Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well it was warm enough to swim but not too warm in the apartment, there was a lovely breeze so without a/c I am functioning.  There are some additional problems with the cooling tower so it may be a while longer.  There is cooler weather coming so we can cope.  I do know they are trying their best to get it done.

Today I have canasta and lunch so I'll be busy and I am going out to dinner with some friends tonight.  Eating out twice?  I can manage to stay on track because I am careful and I am exercising.

Steve and Jane didn't come yesterday because it would be too hard to do heavy cleaning in the heat so they moved me to next Tuesday.  I appreciate that they were understanding.

So sorry I don't know another thing today but I might know some stuff soon.  Or not.  But either way you'll be the very first to know.  Have a great day.  I sure will too!


  1. Bee I lurve you, you are so funny.
    I have had to turn my AC on in the afternoon for a few days now. It is too early !

  2. We don't have AC here, but then we don't need it it's never that warm! LOL

  3. It is cold here again. 40-something. And they are saying it will be 30 tonight. Me definitely no likey.

    If Steve and Jane had an open day they could have come here... I have dirts I don't need. srsly.

    Enjoy your day and dinner out! big hugs xoxo

  4. I can't believe that it is still not fixed. People must be bitching like crazy. I hope they fix it soon!

  5. Good morning my lovely friend. It must be awful not having the A/C. I don't need to turn mine on not yet. Ha,ha,ha. My friends Al & Meilin took us all out for dinner last night. That was very nice of them. After they came to our home and Al & I played pool for awhile. Have a wonderful day Bee and spend some time in your pool. Oh I wish I had a pool around my home. Lucky you. See ya.


  6. Sorry about your A/C I feel your pain. Our ac/heat unit went out last year during the first 90+ weekend and it took a week to get working.
    Congrats to Chuck!!!

  7. Bee, Great photo. I've missed visiting. I honestly am doing well to function. I can't stop thinking and worrying about my teeth. I feel that something is wrong with a couple of my teeth and the dentist says it's just a sensitivity. I am thinking of going to a different dentist and having x-rays for an opinion. Hope all your implants are doing well. I just stress over my teeth too much, maybe. Blessings for a good day of fun, xoxo,Susie

  8. Glad the lack of a/c isn't stifling. As much as we are all complaining about the cold up here, I'd much rather deal with that then uncomfortable heat and humidity. Blech! Not my cup of tea as they say.

    Day three for me on the BBW version 2.0. :) I ate out too last night with Megan, but was super happy to find an under 600 section on the menu at Perkins. I had a lovely Tuscan Chicken with brown rice for 550! even had room for a snack later in the night, which is my hardest time.

  9. I'm sorry your air conditioning isn't working yet, but they will get it done as soon as possible. A huge job that is.

    Enjoy your day honey. I know you will and dinner out is always a treat. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  10. The heat must be terrible if they had to move their cleaning day! Ugh. Can you sleep?

    Thank goodness it isn't summer when you might have a lot of people faint or collapse in the heat.

    My empathy.

  11. The weather is kind to you. Love it.

    Big hugs, honey...

  12. It's in the single digits here today, so definitely no need to even think about A/C. Brr!


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