Friday, February 14, 2014

This photo was blatantly stolen from Paul's blog.  It's him and Marylou on their cruise.  Nice, huh?  They had a great time too but said there were tons of kids running around.  That's too bad.  The Breeze does not have an adult only pool and it should.  The back pool should not have children.  I did not have this problem on my cruises but can see how it could happen if parents let the children run amok.  

Carnival is usually very good about keeping them busy and having fun.  Plus I try to cruise when the little angels are in school and can't go!  One time Sarge and I made the mistake of cruising over Thanksgiving not even thinking about the school vacation time and believe me we never did that again.  Even the dining room had running children.  

So, the reason I am writing about this (not that children are not nice) is that if you cruise with children please make them considerate of others.  It's everyone's vacation, not just theirs. 

Tonight is the night the duck and I go see Andrea Bocelli.  I am really excited about it, he is my absolute favorite.  I listen to his music all the time.  It's in my phone, my car, my iPad, my head.  I know most of the words too.  Oh, and Gloria Estefan will be there singing too.  We'll be the ones in section 108, row 25, seats 21 and 22.

So if you have a sweetie pie have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  If not, like me, make the most of it however you can.  I sure will too.  No heart shaped pancakes for me this year but memories, I have them!


  1. Hope you enjoyed the concert. We are off to New Orleans for BC7. I will think of you when I am in the pool and will miss you on the piano, oops, I mean in the piano bar!!


  2. That is so true. Any and every parent should be considerate of other people's vacations and rights to peace, quiet and good behavior.
    Sometimes I wish there were 'family with children only' cruise ships, and 'adults only' cruise ships. Or at the very least separate dining rooms and separate swimming pools.

    If an adult ran amok, yelling, crying loudly, being disruptive, splashing immoderately, etc. - they would be firmly asked to leave the place they were, be it a swimming pool or a dining, and possibly threatened with police removing them from the establishment.
    Children shouldn't be able to flout those rules of courtesy just because they are smaller in size, nor should their parents be allowed to condone it or let it continue.

    Have a fabulous time at the concert tonight. Maybe the Duck will become a Bocelli fan after this:)

    Hugs to you, dear Bee.
    And I think something will be arriving in your mailbox tomorrow:)

  3. Andrea is my favorite, too! He's the perfect blend of tenor voice, orchestra, and love songs. Plus he also happens to be Italian! And being so handsome doesn't hurt! I know you'll have a lovely evening. Hopefully, Chuck will, too!

    Paul and Marylou look wonderful. Sorry kids put a damper on their cruise. I have not run into that, thankfully. Although being from a large family that always has kids around, I would figure a way to still have a nice time. But I am a glass is half full kind of person... even if I have to move my glass to another area of the ship and some moment. :)

    Have a brilliant day! big hugs xoxo

  4. I agree with Jody! Make the little dears behave! Mine would gently get hauled out of church, and gently reminded about behavior before going back in. Obviously that wasn't until they were old enough to understand. Can't be beating on the babies in church! (Or anyplace else!!!)
    ---Maybe since Gloria Esteban is also singing, Chuck will perk up a bit! I can't wait to hear ALL about it!

  5. Andrea my opinion he has a voice and face of an angel ! What a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day !


  6. Before I retired I worked in education and the only time we would take a holiday was during school holidays so everywhere we went there were children. Since retiring we can go any time we like and make sure we go during term time and usually to an adults only hotel. Don't get me wrong I adore children (I have 5 grandchildren) but we like peace and quiet on holiday now. Andrea Bocelli has a wonderful voice but I adore Gloria Estefan!

  7. Enjoy your concert. When our kids were young, on our cruise they were made to mind and be respectful. pat

  8. Have a fabulous time at the concert! Happy Valentine's day, Empress Bee, you are loved!

  9. You are my valentine along with MaryLou. I'm a lucky man having two beautiful and wonderful women.
    have a Happy Valentine Bee.
    I agree, that photo is pretty good. We had 5 different photos done and I chose ( MaryLou MADE me do the choosing ) this photo. I really liked the idea with piano and champagne glasses. Of course it was my wife that made the photo. Her new dress was a bomb.
    I agree that Carnival should make a adults only pool in the back off the ship just like the new Serenity deck on the Sunshine. I saw it and it looks great, 3 deckd, a hot tub, and a small pool having a waterfall. It looks wonderful.
    My wonderful friend, I hope that you and the Duck have a fantastic eveing watching and hearing the beautiful music from Andrea Boccli. I can't wait to read your blog tomorrow. See you.

    Valentine Paul

  10. You two will have a fab time this evening for sure. Would love to be there. Good to see Paula and Mary Lou. Hi to you both!

    Savor those fond memories. Big hugs, honey...

  11. I wish you had linked Paul's blog here. I'd go visit him. I found him on Facebook, but not his blog.

    Have a fabulous time tonight. I know you will.

    Happy Valentines Day.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche.

  12. Nice looking couple! Enjoy your outing tonight! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. Happy Valentines Day!!!. Have a great time tonight. I am doing my best not to be one of those parents. When we finally cruise with him. I will make sure he is behaved if not than no big vacation until he can behave. WHile I get it is everyones cruise, I also feel that basic manors will. Kids in pool not so bad kids splash and playing around with lots of others no so much

  14. Happy Valentine's Day to mine sweet pawsome Auntie Bee! I loves you!!!! purrrss n xoxoxoxoxoxo your Sammie Pie

  15. Happy Valentine's Day Bee. I know you are going to have a great time. Take care. xoxo,Susie

  16. I hope you enjoyed the concert!


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