Saturday, February 22, 2014

When I was a kid I really thought sky-blue-pink was a color.  I guess it really is after all.

The pool was wonderful yesterday as was my torture workout with Andre'.  I did fifty sit ups along with all my regular stuff he had me do.  I remember when I don't think I could do three in a row.  And I didn't stop until all fifty were done either.  I cannot believe how strong I am now.  Sarge would be so happy.  

I think he knows though.  Sometimes I swear he's around me.  I guess when you love somebody that much and for that many years you either do feel it or your mind tells you that you do but either way I like it.

Today I have canasta and I plan on winning.  You'd think it was big bucks but we do like our wins of two or three dollars.  It's fun but I'd still rather be at the pool.

Interesting thing happened at dinner last night.  Remember I told you I was going out with some gal pals?  Well I saw a woman I knew some time back and she didn't recognize me.  I love it when that happens, it makes me realize just how far I have come.  And between you and me it was really nice when it happens in front of other people you know.  

If you would please do something nice today for someone else I'd sure appreciate it.  Even a smile or hold a door for someone would count.  Trust me, it will make you feel better than ever.  And have a wonderful Saturday.  I will too.  For sure!


  1. What a lovely photo today.
    I know Sarge is with you.
    After my Mum died I know she was in the room with me as I was going through a few of her things.
    And then she got up from sitting on the bed, I felt her leave.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I am doing several things for people today! And maybe even something for me!

    Today's Maxine made me think of you (they usually make me think of ME. bahahahaha! "There's a name for people who enjoy winter... Floridians." truth!!

    Have a perfect day! If you can stand another one right in a row. Again.

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Sky blue pink - it's real, alright! I posted a short video on my FB page of my older daughter working on weights. She lost lots of inches but not as many pounds. Do you take measurements? Your current weight may just where you're supposed to be, especially of you're really feeling good.
    But, you know all of that... Good luck, though!!!!

  4. Bee, how do you think you are able to do those last 10 situps? Sarge is right there helping you. After seeing that I'd better getting going doing some exercises. You beating me again my very positive wonderful friend. You are something else Bee. If there were more Bee's around, the world would be much better. Thanks again friend. See ya.


  5. Good morning, Bee! It's great to read how strong you have gotten. You go, girl! as they say. ;-)

    I will indeed do something nice for someone today.

    I haven't visited in ages, must tell you I love the font and new blog look.

  6. Bee, I am giving my grandson book money for his college classes.That is going to be my good deed today. :) Glad you are building up your strength.. At my age now. I am thankful that I am strong. Have a great day, xoxo,Susie

  7. You have come a long way and I remember you in the before. It's nice to see this wonderful after.

    I'm sorry Roche isn't more excited about being featured on Awww Monday. I thought he'd be way more excited. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  8. When my sister was little, her favorite color was pink and she use to get mad because the sky was never pink. One evening it was and I called for her to come outside to see it--she must have been around 4 at the time. The kid actually thought I had powers to turn the sky pink!!! We love a pink sky or even a sky-blue-pink sky.

  9. Bee, we went out to dinner tonight and I was telling my husband about how impressed I was with your "after" picture in the gym. No wonder she did not recognize you! And I ordered some delicious salmon, but had them box up half of it. Thank you for the idea! That will make a delicious salad tomorrow.

  10. I think it is a beautiful color. And I know that Sarge is watching over you and you feel it. Absolutely.

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. I know Sarge is with you Bee because Love never dies. xx


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