Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Well I did manage to get all four activities done yesterday, Andre' (where I did 130 crunches among many other things!), the pool, the Board meeting, and poker where I won thirty bucks.  I also managed to stay well under my calories for the day too.  Today is a much easier day.  I might even get some packing done.  Oh, and we are having our end of season cookout here at the condo tonight with plenty of food so I won't have to cook dinner either.

It's warm enough to swim today too so I'll be out there for a good while.  Steve and Jane will be here to make my condo shine and I'll go to the pool to get out of their way.

My world is in great shape and I hope yours is too!


  1. Whew. Had a long day, too, but it sure was worth it. What I alluded to this afternoon on FB was the successful 2nd surgery to remove a malignant sarcoma, and to be told they got it all. Been sweating bullets. Then the doggers had to go to the vet for their annual checkup. So, life is back to normal now.
    So glad for you that your weather is working for your benefit...XOXOX

  2. Being busy is good. Being busy but having fun is gooder! :)

    I am actually enjoying days that are quite the opposite. Very relaxed, very little on the to do list, and I am loving it. Yesterday Megan and I managed to squeeze in tons of outside fun before the weather turns back to winter again today and tomorrow.

    Enjoy your cookout today! :)

  3. Are you kidding, 130 crunches. WOW! You are something else wonder woman. The snow came in like a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings, oops, now I'm thinking about Superman. It came in like snow, white. Ha,ha,ha. Have a great warm Wednesday my strong but gorgeous friend. Cruising, cruising, cruising.


  4. Packing? Packing? Is there another cruise in the near future?


  5. It's funny how working with a trainer helps you do things you thought were impossible. Good for you. You are very strong and that's fantastic.

    Have a fabulous day at the pool honey and enjoy tonight's cookout too. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. :)

  6. Bee, You are amazing. You do your workout, then hit the pool, eat the right food. You deserve this up coming cruise. Hope your day went well. xoxo,Susie

  7. 130 crunches? Holy cow woman! I'd be dead.

  8. We were away last week so I'm trying to catch up with everyone. Your legs look lovely and brown on that photo Bee, no matter how much I lie in the sun my legs never get brown! We actually had WARM sunshine here for two days! Back to cooler and misty today. :(

    Have a good day and enjoy the sun. x


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