragraph...

So then I had my appt. with Dr. Wacks and it went well.  I go back in six weeks to see if my nutrisystem helps. He said he wants me to stick with Andre' as I look great and am so strong and healthy.  So I will.  What I decided I might do is pay for another ten sessions but use him once a week and do it myself once a week.  Don't know for sure yet.  Anyway he gave me the nicest compliment.  He said I was confident and happy and healthy and to just keep doing what I am doing as far as having fun.  But - to lose more weight.

Today's word of the day is obliquity.  That means 1) divergence from moral conduct, rectitude, etc.; immorality, dishonesty, or the like 2) mental perversity.  Now to use that in a sentence... okay.  When that dentist was slitting my gums open yet again I had major obliquity running through my mind thinking thoughts like wow he seems to be enjoying this a bit too much, maybe he is an obliquity type personality and then I thought well if I just had some plain yellow cake with no frosting and a cup of that spumescent cappuccino in a china cup and I didn't have to pee and go in a public restroom where germs would jump all over me and make me nuts (nuts-ier) I could just relax and forget about all these obliquity thoughts I'm having right now like a grimalkin.  Got all that?  Good.

Another month is over today.  It's my summer now and the days are longer and I am so happy.  I shall be at the pool and packing today.  Hope your day is that good too!


  1. When I was doing my "orange theory" personal training classes, I never felt stronger or better but was fatter than ever! It does not seem fair. I really think that you are feeling so good that you should not worry about the weight.

  2. I sure hope your mouth doesn't hurt as much today!!! I think your plan for Andre' once a week is a good one. Just focus on being strong and healthy. And enjoying life! Hugs!

  3. Muscle weighs more than fat. Don't be depressed, what's probably happening is that you're replacing the fat with muscle. Muscle is less 'bulky' so your clothes will fit better and you'll probably go down a size or two. PLUS the new Muscle you have, will burn fat for energy. It's a good thing. This is something my trainer would tell me. Cate :)

  4. See, I told you that you were gorgeous. I've always known that you are a very confident woman and strong. As far as losing weight, I'm finding it very difficult to go down as much. A pound here and then gain then lose a pound and back and forth. It's frustrating.
    Getting ready for your cruise. Is the Duck going with you this time? Well my lovely friend, have a great day.


  5. I think your new plan with Andre is a very fine...and strong...plan. Carry on. You're doing it right. And I hope those gums are feeling better.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. I too think your new plan for workouts is excellent. I can remember you on that scooter that you no longer have or need. You rock girlfriend.

    You have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  7. Love those compliments from Dr. Wacks; he sounds like a great doctor.

    I have to tell you about Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter. I tried it for the stretch marks caused by my weight loss (97 pounds, woo hoo.) Well, you would not believe the difference the Firming Butter has made. Most of my stretch marks are gone and the rest are noticeably reduced. I had tried the regular Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion, but it did not work nearly as well as the Firming Butter. The only place I can find the Firming Butter is on Amazon, but that is ok, as I may be a tad addicted to that site. I did try the Aveeno Firming Body Lotion you recommended, but I could not get past the fragrance of it. Anyway, just wanted to let your Bandwagon folks know what worked for me.

  8. I had my dentist appointment today for my permanent crowns on the bottom. When that was done we had a whole 'nother conversation about my treatment plan. First I asked him to imagine that I was his mother. Then I asked him take a good look at my x-rays. Then I told him how you had suggested that I just crown my uppers rather than having extractions and implants. Then I asked him to tell me what he'd want his mother to do. And guess what? He said if I were his mother he'd definitely want her to do caps and a partial, first of all because his mother would get one helluva discount and second because there is no medical reason to extract them. He said he could do a marvelous job with crowns and a partial, for way cheaper than implants.

    So, my dear friend, who is also one very smart cookie, thank you SO much! They're working me up a whole new estimate for my Plan B treatment plan wherein I get to keep my natural teeth! We're just gonna make them more aestheticly pleasing and I will also get to keep a bunch of the money I nearly spent. I'm a happy girl. Wheee!

    Sorry your moth is stil sore. Hopefully, it will be much more comfortable for your cruise. Which I am not going to be on but will be anxiously awaiting your posts so it will almost be like I was there. Almost.

    WTG on Bee 2.0! srsly.

    big hugs xoxo

    Big hugs xoxo

  9. Oh, and if I were ever to get another cat, which I won't, Grimalkin would be an AWEsome G-name!

    The End.

  10. There are a lot of things happening around you. I think the only not-so-good experience in all of this was when your mouth hurts. I hope you felt much better and comfortable after your visit to your dentist. So you can go back on your sessions and enjoy your life more.


  11. I would ahve just said a few choice four-letter words. LOL!

    The weight will come off. It just takes time the closer you get to goal.

    Time to get ready for the cruise... it's coming soon!


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